Adventure Vehicles 101: The Best Accessories for Getting Your Pickup Truck Ready for Offroad

Adventure Vehicles 101: The Best Accessories for Getting Your Pickup Truck Ready for Offroad

Outside Magazine has been dishing up some great content on the best accessories and products for outfitting your pickup truck or cargo van for getting offroad, organized and on the path to adventure with a budget in mind. Check out this video and info on their selected products below:

Writer Bryan Rogala picked up a used Gen 1 Toyota Tundra and went to work putting the key pickup accessories to meet his needs on a reasonable budget together. His overland ready rig delivers on his needs and didn't necessarily break the bank.

Rear view of Tacoma

If you haven't heard of GoFast Campers you might be living under a rock. While it's the most pricey part of his build (next to his truck) what he has keyed in on is this incredibly rugged and lightweight camper that delivers on features and performance in spades. Weighing in at only 275 lbs +/-, depending on your vehicle, this camper features a pop up teepee-style tent roof of durable welded vinyl fabric with heavy duty zippered windows and doors and a flip-up platform that lets you stand in the back of your bed inside of the tent itself. Made with a composite floor and roof, DOM welded spacetube frame of billet aluminum with CNC'd corners, GoFast is designed to live up to its name. Made in Montana by Montanan's this high quality, high speed-capable camper is definitely a must. Be patient, as their orders are out over a year at this point, but the wait is worth it. And at $6500 base price, you might need a few months to save up, but it's worth every penny.

Next up in Bryan's build is the  Kuat Pivot and NV 2.0 bike rack . This rack is basically one of the most durable, highest quality bike racks out there. Fitted with the Pivot hitch mount, Bryan's bike easily swings away from the tailgate of his truck offering complete access to the bed. Super easy to operate, the NV 2.0 fits pretty much any size or style of bike with slick ratcheting front and rear wheel lock mechanisms as well as integrated bike locks to keep your steeds safe and secure where ever you park. And probably the coolest feature is the new trail dock, an integrated bike work stand for quick repairs and maintenance at the trailhead. 

Truck Bed with Dometic system sliding out

We are particularly fond of the Dometic Cooler that we see in the bed of Bryan's truck. When you are out in the wild for more than a couple bags of ice, Dometic is a great answer as their low voltage electric plug in cooler keeps your beers cold and your lunchmeats fresh without dealing with ice or the annoying melted water that comes with it. They make a pretty robust line of coolers with one for nearly every use or budget. 

Man opening DECKED

And last but not least, and we assume you already know about us because, well, you are on this blog, is his DECKED storage system! Bryan's was a little different than most as we don't actually make a system for the GEN 1 Tundra, but through a little arts and crafts and creativity, he was able to make it work. The best toolbox on the market, DECKED is the perfect way to keep your bed surface available for sleeping and storing large items, while keeping all of your gear organized and secure. It's hard to imagine an offroad adventure truck without DECKED in it. DECKED toolbox storage systems fit nearly all full-size and midsize trucks and full-size cargo vans. 


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