The Top Tool Bags for Every Electrician

Electrician tool bag from Decked.


“Let there be light!”

  • Some electrician, probably.

With as important of a job as electricians got, they need a tool bag to keep up with the needs and check all the boxes.

Electricians and other tradesmen and women carry a lot of stuff, often into tight places. You need a heavy-duty bag that can keep all your tools organized and easy to find, no matter what kind of jobsite you encounter. We’re going to break down the info on some popular choices to try and make your tool bag selection easier.

Let’s explore what to look for when buying a tool bag:

  • Durability: Look for a one-and-done bag that lasts a long time. Who wants to reorganize all those parts over and over when your tool bag wears out? Nobody, that’s who. You want a bag that’s practically indestructible and will survive the apocalypse.
  • Material: Tool bags are typically made from either canvas, nylon, or leather. Which one holds up best? And which one do you just like the look and feel of?
  • Organization/Pockets: Organization is key. The best electrician tool bag for you should have room for everything and provide easy access. You want an organized, compartmentalized, and efficient tool bag, not some big black hole where drill bits and pliers go to die.
  • Carrying options: Some bags have simple carrying handles, others have shoulder straps, and some have a combination of both. Can you switch back and forth between carrying options for your different needs?
  • Comfort/Ergonomics: Carrying options give you a lot of flexibility to distribute the weight of your tools and supplies in a way that’s most comfortable, even if you have to crawl around in an attic. Make sure the tool bag you get is going to keep the back pain away.

Now for the fun stuff. Let’s take a closer look at the top tool bags for every electrician:

Tool Bag




Average Price


900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base.

Removable tool roll (900D TPU coated nylon) with heavy-duty ring snaps for security.

Removable duffel bag (900D TPU coated nylon) with heavy-duty ring snaps for security.

Besides the removable tool roll and duffel bag, what you see is what you get. And that ain’t a bad thing with this bag.


Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote

1680D ballistic weave with a molded bottom.

9 interior pockets, 11 exterior pockets.

Orange interior for tool visibility, large zipper compartment


CLC Custom Leathercrafts 18” Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier

Heavy-duty poly fabric body and poly ballistic trim and binding.

43 internal pockets, 7 exterior pockets.

Large center compartment for power tools and 2 separate external compartments.

Two zippered side compartments loaded with even more pockets.


DeWalt DGL573 Technician’s Tool Bag

Canvas with heavy-duty feet on the bottom of the bag

28 internal pockets, 13 external pockets.

LED light inside the bag with 3 levels of light output.


Milwaukee Jobsite Tech Bag

1680D ballistic material and an impact-resistant, molded base.

53 total pockets, and a fold down front storage panel.

Protected tech pocket for a laptop or tablet and an integrated rain fly.



Decked's D-Bag



  • Removable tool roll and duffel bag put your most-used tools and equipment exactly where you need them.
  • Fully weatherproof and virtually indestructible.
  • Adjustable straps to tote your bag however you damn well please. Carry it as a briefcase, “pizza delivery” style, over the shoulder, or simply as a backpack. It’s got you covered for a hike out in the mountains or a day climbing up and down a ladder .


  • No customization options yet.
  • Currently, it only comes in one color (black).

DECKED D-Bags (obviously short for Drawer- Bag) are tool backpacks made tough for the toughest jobs. Made from 900 Denier TPU coated ballistic nylon with a thermoformed EVA foam base, these bags are so rugged you can run them over with your truck…. No, really . It’s roomy enough to carry all your hand tools and organize all your fasteners in the tool roll and removable duffel bag.

The D-Bag also features ergonomic carrying options. You can snap the straps in a number of ways to make them comfortable to carry, going from a traditional satchel to a backpack or crossbody bag . When you’re climbing a ladder to reach an HVAC unit on a second-story roof, you’ll appreciate that backpack tool carrier option.

The bottom line: We built DECKED D-Bags for people just like you. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and exceptionally well-organized. Inside, the removable tool roll makes a great electrician’s tool pouch that lets you create a workspace no matter where you are. With the removable tool roll, you can stop wasting time rooting around in pockets for your wire strippers, rivets, or electrical tape. Plus, it fits neatly into our DECKED Drawer System along with our other organization accessories so you can reach complete organizational nirvana in your work truck .

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro tote


  • Basic carry handles plus single padded shoulder strap.
  • Orange interior for easy visibility.
  • Bucket design with molded bottom and plenty of pockets.


  • Completely open top; can’t be closed.
  • Naturally, the wide open top leaves your tools and expensive gear pretty dang vulnerable to theft and damage.

The bottom line: The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote is a popular 20-pocket electrical tool tote with a handy bucket design and a bright orange interior. Carrying it up ladders, into attics, or other tight spots may be difficult, and getting caught in the rain will result in a bag full of water. If you’re good with that, you can check out the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote here .

CLC Custom Leathercrafts 18” Tool Carrier

CLC Custom Leathercrafts Tool Carrier


  • Tons of pockets for everything from screwdrivers to your tape measure.
  • Tiered pocket design makes tools easily visible.
  • Probably one of the better-looking bags on this list.


  • Unpadded carry handles plus a single strap could mean uncomfortable carrying.
  • Comes with a Prop 65 Warning .

The bottom line: This is a pretty great bag with a lot of cool features . The tiered pockets inside the zippered compartment have plenty of room for all your small tools, and larger tools can fit inside the center compartment. However, it’s not the most ergonomic bag out there and has limited carrying options.

DeWalt DGL573 Technician’s Tool Bag

Dewalt DGL573 Tool Bag


  • Built-in LED lights for visibility in low light.
  • Plenty of tool holder pockets inside and out for your gear.
  • Padded carrying handles and adjustable padded shoulder strap.


  • Canvas construction; not totally waterproof.
  • Comes with a Prop 65 Warning.

The bottom line: DeWalt is one of the most trusted names in the business. They carry a wide range of products from combo tool belts (with suspenders, even) to the tools that go in them. This is a great bag with a lot of pockets. And the integrated LED light is pretty cool. It’s sturdy enough not to sag under the weight of heavy tools, but it’s not totally waterproof, and the canvas will wear over time. Check out the DeWalt DLG573 Technician’s Tool Bag here .

Milwaukee Jobsite Tech Bag

Milwaukee Jobsite Tech Bag


  • Padded tech pocket for a laptop or tablet.
  • More durable materials than some competitors, and weather-resistant.
  • The only bag on this list with an integrated rain fly.


  • Awkward dimensions; it’s longer than it is wide, so you might have to do some digging.
  • There aren’t a ton of different carrying options. You get a shoulder strap and the grab handles.

The bottom line: We like the look of this bag, and the fabric is tough and weather-resistant. If you like a multi-pocket tool bag, this one has tons of pockets in all sizes (53 of them, to be exact), a fold-down zipper compartment, and a large middle part for bigger tools. We do love the tech pocket, though. That’s handy. Check out the Milwaukee Jobsite Tech Bag here .

Which Tool Bag Takes the Cake?

We think the innovative organization, ergonomic backpack carrying features , and indestructible material of the DECKED D-Bag make it the perfect tool organizer for professional electricians.


When you’re at a construction site , on a roof, or in a crawlspace, you need a bag that’s easy to carry and keeps your tools secure. The last thing you need is tools falling out of open pockets.


It’s just a bonus that the D-Bag fits perfectly into the DECKED Drawer System with our other accessories . All together, you can turn your work truck into a portable tool storage shop loaded with anything and everything you might need.


Trust us. It’ll be the only D-Bag you ever love.

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