Truck Gun Storage Guide - Things You Should Know

Truck Gun Storage Guide - Things You Should Know

Truck Gun Storage Guide: Things You Should Know

truck gun storage

Can you live without a gun?


In America…?


No, can’t do that!


Guns are part of our American Dream–part of our freedom. You have the freedom to defend yourself and your families in the event of any threat. Even if you don’t have anything to fear, you might want to keep a gun just in case.


There are a number of reasons why 393 million civilians in America possess guns. For instance, some of you may be interested in competitive shooting sports, while some may be seasoned hunters. As said earlier, many would carry weapons for self-defense.


Regardless, it is imperative that you keep firearms out of sight, safe, and protected at all times. Otherwise, you might end up with a damaged investment or stolen firearms, and the latter is something that you wouldn’t want to happen at all. To put things into perspective, thousands of guns are reported missing or stolen every year across the US, with Florida as the leading state.


Truck gun storage is your best bet to keep your firearms safe and out of sight at all times– take it from someone, DECKED,  whose truck gun storage system  is trusted by law enforcement, military, and other public safety departments.


In this guide, we will discuss some of the most important questions related to laws regarding keeping firearms, the importance of gun storage for trucks, and some ideas to help you decide the right truck storage for firearms.

Some Common Questions

Before you hold possession of any firearms or carry it in your vehicle, it is imperative that you first understand your state’s gun laws. It should be noted that gun laws vary from state to state. For starters, if one state allows you to carry firearms with a permit, you may find other states allowing permitless carry.


Moreover, in most US states, it is prohibited to carry loaded firearms. Therefore, when you are traveling, you first need to unload the firearm and lock the magazines separately from the gun and in a place that is inaccessible to passengers.

truck bed gun storage

Here’s what else you need to know when it comes to carrying firearms:

Can I Keep a Gun in My Truck?

Well, I just answered it above. But allow me to clarify a bit. In most cases, the answer is yes–you can concealed carry guns in your vehicle. However, before you do that, it is important that you check the gun laws in your state. In some states like California, you are permitted to conceal carry as long as the gun is secured and unloaded. Moreover, the ammunition also needs to be kept secured and inaccessible to the drivers and passengers.

Are Truck Gun Racks Legal?

Again, it depends on what a specific law says in your state. If your state gun law allows open-carry of firearms on a permit, it means you will need a permit for displaying a gun rack in your truck. If the state law forbids open-carry even with a permit, it means you can’t use truck gun racks. However, if the law allows open-carry without a permit, then you don’t really need any permit for gun racks.

Can I Carry a Truck Gun Across States?

The Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) allows truck owners to carry a gun across state lines if it meets two conditions:

  • The owner should be legally allowed to carry a weapon in the state they are traveling from
  • The owner should be legally allowed to carry a weapon in the state they are traveling to


In most cases, you are supposed to encase and unload the weapon and store it in an area that is not directly accessible to the driver or the passenger.

What States Honor Constitutional Carry?

Constitutional carry means permitless carry, i.e., you can carry the firearm either in an exposed or concealed state with or without a permit or license. There are about fifty states in the US, which we cannot cover in this brief guide. It would be best that you check out your state’s specific constitutional carry law or refer to Wikipedia.

Why Do You Need Gun Storage for Truck?

Now that we have discussed the legality of carrying truck guns, let’s answer another important question: Do I need a truck gun storage box or a vault? Apart from the legal reasons that require you to carry firearms in storage in a concealed state, there are a number of other reasons as well that you need a storage vault for your truck gun.

truck bed gun storage system

Enhances Safety & Security

You can’t have your gun leisurely lying around on your truck’s floor or near the dashboard or in the back. Exposed firearms should be encased and kept locked for the safety of the driver as well as the passengers. Moreover, you can’t have it around your kids at all. Even if you are a cautious driver and you don’t have toddlers, you might end up inviting a thief to bash your truck’s windows and steal the firearms. To ensure that your truck guns are not only out of plain sight but also secured, you need some kind of truck gun storage solution.

Prevents Damage to Gears

A Charles Daly 601 Field Semi-Auto Shotgun would cost you around $330, while a Savage Arms 110 Apex Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle would cost $600. Since you also need ammunition for your firearms, add $100 to $200 to the final price. Since firearms don’t come cheap and require added care and attention, you wouldn’t want your investment to go to waste due to dings, dents, or damages, resulting from moving and slipping in your truck while you drive.


A top-quality truck gun storage box with gun-friendly dividers not only allows you to keep your shotguns or rifles secure but also protected against theft.

Protects Against Fire, Rust, & Water

There are many external elements that could damage your gun, rendering it unusable. Hurricanes, floods, lightning, fire, and even humidity can damage your weapon over time if you fail to provide due care. Rusting or corrosion are amongst the top threats to the longevity of your truck gun, which you can prevent by using a quality storage box and a dehumidifier.

4 Key Features You Need to Check in a Truck Gun Storage

If you are still with me, it seems that you have made up your mind and plan to buy a truck gun storage rack or box soon. But before you do that, it is important to ensure that you consider the following aspects while shopping for gun storage for trucks.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects that you need to consider to buy top-quality gun storage for a truck is its material. We understand how much efforts go into earning money, and after putting so much sweat and blood into it, you don’t want to waste it on a cheap quality product. Therefore, make sure that whatever type of storage system you opt for, it should be durable and sturdy.


For instance, if you are opting for a gun rack, you can opt for a steel-made rack with an anti-scratch coating, such as plastisol. But if you want to pick a truck bed gun storage, you may probably want to avoid steel boxes as they are prone to corrosion. You may want to go for a mix of high-impact plastic resin, with a mix of galvanized steel and aluminum, like the DECKED Drawer System  that is built to keep your gear protected against all elements and secured against theft.

gun storage in truck


Well, size does matter, at least when it comes to gun storage for trucks. The size of your gun rack or storage box depends on the type of firearm you own. For instance, you may not want a full-length gun rack if you carry a Beretta 92FS. For storing your Beretta, you may want to consider buying a truck vault gun storage unit. If you own a hunting rifle, a rear window gun rack , an overhead rack, or a crossover toolbox might be the best option.

Mounting Style

Mounting style depends on the size of your weapon as well as your vehicle. You can’t have many mounting styles in a small family vehicle, but you may get different options in a Chevy, Dodge Ram, or Ford. Moreover, some types of gun mounts require one-time installation which means you can’t change their positions often. Determine the best mounting style for your vehicle that doesn’t put off its looks.


Amongst all the other things, security is of utmost importance because you can’t risk your investment or leave it at the mercy of passersby or thieves. For instance, if you are more interested in getting a rear window gun rack of your M4, you may want to check if the rack comes with a security lock feature, like any hook and a cable that you can fasten along with a lock.


Similarly, if you are inclined towards a truck bed gun storage, make sure it has a key lock or a biometric for a truck gun vault– whatever gives you a sense of security. Take, for instance, the DECKED Drawer System that offers double the protection to your gears. The DECKED Drawer System comes with a sturdy security lock that you can fortify with the key lock of your truck tail cover.

4 Best Truck Gun Storage Ideas

So far we have discussed some important legal questions regarding truck guns, the importance of truck gun storage systems, and key features to look into. Let’s check out some pickup truck gun storage ideas.

gun storage in truck

Truck Bed Gun Storage

If you don’t feel safe carrying guns inside your cab, truck bed gun storage might be the best option for you. The DECKED Drawer System is the most feasible option for any pickup truck and gun owner looking for a secure gun storage unit. The lockable storage unit gives you ergonomic access to your tactical gear, which you can easily roll out at waist height to retrieve or load your gear. Each drawer storage box can carry 200lbs of payload, which means you can carry your weapons in one storage unit while securing the ammunition, armors, and other essentials in the other unit. The best aspect of the Drawer System is that you can also make the most of the top of the deck which can carry a 2000lbs payload. With modular customizations, such as DECKED Dividers, DECKED D-Box, and DECKED Peacemakers, you can ensure the safety of your firearms at all times.

Overhead Truck Gun Rack

Overhead gun racks are a feasible option for gun owners who usually use their pickup for work purposes, and don’t allow children anywhere near it. If you wish to carry an unloaded firearm in your pickup fasten in an overhead rack, make sure you check its material, size, and security aspects.

Running Board Storage

Running board storage units are also a great way to conceal and secure your firearms. You don’t have direct access to the weapons, as per the gun laws, but you will always have peace of mind as the storage unit is always in sight. However, since running boards are used for steps to access your cab and it is frequently used, it may not be able to offer better protection than a truck bed gun storage box.

Truck Vault Gun Storage Unit

If you carry a handgun, such as a Beretta, a truck vault gun storage unit would be the best option for you. Most of these vaults come with electronic keypads and have reinforced walls, which mean better security and accessibility for the gun owner. But since the firearm is in close proximity to the driver, you may want to check with your local laws if you can carry a vault in your vehicle.


Regardless of what type of truck gun storage box you may want to use to carry your firearms, we advise that you first consult with a local lawyer, get detailed insights into conceal-carry, and then opt for any of the truck gun storage ideas that we discussed above.


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