Best Truck Bed Accessories Every Truck Owner Should Have

Best Truck Bed Accessories Every Truck Owner Should Have


When you look at a truck bed, you might think that it is just a simple structure. Typically, it is just a big metal box where you can put your stuff in, but very versatile too. However, you have the option to furnish your truck bed with different truck bed accessories so it can become more useful and versatile. In most cases, a standard truck bed works just fine. But what if you want to keep your tools in your truck bed and keep them secured? Or what if you want to protect your stuff from the weather? Or what if you want to improve the cargo capacity of your truck?


After you have bought your new pickup truck, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is truck bed accessories. Oftentimes, most truck owners are getting confused on what truck bed accessories they should purchase and what are the options that are available. Luckily, here, you can find different types of truck bed accessories and learn about the functions of each.


What are the most essential truck bed accessories? Some of the must-have truck bed accessories include truck bed toolboxes, bed extenders, tonneau covers, truck bed mats, cargo nets, bed organizers, tailgate locks, and bed racks. However, there are still other truck bed accessories that could be beneficial to your truck.


The key in deciding which truck bed accessory to buy will greatly depend on how you will use it. There are a variety of accessories that you can install on your truck bed. Nevertheless, there are some that have specific usage and there are others that are absolutely necessary. Here, we are going to explore what are the must-have cool truck bed accessories available and why you need to install them on your pick-up truck.


A person unloading toolboxes from truck bed.

The Coolest Truck Bed Accessories For Your Truck


Below are some of the best pickup truck bed accessories that can make your truck look even better.


Truck Cap, Topper, Canopy, or Shell


A truck topper, also referred to as truck canopy, shell, or cap, can fit over your truck bed. These truck bed cover accessories are installed in line with your cab so you can have a completely covered additional space in your truck. Nowadays, you can find a lot of options for your canopy such as sliding windows, LED lighting, integrated roof racks, and many more. With truck toppers, you can use your truck bed as a place for sleeping most especially when you are camping. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that canopies are not easy to install and remove, hence, if you are transporting long items regularly, then canopies might feel inconvenient for you.


Tonneau Covers


Generally, if you are looking for something that can protect the bed as well as the contents of your truck from prying eyes or harsh weather then tonneau covers are the best option. Pick up truck bed accessories such as tonneau covers come in various styles including retractable covers, roll-up covers, and fold-up covers. There are even some covers that include a locking function.




Weatherstrips will seal the gaps around the tailgate so the inside part of your truck bed remains dry and clean. They are great for truck lids, tonneaus, and toppers. Choose high-quality weather strips that are thick, heat resistant, non-toxic, and ozone resistant.


A pick-up truck carrying a motorcycle.

Truck Bed Liners


Truck bed liners are considered the most essential part of your truck bed. If you don’t have a bed liner, then your truck bed could be susceptible to scuffs and scratches when you are hauling some items. If you don’t cover your truck bed, then it could also be susceptible to rust-causing moisture. High-quality truck bed liners fit accurately to your truck bed to ensure that moisture could not enter, at the same time, these truck bed camper accessories can also protect the paint from any damage.


Tailgate Assist


Tailgate assist allows you to have an efficient tailgate operation while avoiding that loud thud from your truck bed. Even when both of your hands are carrying some cargo, you can still operate the tailgate smoothly. Keep in mind that tailgate assist varies depending on the specific model of your truck. Once you have it, you can install it easily.


Tailgate Lock


Aside from tailgate assist, you will also need a tailgate lock. This can give you peace of mind knowing that nobody is going to steal your tailgate. It will be mounted on one hinge post of your pickup truck. Even if you open or close your tailgate, it will remain intact with your truck.


Truck Bed Mat


Although truck bed mat is not as excellent as spray-on bed liners, it can still do a superb job for the price. These truck bed mats can protect your cargo and prevent any damages to your truck bed. They are made from high-strength rubber compound so you can be assured of its durability. Truck bed mats are weather resistant and can prevent any rust, cracks, or dents on your truck bed.


A man getting items from truck drawer storage.

Bed Slides


Are you having difficulty climbing into your truck bed when retrieving something? If so, then the best solution is to have a bed slide. Bed slides are heavy-duty drawers that have rollers so you can simply slide them out of your truck bed. Some versions have a maximum weight capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. They are very easy to use, simply pull them out just like a drawer and you can get your stuff. These truck bed rail accessories are ideal if your pickup or truck has a tonneau cover or a canopy.


Tailgate Mat


The tailgate mat is just like the truck bed mat, however, this one is designed to protect the tailgate. These Toyota Tacoma truck bed accessories can prevent the cargo from damaging your tailgate. At the same time, They can also help in preventing tears, cracks, abrasions, and spills. Tailgate mats are sturdy since they are made from compressed rubber.


Truck Bed Extenders


Bed racks are very valuable when you are carrying large cargo and light cargo at the same time, bed racks can come in handy. Installing these to your bed rails will give you an additional hauling area above your bed. You can get racks in different sizes, including the ones that extend out over your cab for extra long items. Truck bed racks can significantly increase your truck’s cargo-hauling capability.


Cargo Net


Cargo nets are great for keeping your lightweight cargo in place. Generally, these bed truck accessories are made from bungee fibers. They are very useful if you need to place a lot of grocery items in your truck bed. You can easily secure these truck bed accessories for groceries by using metal or plastic snaps. The bungee storage organizer is another style of a cargo net. Cargo nets are essential truck utility bed accessories for sports equipment and other stuff that is lightweight.


A pick-up truck with cargo at the back.

Ratchet Tie Down


When your pick-up truck is carrying heavy cargo such as lumber, furniture, motorcycle, piping, appliances, etc., you must tie them down with something solid. Unfortunately, a cargo net won’t be able to secure them in place. That is why you must use ratchet tie down straps. Truck bed accessories for camping will be able to hold your heavy cargo securely to your truck, car, van, trailer, or SUV.


Headache Rack


Headache racks are mounted close to the cab. Truck bed accessories ford can help in protecting your cab against any damage caused by the shifting of heavy and large cargo. With headache racks, you don’t have to worry about damaging your cab when you are carrying ladder, lumber, and other huge cargo. Simultaneously, it can also offer shade to keep your cabin cool. Most headache racks can be installed instantly without any drilling. You simply bolt or clamp them on.


Truck Bed Rack


If you are carrying large cargo overhead, then you will need a truck bed rack. The heavy cargo will be placed on the bed rack while the lighter cargo will be placed on the truck bed. Truck bed rack accessories can help you in increasing the amount of cargo that you want to carry on your truck.


Loading Ramps


If you often haul heavy or huge cargo on your truck bed, then you will need loading ramps. These truck bed camping accessories are necessary if you are carrying a motorcycle or an ATV in your truck bed. There are different types of loading ramps such as straight dual ramps, arched dual ramps, trifold, as well as ramps specifically designed for loading or unloading ATVs or snowmobiles. When buying a ramp system, be sure that they include safety straps to assure the stability of the ramps.


A person opening the truck bed drawer storage.

Truck Bed Toolbox


Most truck bed tool boxes have an over-the-rail style. Typically, these ford truck bed accessories fit accurately over the rails at both ends of the bed and behind your cab. Although you can use locks in securing them, yet you cannot assure that they are entirely secured to your bed. Some bed toolboxes are installed just beneath the rails. This is great if you have a tall or lifted truck since it will be out of sight. However, if your pick-up truck has a tonneau cover, then they will be appropriate just below that as well.


With an aluminum toolbox, you can protect and organize your power tools and equipment. Since they are made from high-quality materials, you can ensure that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Most toolboxes come with locks to keep your tools safe. While some even come with sliding tool trays.



Truck bed toolboxes such as the DECKED Tool Box are excellent for truck owners who require storage for their tools and other stuff, most especially, if they don’t have enough space in their cab.


Why Choose The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System


DECKED transformed the pickup truck organization industry by introducing the low profile DECKED Tool Box system. This is the perfect truck bed accessories f150 for Ford F-series, Chevrolet Silverado, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, RAM trucks, and other types of pickup trucks. This ergonomic toolbox will simply slide out so you can easily access your gear, tools, and other items. These heavy duty drawers can be pulled at waist height while allowing you to fully use your truck bed. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System is made in the USA. The DECKED truck bed accessories are ergonomic, secure, heavy duty, and weatherproof.


A man arranging tools inside the toolbox.

Important Features of The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System


The DECKED Truck Bed Tool Boxes are the best truck bed accessories. They can keep your gear, tools and other items secure, dry and safe from any elements. Keep your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone.


Each drawer has a 200 pound capacity, so you can properly organize your tools and gear.

For easy access, the drawers will slide smoothly at waist height.

These heavy duty drawers can keep your valuables out of sight. If you want to have peace of mind, then you should lock your storage drawers as well as your tailgate.

The DECKED Tool Box can preserve the entire foot print of your truck bed even with its 2,000 lb payload.  


By keeping everything well organized, you can easily find the gear or tools that you need. The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System can make your life more efficient.

DECKED accessories such as T-Tracks, CoreTrax, dividers, trays, and locks are also available and are sold separately.


An Optional Integrated Ladder For Easy Access


The DECKED Tool Box comes with an Optional Integrated Ladder so you can instantly access your gear and tools. Take note that this is sold separately. The adjustable nesting step ladder will simply slide right out of the toolbox. Best of all, it does not cause any obstruction within the toolbox. The ladder is durable enough since it is made from 6000 series aluminum. Even if you have a lifted truck, the ladder will simply drop to the ground.


A DECKED truck tool box installed in a pick-up truck.

Easily Organizes Your Stuff


When you purchase a DECKED Tool Box, it comes with an easy to grab D-Box which is placed conveniently inside the tub. The D-Box has a gasket seal, making them weatherproof. The Tool Box also includes a valuable Snack Tray which is perfect for storing and organizing your small tools and gear. For securing large cargo, tie-downs are mounted at the base of the tub, specifically on the tailgate side. Opening and closing of the lid can be done smoothly, thanks to its torsion springs. This can assure you that there won’t be any slamming of fingers.