You Haven’t Seen a Tool Box on Wheels Until You’ve Seen DECKED

You Haven’t Seen a Tool Box on Wheels Until You’ve Seen DECKED

So, you think you know all about a tool box on wheels? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

DECKED makes a tool box on wheels (big ones) that fits the make and model of your pickup truck like a glove. And this tub is no ordinary tool box—it is a storage solution. Our storage solution is a product that uses materials made for the 21st century. In other words, this isn’t granddad’s ordinary ol' wooden tool box—it's something special.

Our storage solution is sexy and will make your truck look sexy too. It’s so tough it will make crowbars and thieves run in the opposite direction. Moreover, it keeps your equipment dry while providing modular storage space that encourages organization envy.

But before we tell you more, let’s look at our competitor tool box on wheels options so you can see how you’re depriving yourself of a solution that fits your truck like a glove.

An image of half of the DECKED Tool Box shows the Snack Tray's placement and blue D-Box. The Snack Tray is full of gear, while the D-Box is nesting in the closed position.

Competitor Tool Box Choices

You almost get as many tool boxes on wheels as you get makes and models of cars, if not more.

For example, you get:

  • A large tool box on wheels from many brands
  • A type of stackable tool box on wheels
  • Many variations of the small tool box on wheels are available online or at just about any hardware store and many other retailers.
  • Then you have the sought-after tool box on wheels with a handle that you can drag around anywhere you want, especially if you don’t have the DECKED Tool Box problem-solver
  •  Of course, the tool box chest on wheels is great when you have a mechanic workshop or a career in carpentry because a red tool box on wheels is almost a good substitute for one comparable to a Ferrari (like the DECKED tub, for example).

Most of our competitors make a big tool box on wheels that caters to people who work from a set location. These storage options are suitable for anyone with a small business that supports local community needs.

1. Stanley Products

For instance, the Stanley tool box on wheels might be exciting if you’re an avid DIY enthusiast. These products are small and mobile—think of travel suitcases with extendable handles that you can roll around the home to fix things.

An image of the Stanley Mobile Work Center 018800R with retracted telescopic handle.

These Stanley products come in various shapes and sizes (mostly small), which have convenient dividers to separate bigger items like hand and power tools and smaller items such as nails and screws.

In short, these products are excellent for home use. If you like the tool box on wheels Stanley brand for home, then their Click ‘N’ Connect™ range should do the trick.

2. DeWalt Tool Box on Wheels

DeWalt provides a selection of the tool box on wheels styles that feature rugged wheels, waterproofing, metal latches, and other features. In addition, the model below has a telescopic handle, improving your portability experience, and you can remove the back handle on this model to place it on your pickup truck.

A removable tray also enables a better organization to make way for larger equipment. This model even has a sizeable 250-pound load capacity. But is it comparable to the DECKED Tool Box? Find out more below and why we don't think it is in our league.

The DeWalt ToughSystem® 2.0 Rolling Toolbox - DWST08450 with rugged terrain wheels and retractable handle.

3. Craftsman Tool Box on Wheels

Craftsman has probably perfected the portable tool box on wheels. Their products are bold, are synonymous with the red tool box on roller wheels, and can take up to 650 or 1500 pounds of equipment, with diverse choices in between.

If you don’t need your tools to move with you, then this one contains excellent features. These features provide high-stability drawer slides, surface protection, drawer liners, an internal locking system with an over-mold key, toe-locking brakes, and caster and steel structure reinforcements.

You never have to leave your workspace with this level of storage at your disposal. So, if you’re a fan of the tool box on wheels Craftsman style, go ahead and investigate further. We ask that you check out the DECKED Tool Box because it is something so special that you likely won't want to waste time looking elsewhere.

Large, durable red and black Craftsman 5-drawer tolling cabinet with a 650-pound load rating.

4. Milwaukee Tool Box on Wheels

Milwaukee features a wide range of tool box on wheels versions of storage systems. Also, this brand focuses on producing red and black colors like Craftsmen.

Besides being aesthetically appealing, this PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box contains modular storage, is durable and versatile.

If you aren’t familiar with the Milwaukee tool box brand (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be), you can connect this one with other brand products using integrated locking cleats. In short, you can build more storage as you need.

Image of Milwaukee's PACKOUT rolling tool box with a long extended handle and two wheels, in red and black.

The wheels on this box are suitable for all types of terrains, its handle is an industrial grade, and it has weather sealing. Interior organizer trays enable customization, and when you add up all these features, you have a tool box that delivers exceptional storage abilities and is portable.

5. Husky Tool Box on Wheels

Like many other brands, Husky has a massive selection of tool box on wheels style storage products. This model, known as the Mobile Job Box Utility Cart Black, can hold 50 gallons (approximately 416 pounds) of equipment.

It has a removable tray to customize organization, and you can charge your cell phone or tools while in the box with a handy electrical cord outlet.

The security on this box features metal latches for secure storage. In addition, a keyed lock system built into the tub ensures your goods stay safe when locked in the garage. You also have metal latches for extra security.

Image of the Husky 209261 37 in. Mobile Job Box Utility Cart Black with two wheels and an extendable handle for portability.

Although this small tub is best for home use, it is portable with two wheels and a carry handle. However, you won't find modular storage in this tub, so best to look around at another tool box on wheels Husky models if you need more than a DIY solution.

6. Hart Tool Box on Wheels

One of the examples of the Hart tool box on wheels is the 24-inch rolling tool box made from polypropylene resin. Unlike some other brands, this one is available in black and blue, and you can find it at Walmart. Although sold by Hart, you might be interested to learn that this is a Keter tool box on wheels.

Other features include bins for organizing hardware and smaller tools, dividers, an extendable handle, a central auto locking system, and removable side bins. This box is weatherproof but not waterproof. It has a heavy-duty frame with dimensions 24.30 x 14.90 x 16.30 inches (L, W, H).

Image of the HART 24in Rolling Tool Box, Resin Tool Storage, Black with Blue showing three drawers. The main tub has two drawers that slide outwards, exposing the lower main tub.

You can use it to store crafts, tools, and anything else where you need a DIY storage system that is portable.

7. Snap On Tool Box on Wheels

The Snap on tool box on wheels ranges closely resembles those available from Craftsmen, Husky, and other retailers. This particular KCP2423BQD model is 73 inches, has 15 drawers, a triple bank, and is a classic roll cab.

This storage system features a power drawer for AC (2) charging points for batteries and tablets from USB ports (5).

Among notable features is the external breaker switch, which protects from overload. The casters are absorbent to provide a better environment for storing sensitive equipment. The gussets in the four corners are reinforced with welding to maintain the box's structural shape.

You can store up to 2400 pounds of gear in this baby. However, it won’t be easily portable once filled, no matter how strong you are. So stick to rolling this one around the workshop, and you'll have everything you need on hand.

73" 15-Drawer Triple-Bank Classic Series Roll Cab with Power Drawer (midnight blue with black trim and blackout details).

You may find this brand and other styles of tool box on wheels for sale, but shipping this one may be a bit expensive.

Instead, we recommend you look at your options because the best tool box on wheels is here, and its name is DECKED.

Now, the DECKED Tool Box on Wheels

The DECKED Tool Box is no ordinary tool box on wheels because these are much bigger than those of our competitors. These wheels are your pickup truck. Portability is one benefit, and there are many more to be had when you invest in this beauty.


Portability is critical when you do construction work or go hunting, and with this tub, you always have a storage solution on hand. You can also have a smaller mobile tool box or more in the tub for greater convenience.

Your Gear Is Always Secure

DECKED is aware that securing your equipment within your tool box should always be a priority. But, unfortunately, thieves love tools as much as you do, just for different reasons. Because of this risk, we have gone out of our way to design a tool box that rivals the security of Fort Knox.

Unless you're built like a soldier with artificial intelligence and strength, you're not easily going to get into this one. The tub/lid intersections are constructed to resist theft attempts with crowbars, pry bars, or any other type of bar.

Theft attempts won’t even damage the lid, which we think is an incredible benefit.

Image of a man trying to bend open the tub/lid interface with a crowbar. You can see how the lift lids with force but does not open or crack.

Besides this super theft-proof interface, we have installed an armored system to keep others locked out. An armor locking system is so close to foolproof that anyone trying to force their way in is going to regret wasting their time. We also placed the lock on the driver’s side to help you remember to lock the tub.

Thieves (or you) will only be able to remove the tub from the truck if the lid is open—so keep it locked down when you’re not busy.

Other than these obstacles, steel reinforcements in the tub add yet another benefit. These features provide the tub with additional stability and security.

If you’re having a brain warp and forget where you’ve put either of the two keys that come with the tub—you will have to call a locksmith to get it open.

Tougher Than Nails and Waterproof

Like many of our customers and their jobs, this tub is tougher than nails. Built from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with industrial-grade strength, this baby does not bat an eye. It does not ding, rust, or buckle under pressure or anything else you want to throw at it. And throw things at it we did!

We pounded it with rocks. We got independent people to drag it behind their pickup truck over rough terrain. We threw everything at it that we had, jumped on the tub, beat it with hammers and baseball bats—still, it came up smiling!

DECKED researchers are showering the tub with water. As a result, the tub is waterproof, keeping equipment dry while the researchers get soaked to the bone.

This tub is impact-resistant, manufactured with injection molding that uses such a high grade of polymer resin that nothing fazes it. To make the durability of the tub even more intense, we installed galvanized steel and aluminum in the structure to round off our design.

It won't lose its structural shape even when you fill it up with its maximum load of 200 pounds or place 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight on its lid—it's that strong.

Because of the tub design and structure, your gear always stays dry, even if you're drowning like a rat in a flood.

Premium Organization of Your Gear

Organizing your gear in this tub is so convenient and straightforward, especially when you get the smaller modular D-Box and Snack Box free with your purchase. When you have to transport larger freight like logs, an ATV, or similar, secure it on the truck bed with the free tie-downs built into the tub's base.

Check out our accessories page if you need any more sophisticated storage solutions. You may even find that you want the DECKED Drawer System to match your DECKED Tool Box. Or, if you're on the ball—just want to create the perfect storage system by complementing the Drawer System with our Tool Box.

Image showing a close-up of a part of the blue D-Box on the left, another storage solution in the middle, and a small glimpse of the integrated ladder on the left--all of which fit into the DECKED Tool Box.

Rapid, Hassle-Free Installation

Installing the DECKED Tool Box doesn't get much simpler. A straightforward bracket and bolt system and four clamps to secure the tub on your bed rail are all that's required. You can do that in two minutes unless you've had a few drinks. In that case, it may take a little longer—but not much.

Our Pièce de Résistance (or most remarkable feature)

Okay—that's not entirely true. The integrated ladder is not our most remarkable feature, but it's definitely way up on our priority list and should make it on yours too.

We installed an integrated ladder in the tub. No one else has thought of this, so we take kudos for this design feature. Beyond being an intelligent feature, it has massive benefits.

Telescope the ladder out of the tub (it doesn't take up storage space), lower it to the ground, and your days of needing to be super flexible are over. The ladder makes getting at your tools an absolute cinch, and you avoid stretching your muscles and bones to the nth degree.

The pièce de résistance of features and benefits in the DECKED Tool Box design is the integrated ladder--shown here, extended over the side of the pickup truck with two men standing by.

It’s optional—but we say it will make your work a whole lot easier.

Get it Now!

If you don’t yet have the DECKED Tool Box, we seriously recommend ordering it online today. And if you want help with financing, we have that too.

Within a few days, you’ll be able to install this premium storage solution and never worry about getting any other tool box on wheels ever again.

Place your order and receive free accessories and shipping to any destination in the best country in the world—the good ol’ U.S. of A.