The DECKED Tool Box, Rack, and Tonneau Covers for Trucks—You Can Have it All!

The DECKED Tool Box, Rack, and Tonneau Covers for Trucks—You Can Have it All!

Tonneau covers for trucks come in so many different design styles and materials that it's worth taking a closer look at these products. They help hide whatever you store on your truck bed, reducing the chances of someone being tempted to steal something. These tonneau covers for pickup trucks are also valuable for protecting your toolbox or anything else you need to store.

One issue that customers have with these products, though, is that if you install one, can you use it with canoe racks, bike racks, and the DECKED Tool Box? We unbundle the mysteries and not so mysterious qualities of tonneau covers, from folding to hard covers and hinged tonneau covers for pickup trucks and everything in between.

Tonneau Covers for Trucks With Tool Boxes

If you want to have the ultimate toolbox of the century on your truck, then you would have to choose the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System. Combining these two products completely eliminates the need for a tonneau cover.

But if you're going to combine our Tool Box with a tonneau cover, it would be best to contact DECKED to check what type of tonneau cover will work with the DECKED Tool Box by sending us an email at A quick check will ensure you can use both products on your truck although our Tool Box replaces the tonneau cover.

Of course, you can opt for a lesser toolbox that is small enough to fit under the tonneau cover, and that is your choice. But people have multiple needs when considering truck accessories, and one of these includes racks and tonneau covers.

A pickup truck showing how much you can store and secure when you install the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System.

Canoe Racks For Trucks With Tonneau Covers

Yes, combining canoe racks for trucks with tonneau covers is possible. Your options may be limited in this regard, and you may not be able to install both these accessories with a DECKED Tool Box but finding out before you buy can resolve this issue.

For example, installing back racks with an optional flush mount kit with the DECKED Tool Box is possible, but most of the Headache Racks are not compatible. Again, a quick email to DECKED will let you know which racks are suitable for use with the Tool Box and what tonneau cover will work best with your canoe rack as well.

In many cases, you can purchase tonneau covers that come with racks. If you are eyeing one of these accessories, your best bet is to install a bed extender to secure your canoe properly above the tonneau cover. The biggest drawback of combining these accessories is that you will have to sacrifice the DECKED Tool Box and its integrated ladder, but everyone has their priorities.

Bike Racks for Trucks With Tonneau Covers

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of tonneau covers and racks that are compatible. A brief internet search shows that you find racks that you can install in the stake hole pockets of the truck, which leaves the bed rails free to accommodate a cover.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box and integrated ladder, leaving enough space for a motorbike, which you can secure with tie-downs installed in the Tool Box.

Several racks that work well with tonneau covers include:

  •  Access, TonnoPro, and Truxedo make racks that match up with the soft tonneau covers for trucks
  • The Bak and UnderCover brands have several options which work with folding hard tonneau covers for pickup trucks
  • Revolver, Bak, and Truxedo also make hard roll up tonneau covers for pickup trucks

Clearly, there are multiple rack brands on the market and definitely enough to match up your bike rack with various tonneau covers. You also won’t have a problem finding tonneau covers for trucks with bed rails.

As already discussed, your biggest issue will be finding racks and tonneau covers that accommodate the DECKED Tool Box and its optional integrated ladder. If you can overcome this problem, you can indeed have it all, including the integrated ladder in the DECKED Tool Box, which is a must-have for any serious pickup truck accessory enthusiast.

Tonneau Covers for Ford Trucks

Speaking of tonneau covers and racks, Ford designs a vast selection of tonneau covers, some of which come with racks. You can purchase these as additional accessories to protect items on the truck bed or transport your canoe or any other bulky item.  

However, everyone has different needs. For example, you may be into canoeing, hiking, biking, or your work may demand another type of tonneau cover and rack for transporting items. In that case, you can look at options like tonneau hard covers for pickup trucks, or maybe painted tonneau covers for pickup trucks are more your style.

Image of the Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover installed on a red pickup truck.

Whatever your need or preference, you can be sure that many companies out there, other than Ford, cater to the all-American pickup truck accessory fan who wants it all.

One problem with tonneau covers for Ford trucks is that they only fit the Ford truck. In contrast, DECKED makes its Drawer System and Tool Box to fit Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevy, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

With this level of versatility, it just makes sense first to order your DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System. Then, once you have that under control, a tonneau cover will become obsolete, but you will still be able to install a rack. It just takes a little discernment to have everything you want, which DECKED offers in two intelligently designed products.

Tri Fold Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Tri fold tonneau covers for pickup trucks are really beautiful. They have a low profile, are exceptionally lightweight, are strong, protect your truck bed cargo from the elements, and secure your freight.

Integrated storage clips that are sleek and retractable hold the cover securely in place. When combined with rigid standoffs that include rubber pads, you know that your tonneau cover will stay in place when folded.

Similar to the lightweight DECKED Tool Box, some tri fold tonneau covers also only weigh 50 pounds but can manage up to 400 pounds of equally distributed weight. Again, this feature almost mimics the DECKED Tool Box, which can hold up to 500 pounds of weight despite being light and easy to install.

Image of the WeatherTech Alloy Cover Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover.

Also, the DECKED Tool Box is made from industrial high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE plus injection molding makes for an excellent combination in producing a virtually indestructible storage solution, has superior security features, and is the envy of your friends because of its organizational capabilities.

Dubbed the retooled Tool Box and the Tool Box made from future materials, unfortunately, you won't be able to have it all if you install a tri fold tonneau cover. The best you can hope for with this type of tonneau cover is that you will be able to match it with appropriate racks. As great as that seems, sacrificing the DECKED Tool Box for this combo leaves you with less than you could have.

Aluminum Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Aluminum tonneau covers for pickup trucks are a definite option if you want to secure cargo on the truck bed. These products are lightweight and a better security option than vinyl which is much less effective in keeping your truck bed items safe from weather and theft.

However, a significant drawback of the aluminum tonneau cover is that it dents easily. It is also easy to ruin its surface with scratches, so be sure to purchase one with a polymer surface treatment to limit this type of damage. Another "no-no" of aluminum tonneau covers is that they can heat up badly in hot climates, making it difficult to retrieve goods and open and close these covers. NEITHER the DECKED Tool Box nor Drawer System have these problems.

Image of the DECKED Tool Box installed on a pickup truck with a man gaining easy reach to its contents.

One way to eliminate the security issue is simply installing a DECKED Tool Box. It keeps your equipment as safe as Fort Knox, does not ding and scratch, and is also weather and waterproof. Additionally, you can install specific types of racks quite easily with the DECKED Tool Box, making any tonneau cover an unnecessary purchase.

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Any discussion about aluminum tonneau covers must include one about fiberglass products. Fiberglass is much heavier than aluminum, and you may find that after a year, plus-minus, you may see the fiberglass disintegrating.

Loose fibers may start to appear, which is a safety hazard and indicates that the structure is weakening. Additionally, installing something as heavy as a fiberglass tonneau cover increases fuel usage.

Whether you want a soft or hard tonneau cover, explore your options carefully because these accessories are made from molded ABS plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and others. Also, brands differ, with some customers complaining about the quality of latches and other materials that go into making these products.

So, do your homework and check out tonneau materials, brands, and product reviews before committing to any tonneau cover because not all materials are made equal.

Folding Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Folding tonneau covers for pickup trucks are readily available on the market and are manufactured from various materials. You can look at soft and hard folding tonneau covers, hinged ones, or retractable ones. If you prefer, you can also install a rolling tonneau cover.

Image of LEER SKU HF350M foldable tonneau cover.

No matter which tonneau designs and materials you research, decide whether you simply want moderate or comprehensive security for the items on your pickup truck. Also, choose how much weather protection you need from this item before making a final decision.

Ultimately, the DECKED Tool Box provides you with the same benefits as tonneau covers and much more, except our Tool Box is more cost-effective. For example, a decent tonneau cover costs in the region of $1,000, whereas the DECKED Tool Box costs far less. Of course, it is an option to install the DECKED Tool Box and then look at saving costs for the cover, such as:

  • Used tonneau covers for pickup trucks
  • Discount tonneau covers for pickup trucks
  • eBay tonneau covers for pickup trucks

Before making a final decision on tonneau covers, check the benefits you get from the DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System.

The DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System—Get It All!

Image of a pickup truck with the DECKED Drawer System, Tool Box, and integrated ladder.

The DECKED Tool Box keeps your gear safe, is built to outlast you, and protects your equipment from all types of weather. Unlike aluminum, HDPE doesn’t dent, and this storage solution also won’t rust.

Also, unlike a tonneau cover, it is easy to organize and pack your gear in a container that holds 500 pounds worth of equipment, comes with free accessories like the Snack Tray and D-Box, and has built-in tie-downs. So with this level of organization space and security, why bother with a tonneau cover at all?

Additionally, the DECKED Tool Box requires no drilling to install, so it protects the integrity of your truck body, which is vital for its resale value. The DECKED Tool Box is also more affordable than most tonneau covers, and DECKED gives customers unique financing options.

Check if we make our DECKED Tool Box and DECKED Drawer System for your vehicle, explore our financing options, and place your order today. After this, you can determine whether you even need a tonneau cover. In our experience, DECKED completely replaces the need for one.