What You Need To Know Before Shopping For Leer Truck Caps

What You Need To Know Before Shopping For Leer Truck Caps


Leer is one of the leading manufacturers of truck caps and toppers throughout most of North America. Truck caps by Leer come in both the standard fiberglass and aluminum varieties. Many would say the truck caps Leer makes are of a very high quality, but is that true?

OK. None of that clickbait stuff. Leer is a good brand, they have been making high quality truck toppers for decades, and many of them are still on the road. In fact, you can buy a used Leer truck topper easily, and you probably wouldn’t regret it. They’re made to last.

But, let’s take a much closer look at Leer truck caps in general, and then take a peek at a few DECKED brand alternatives that we frankly think you’ll prefer.


Leer topper on Ranger pick up


Leer Truck Caps

Camper shells. Toppers. Caps. We all know what truck caps are, and many of the ones we’ve seen are in fact Leer truck caps. A Leer truck cap makes your pickup look a little bit like an SUV, and gives you an enclosed cargo space over the bed. Many pickups can now be bought with a matching truck cap already installed.

However, both Leer Aluminum truck caps and Leer fiberglass truck caps can be bought which are specifically designed to suit the styling of the latest model trucks. You can order Leer truck caps in the exact same finish as your truck, most of the time.


Silverado Leer Truck Caps

Leer 100XR truck cap

Leer 100XR

The Leer 100XR has to be one of the most popular Silverado Leer truck caps. The Leer 100XR truck cap offers screened, slide-opening windows, which provide vital ventilation. It also has an insulated roof. You’ll need both if you’re going to be camping in the back or transporting pets. Looks are important too, though, and the 100XR comes with tinted windows and hatch glass. This Leer truck cap also features an LED 3rd brake light, fiberglass base rails, and a lifetime warranty.



Leer 180XL truck cap

Leer 180XL

The Leer 100XR is very similar to the 100XR, but features a mid-level high top configuration, which grants extra cargo room without compromising style. Its door is the full height of the cap, making loading tall cargo easier. It also features recessed windows, giving it a distinctly SUV-type look.


Leer Commercial Truck Caps And Leer Work Truck Caps


Leer DCC-MT3


Leer DCC-MT3 Truck Cap With Tool Storage

The Leer DCC-MT3 is a great example of what makes Leer commercial truck caps so popular. It is enforced, providing 17% more strength than a Leer fiberglass truck cap. When you have it installed by an authorized dealer, it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty – something dear to any tradesman’s heart. The interior space can be arranged in many different configurations to suit different jobs. Its most notable features are the lockable side hatches and the internal storage options.

With a cost of around $1,800 to $1,900, though, it is not a casual purchase. Consider the DECKED Drawer System instead. We’ll talk about that lower down.


Leer 180CC Mid-Rise Truck Cap

 Leer 180CC Mid-Rise Truck Cap

The 180CC is a popular choice for contractors and commercial drivers because, unlike many Leer truck caps, it comes with a roof rack mount. The raised interior space gives you an extra 4 inches of headroom, and the shell is strong enough to carry extra cargo above. It comes standard with solid sides and rear hatch, but windows are also available as an option. The door is recessed, and features 2 T-handle locks. It comes with a limited 5 year warranty.


Leer Aluminum Truck Caps

Leer got its start as an aluminum goods manufacturer, so it is no surprise they still offer some of the world’s best all-aluminum truck caps.


Leer 100R


Leer 100RCC Truck Cap

Like the Leer 100R, the 100RCC is a reinforced aluminum truck cap that has the strength it needs to mount a roof rack safely. It features a 20 inch light bar on some models, an integrated fuel box and a darkly tinted rear hatch.



Leer Challenger Aluminum Truck Cap


Challenger Leer Aluminum Truck Cap

The Challenger is a classic Leer aluminum truck cap design that is still in demand all over the US. It can be bought with solid sides, windows and even side doors. They are available for compact, full size, and super duty pickups, with cab heights ranging from 20 inches to 25 inches above the rail. A 3rd brake light is standard. It generally comes in white, black, charcoal, pewter, red, or silver finish.


Leer Fiberglass Truck Caps

Leer 200XQ Sport Premium Plus

This model of Leer truck topper was designed specifically for the short-bed 2019 Chevy Silverado. It is billed as a “smart cap” design, with features like keyless rear hatch entry, smartphone integration, and an optional large screen TV audio/video system for the bed.  


Leer 100XQ Premium Cab

This Leer fiberglass truck topper offers automotive paint to match your factory color and finish, an insulated roof, tinted glass on all windows, an LED 3rd brake light, an interior dome light, and tip-out side windows with removable screens.  


Leer 122

The Leer 122 is a very high-rise Leer fiberglass truck cap. It rises a full 8 inches above the cab, but has an aerodynamic design that nevertheless offers good fuel economy. Its double handle locks and full height door balance access and security very well, and its 50/50 sliding side windows with screens give you plenty of cargo or camping options.



Leer Truck Caps Tacoma

Leer 100R

Leer 100R

The Leer 100R is very similar to the Leer 100XR we looked at above, but it is specifically designed to be used with 3rd generation Tacomas. Now, this is a lovely topper, don’t get me wrong, but it is not cheap. It’s not as all-singing, all-dancing as the 200XQ Sport, but it is pricey. The basic model costs around $1,800, but a fully outfitted 100R can set you back up to $3,500.



Leer 180


Leer 180

This Leer fiberglass truck cap is a version of the 180CC we saw earlier, only designed for use with late model Tacomas. It offers around 15% more internal space than a cab-height design, and features a single piece rear hatch made of curved glass. It has a single handle with a Leer brand rotary lock. The windows are a 50/50 sliding design, and come with screens.




 What You Won’t Find At Leer Truck Accessories Stores

DECKED drawer system


The DECKED Drawer System – Secure Storage And Complete Bed Protection

The DECKED Drawer System is a lot more than a bed protector. Under the deck, you’ll find two bed-length drawers. Each of these conveniently placed drawers can hold 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment safely, but more importantly it can keep your cargo secure and dry.

DECKED drawer system


This unique tool and cargo solution actually manages to increase the effective size of your bed. How, you ask? The raised bed is placed above both wheel wells in most models of truck. That means you can access the entire width of the bed for its entire length, and no more levering wide, heavy loads over or around the wheel wells.

The entire DECKED Drawer System is designed, built, and sold right here in the USA, as well. We even make sure to only use recyclable plastics, along with ecologically friendly steel and aluminum reinforcement.  

DECKED drawer system under logs


The DECKED Drawer System lets you pile on every last bit of cargo you’d normally be able to carry, as well. It will take the load. Don’t doubt it.



The DECKED Tool Box – Mobile, Secure Tool And Gear Storage For All Late model Pickups

The DECKED Tool Box fits behind the cab of almost any of today’s working trucks or pick-ups. It is in many ways a traditional crosswise style truck box, only much better in nearly every respect. The DECKED Tool Box lets you transport gear, tools, and supplies in a sturdy, weatherproof container, of course, but it is also incredibly secure. The lock is actually armored against thieves, and it would take power tools to crack it open.  




Better still, the DECKED Tool Box fits smoothly into the DECKED tool organization ecosystem. It comes with accessories like DECKED D-Box and Snack Tray small parts containers inside, and many other organizational extras can be found on the DECKED website.


How Much Do You Know About Leer As A company?

Leer was founded in 1964, and they employ over 1,000 people today. Leer’s headquarters are in Elkhart, Indiana, as are most of their engineering, mold-making, and design workshops.

Leer uses a system of authorized dealers spanning all 50 states and throughout most of the provinces of Canada. They have the industry’s best-developed distribution network, hands down. Leer’s customers include everyone from tradesmen, camping and outdoor sports enthusiasts, fleet operators, and truck owners of all descriptions.

Leer acquired Truck Accessories Group in 1987, and they now have manufacturing facilities in Milton, PA, Elkhart, IN, and Woodland, CA. Just like Century – but more on that below.

Century and Leer Truck Caps – Are They The Same Brand?

There is actually some confusion here, as they are marketed and distributed separately.

We can say that Century truck caps and Leer truck caps are practically identical.  We know that the truck caps are manufactured in the same places and sold with the same specifications. They come in the same colors, fit the same trucks and have all the same listed features. Any differences are certainly too subtle for us to spot. Some claim the toppers come off the same assembly lines, and only the actual logos are different.


So, why not merge the brands? Perhaps this is just an exercise in extreme branding.



A Word About The Recyclability Of Truck Accessories And Modifications

OK. You might not jump right to “green” factors when shopping for a truck bed storage solution. Your gut is going to say “style, cost, weight, these are the important things.” Your gut isn’t wrong, mind you. But if you had the choice between two manufacturers who offer good looks, good prices, and excellent performance, wouldn’t you feel better choosing the one which prides itself on using easily recycled materials?

DECKED makes environmentally sound products by making sure that all of our materials are reusable, recyclable, or both. DECKED products have three main ingredients. The first is a high impact polymer resin. Plastic, to speak plainly. The second is aluminum. The third is steel. Steel and aluminum are very easy to recycle, In fact, they are just about the only materials people actually make money recycling. Aluminum and steel can be melted and remade hundreds of times with very little loss or waste. Thousands even. However, plastics often get a bad rap. Now, it is true that single use plastics can be terrible for the environment. Well, we don’t use those.

DECKED’s plastics are so very easy to recycle that we’d lose money if we didn’t recycle our wastes right in the house. The key to using plastics responsibly is making sure they are not just possible to recycle, but economical to recycle. Every DECKED product that leaves our factory already contains a lot of recycled material. We just melt it down and re-cast it right away. Virtually none of that goes to external recycling, let alone to a landfill.

It costs almost nothing, and saves us a lot more than the cost of new materials. Every ton of plastic “waste” we recycle means a ton of plastics not driven hundreds of miles over the reads, a ton of plastics not produced in the first place. It reduces our carbon footprint dramatically, and we think that’s important.  




We hope you learned a little about the Leer truck caps, as well as some of the sturdier alternatives you can buy from DECKED. Now, go forth, and make wise purchasing decisions.