7 Must-Have GMC Accessories for Your Truck

7 Must-Have GMC Accessories for Your Truck

7 Must-Have GMC Accessories for Your Truck

GMC is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the car-making industry, having been in operations for over a century. Since the beginning, this giant automaker has developed a wide range of commercial vehicles. The company also develops genuine GMC accessories. As a truck owner, it is vital to know some of the accessories you might need.

At DECKED, we know the type of accessories your truck needs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some essential GMC sierra accessories that you should consider and reasons why you should have these accessories.

1. Tie Down Straps

If you carry heavy items on your truck, you know you can't leave them to slide around the truck bed. This is because they could get damaged or even damage the back of your truck. Therefore, it is vital to tie them down. While you could get a rope to tie them down, it might not be good enough to wrap around the bed. You might also struggle to tighten a standard rope if it is strong enough for the job. There is also an option of cargo nets and bungee straps, but they might not be strong enough to tie down heavy items. You must ensure that the heavy load on the back of your truck will remain in position while you take a sharp right turn or when swerving around the road.

Tie Down Straps

The best solution for that is the GMC tie-down strap. These are specially designed straps often used on the flatbed trailers you see on highways. They are made from polythene or nylon material and come in two parts. One part is the long strap with a small hook at the end, with the other being short and has a ratchet on either end. These tie-down straps could do an excellent job if you use them to strap in your DECKED toolbox  if you have not fitted it yet. It helps keep the DECKED toolbox in position and prevents swirling around.


Handheld DECKED Tool Box behind on a truck bed

To use this tie-down strap, steadily secure the hooks to stabilize the anchor points, and thread the other end over your cargo. It would help if you also threaded it through the ratchet. After that, steadily crunk on the ratchet to pull out the straps extremely tight. This ensures that your load is secure and won't move no matter the condition of the road. When shopping for tie-down straps, you should consider two factors; length and strength. The strength of a tie-down strap is expressed in terms of the maximum breaking strength — it should be three times the full working load. You should also ensure that the length is long enough to tie down heavy items properly.

2. Tie-Down Anchors

Tie-down anchors are another essential GMC truck accessory that you should consider getting. Generally, tie-down straps work effectively if you have somewhere to hook them. While tie-down anchors come in many shapes and forms, you should consider the "D" ring style if you want to tie down the straps. The anchors can be retractable, foldable, or just stick straight up if you operate them. If you want to use anchors on the top of your rail bed, it is helpful to stick them up. However, if you want to use them elsewhere in the truck bed, you should fold them flat.

You should consider two crucial factors when shopping for tie-down anchors; that is a safe working load and mounting hardware. The mounting hardware must include some form of reinforcing plate that evenly distributes the load, which prevents the anchor from accidentally pulling out. A safe working load is another essential factor to consider when choosing a tie-down anchor. It refers to how much load you can put inside the anchor. Remember that you could have two or more straps hooked into a single anchor.

GMC Acadia accessories give you plenty of options to choose from when looking for an ideal anchor. We prefer a safe working load of 2,000 lbs because it is sufficient to keep your cargo safe. There is also a kit that contains all the required hardware to mount the anchors in your truck bed sidewalls. However, it would help if you were prepared to handle the mounting task because it entails tedious work.

3. Loading Ramps

You cannot talk about GMC terrain accessories without mentioning loading ramps. You already know that pick-up trucks are pretty high, and it could be challenging to lift items in and out. This is likely to be the case, especially when transporting heavy items like a motorcycle or lawnmower. The GMC loading ramps are designed to make this process easier and more straightforward. They make things easier because they are foldable and stronger.

Given that these ramps can easily be stowed in bed, you can have them during the unloading process as well. When shopping for loading ramps, you should consider the surface, strength, and length. A longer loading ramp shows a shallow angle, making it easy to load. Strength is also an essential feature in loading ramps. A suitable loading ramp should be strong enough to carry your items— it could be your ATV or lawnmower. If you have equipment with castors or small wheels, it is ideal for working with a plate surface rather than ladder-style rungs.

A Loading Ramp

Interestingly, most of the loading ramps are not designed for golf carts. Therefore, if you are moving golf carts, you should go for ramps designed for such purposes. Most of these aluminum ramps are around 7.5' long and are tightly hinged for better storage. They have a unique arched design that provides more clearance over your truck. Using a ramp weighing around 33 lbs is ideal for better management. This type of loading ramp has a weight limit of 750 lbs.

4. Tow Straps

Tow straps are also essential GMC Yukon accessories you should consider. A tow strap is a long rope you can use to pull another vehicle out of a bad situation. You do so by hooking the strap to your truck and using it to pull someone stuck in the sand, snow, or any other mess. While most trucks hook the tow straps on the front, some have some hooks at the back. Don't worry if your truck doesn't have tow hooks because they can easily be installed by a professional. The tow straps are extremely durable, high-strength, woven material. They could be polyester cables or wires for maximum effectiveness.

We advise that you go for a tow strap with a maximum tow strength of 30,000 pounds for the best results. If you have a full-size pick-up truck, go for a 20,000-pound tow strap. When using any tow strap, you should know the weight of your truck and the vehicle you are trying to pull. This prevents you from using a weaker rope that could damage your vehicle.

5. Truck Bed Lights

You can get bed lights from the GMC accessories store. Luckily, the market has a wide range of lights you can choose from. We mainly focus on the lights that fit under the bed rails and help you see what is at the back. These lights are critical when you are loading or unloading at night. They are also helpful if you have a tonneau cover fitted. This makes it easy to see what you are carrying. Most bed lights are LED, an upgrade from the incandescent bulbs that dominated the market before. LED lights are more effective because they are broader and produce fewer shadows. It is good to go for hardwired lights instead of those with distinct batteries. Electrical lights are more reliable because they won’t go off as long as the vehicle is working. Therefore, you won't be left stranded in the dark with dead batteries.

Truck bed lights

6. Running Boards

Running boards are also an important part of GMC com accessories. If you have a larger pick-up truck, it can be a long stretch from the ground to the designated area. However, you can make the experience easier by adding running boards. It is essential to know where they attach when dealing with running boards. This is because some running boards are more cosmetic than others. We recommend that you go for those that attach to the frame because they are extremely steady.

Nonetheless, you should be careful with chrome running boards because they might not mix well with the salt spray, especially during winter. In that case, its metallic structure might rust pretty quickly or just peel off. At that rate, you might have to replace them after every winter. The recommended running boards are articulating ones because they are automatically activated when the door opens. These boards also extend out from underneath the truck body and take up around six inches of space. This gives you an easy step into the truck.

7. Bed Liners

It is obvious that the truck bed takes up lots of abuse, especially in a working pick-up truck. Materials and items of every shape and size are thrown onto it, resulting in dents and scratches. Besides, it could also damage the cargo you are transporting. While you might argue that it is part of the workhouse image, it might significantly affect the price of your truck if you plan on selling it. If you leased the truck, you will have to pay for that damage. One of the most crucial GMC Sierra accessories 2021 is the bed liner. This accessory helps prevent damage to your truck bed.

At DECKED, we have high-quality truck bed liners  that will serve you excellently. Our bed liners are made from quality materials that guarantee maximum surface protection. Its  tough material makes it hard for spills and dirt to get through. It soaks up all the knocks and maintains the good look of your truck. There are a number of approaches you can take towards keeping your truck bed in good condition, including investing in a general-purpose mat, getting a custom-fit bed liner, or a spray-in liner.

Either of these methods will help keep the bed liner in good condition. Their biggest advantage is that they prevent any damage that might make your truck look old. There are several things you should consider when getting a bed liner. They include ease of installation, appearance, and thickness. These factors will not only ensure that you pick the right bed liner but also one that lasts long. You wouldn't want to keep changing your bed liner after a few months.

Get the Right Accessories for Your Truck

Accessories are vital for your truck. Without them, it might be challenging to go about your chores and operate your truck. Even though there is a wide range of these accessories, quality matters significantly. Therefore, you should get your truck accessories from an established and reputable seller. At DECKED, we value high-quality products and we will deliver beyond your expectations.


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