What You Need To Know About Leer Tonneau Covers

What You Need To Know About Leer Tonneau Covers

The Leer tonneau cover is a staple for truck accessory stores all over America, and Leer and truck caps can be found all over the US and Canada. Leer produces both fiberglass and vinyl tonneau cover models, as well as aluminum truck caps and bed covers. In fact, Leer truck accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and types.

So, let’s take a look at examples of the Leer hard tonneau cover (such as the Leer fiberglass tonneau cover and the Leer trifold tonneau cover), examples of the soft Leer tonneau cover, and even a few DECKED brand alternatives for people who want a little security with their aerodynamic performance.


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What Is A Leer Tonneau Cover Meant To Do?

People buy tonneau covers like the Leer 700 tonneau cover or the Leer HF650M tonneau cover to give the open bed of their pickup better aerodynamic performance, to keep road debris and litter from collecting in the open bed, and to improve the looks of their truck. However, there are some inherent flaws in the Leer tonneau cover design, as well as that of any tonneau cover.

First, a Leer tonneau cover, even a “Leer hard tonneau cover,” has a lot of soft, flexible parts. These cannot help but wear over time, giving any tonneau cover a limited lifespan.

Next, Leer tonneau covers are no more secure than most other brands. Even if they technically “lock,” they will not keep out a determined thief. A Leer tonneau cover won’t protect expensive tools or pieces of equipment, except perhaps to keep the rain off them.

Still, if all you want is to keep the back of your truck pretty and water-tight, a Leer tonneau cover might be all you need.


The LEER Tonneau Cover Generally

Most models of Leer tonneau cover offer simple, inexpensive, and relatively effective weatherproofing of a pickup’s truck bed. When using a Leer tonneau cover correctly, the aerodynamic drag of your pick up should reduce sharply. As this can make your vehicle more fuel efficient, it can lower running costs and see you generating a smaller carbon footprint. That is a benefit just about anyone can get behind.

Note, though, that trucks with a crossbed or rail-mounted tool boxes and other accessories (even Leer-made truck accessories), will not usually be able to mount any kind of tonneau cover.


Leer 700 Tonneau Cover

The Leer 700 is a simple and economical Leer fiberglass tonneau cover, and is popular all over the US and Canada. Newer models come with a Leer Cync release latch, which allows you to open the cover with one hand. As this can be done from either side of the truck bed, it is a major advantage compared to many older models of Leer tonneau cover.

Leer 700 Tonneau Cover Prices

Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1400 to $1800 for a new Leer 700 tonneau cover.


Leer Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

A Leer tri-fold tonneau cover such as the Leer Latitude, is not rigid, but rather soft, and pliable. It is designed to protect the bed of your pickup as well as your cargo in extreme weather conditions. It offers special fasteners to provide a bit more security than the standard Leer tonneau cover, but I’d still hesitate to store professional tools or expensive gear under there.  

This model can be opened and closed with the tail gate of the truck up or down, and the mounts Leer’s proprietary Cync easy-open latching system.

Leer Latitude Tonneau Cover Prices

The Leer Latitude tonneau cover is relatively inexpensive, starting at around $350 to $450.


Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover

This rigid, quad-fold tonneau cover can be installed quickly and easily, and generally does not require special tools. This is a good example of the Leer hard tonneau cover, and as such is resistant to dents and scratches. It even comes with a 3-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.  

Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover Prices

Depending on the year and model of your truck, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,400 to $1,800 for a new Leer HF650M tonneau cover.


Leer Tonneau Cover Alternatives

Leer is far more famous for their truck toppers, camper shells, and truck caps than for Leer tonneau covers. Some truck owners prefer to mount a hard shell over the bed of their pick up. This gives it a profile more akin to that of an SUV, and keeps the wind and rain off your cargo. Many pickups come from the factory with truck toppers already installed, and many others can be bought aftermarket.

Aftermarket truck caps are typically manufactured with a particular make and model of vehicle in mind, and can be had in just about every standard color the trucks were sold in. However, you can still get “generic” truck toppers that fit a wide range of models with the same general bed dimensions.


Leer 100XR Tonneau Cover Alternative

The Leer 100XR offers a weathertight seal for your truck bed, in the same way a Leer tonneau cover might. However, it also has windows to  provide ventilation for hauling pets or even space for camping in the truck bed. Side window and rear door tinting is standard, as is automotive grade paint and roof insulation.



Leer DCC-MT3 Truck Cap With Tool Storage

This truck cap can be rigged for several different types of use. However, it can only be installed by a Leer Authorized Dealer. This dynamic Leer tonneau cover alternative  offers an adjustable shelf, lockable side hatches for tool and supply access, and can be fitted with modular tool boxes.

This all-aluminum model is reinforced to offer 17% more strength than the standard Leer fiberglass truck cap, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty if installed by an authorized dealer.


Leer 180CC Mid-Rise Truck Cap

This truck cap is another popular Leer tonneau cover alternative. It extends above the height of the cab to give you extra cargo space. It features solid sides with false windows for added security.


What About Leer As A Company?

Leer was founded in 1964. They have not grown quickly, and currently employ around 1,000 people. Their headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana, as are their engineering, mold-making, and design facilities. Leer is a privately held company.

Leer tonneau cover and truck accessories distributors can be found in all 50 states and throughout Canada. Leer’s is among the largest distribution networks in the industry, selling to fleet operators, businesses, and individual truck owners alike.

Leer acquired the Truck Accessories Group in 1987, and they have manufacturing facilities in Milton, Pennsylvania; Elkhart, Indiana; and Woodland, California. Other Truck Accessories Group brands include Snugtop truck caps and tonneau covers, and Bedslide sliding bed trays.


Other Leer Truck Bed Accessories

It is rare when a Leer tonneau cover solves all your problems. Leer truck accessories stores offer many more options, though. They supply everything from electrical fittings and clothes hanger racks, to storage lockers, and topside cargo bars.



Leer 3 Outlet Powerblock

There are few truck owners who have never wished for another 12v power outlet or 3. This kit provides 3 lighter-style power sockets in a single panel which can be mounted nearly anywhere inside your truck, though it should be somewhere waterproof. An inline fuse prevents overloads and short circuits.


12-Inch Royal Clothes Hanger Rail

Those of us who travel a lot for business know how useful it is to have a change of clothes or two in the truck. It is hard to look professional otherwise if you’ve been in the field or onsite all day. This fold-away hanger rail mounts to the roof of your truck cap. Non-slide protrusions prevent bunching and wrinkling.


5 Foot Leer Locker Storage System

This lockable storage drawer mounts on the ceiling of your SUV or truck topper. It offers four internal spaces suitable for most kinds of light cargo or supplies. Unlike many similar options, this drawer keeps your gear up away from the truck bed. Better still, most potential thieves will never know the locker is there.


Where Can I Find A Leer Tonneau Cover and Truck Accessories Stores Near Me?

Leer tonneau cover and truck accessories stores are scattered across America, Canada, Mexico, and even overseas. Most major auto parts stores and specialty truck accessory centers carry Leer tonneau cover or accessories.

While you’re shopping for accessories, though, don’t overlook DECKED. We have some alternatives to the Leer tonneau cover which you really should see.


A Word About The Recyclability Of Truck Accessories And Modifications

Ecology and recyclability might not be the first things we think about when selecting truck accessories or add-ons. It certainly isn’t a major factor in the design of the standard Leer tonneau cover. Most people think about style, utility, weight, and expense instead. However, environmental concerns should always be a factor in the decision making process.

Part of making an environmentally sound product is making sure your materials are reusable, recyclable, or both. DECKED products have three main ingredients – high impact, UV-proof polymer resin, steel, and aluminum. Steel and aluminum are extremely recyclable already. They can be melted down, alloyed, and reformed hundreds of times with very little loss or waste.

However, plastics have historically been less easy to recycle, and not very “green.” They are a petroleum product, so they start out with one strike against them. Then there is the fact that they break down only very slowly, and when they do, they release microplastic particles which can harm animals and people.

Well, DECKED’s plastics aren’t like that at all. They are very easy to recycle – they leave the factory already containing a high percentage of recycled material. The key to using plastics responsibly is making sure they are not just possible to recycle, but economical to recycle. Well, we have. Any “plastic waste” we generate in our factory is a resource. We break it down and add it to the next batch of resin, and virtually nothing goes to external recycling, let alone the landfill.


 DECKED drawer system under logs


In the end, that means that DECKED products are surprisingly green and ecologically responsible, as well as strong, and great-looking.



What You Won’t Find At Leer Truck Accessories Stores

DECKED drawer system


The DECKED Drawer System – Bed Protection And Aerodynamics Plus Secure Storage

The DECKED Drawer System does a lot more than streamline your truck bed. It also gives you two full-size underbed drawers. Each drawer can store up to 1,000 pounds of tools or equipment in complete security. It actually increases the effective size of your bed, too. Look closely. The raised bed extends above the wheel wells, giving you clear access to the entire bed. The entire system is designed, built, and sold in the USA, using recyclable plastics as well as steel and aluminum reinforcement.  

DECKED drawer system


The DECKED Drawer System lets you pile all the cargo you could normally carry on top of the bed protector, while protecting the actual bed of your truck from damage. Just look at how much weight it can carry!

DECKED drawer system


The DECKED Tool Box – Mobile, Secure, Low Profile Tool And Gear Storage

The DECKED Tool Box fits behind the cab of pickups and working trucks of all kinds. It lets you transport all of your tools and supplies in a sturdy, weatherproof container. The lock is even armored against thieves.




Better still, the DECKED Tool Box is just one part of a complete DECKED tool organization ecosystem. It ships with a DECKED D-Box and Snack Tray small parts container inside, and many other organizational extras are available. You can even get a DECKED Tool Box with a ladder mounted inside for easy access to the tallest truck beds.

We hope you learned a little about the Leer tonneau cover and the Leer organization. And about some of the much more secure alternatives from DECKED. Remember, when you need to take your tools on the road, DECKED is always the answer.