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Daniel Illg is the Louisiana born and bred Lorax Spiderman of New Orleans. Watching guys climb trees as a kid inspired him to become a climber himself and ever since that first day, he has lived to “get high."

Being a mobile dispatch operator, he’s a guy whose most critical piece of gear is truly his truck. “You never know what’s coming each day or week. Trees don’t keep to a schedule and around here severe weather can force me to live out of my truck for days on end. This is my mobile office and it’s got to be organized. I approach each day eyes wide open not only because it’s dangerous, but also because my passion is caring for, preserving and advocating for trees.”

Check out Daniel on Instagram: @treedaniel00

DECKED truck bed storage systems for work applications:

Decked Drawers Open

Decked Drawer Back

Decked Drawers Open Top

Decked ClosupDecked Side Pocket

Decked Drawers Open With toolsGetting Ready for the JobDecked Top DownDecked Wide angleClimbing Decked Climbing IIDecked Chainsaw