DECKED Organization Envy or Weatherguard Pack Rat Tool Box?


DECKED Organization Envy or Weatherguard Pack Rat Tool Box?

Are you a pack rat in need of a pack rat tool box?

Some brands offer their customers numerous storage system styles in this design.

For example, you have the standard Weatherguard pack rat tool box, flat with two or more drawers. This brand likewise gives customers the choice of stacked drawer systems, also including several models.

With so many options for rat pack tool box styles, life can become complicated.

Then again, you have the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System, which we prefer to describe as creating organization envy or jealousy.

You can double up your DECKED storage solutions with both these products or just use one to generate intense envy levels.

The question is whether you want to simplify your organization strategy or complicate your life.

Join us as we unravel the features and benefits of the pack rat drawer tool box vs. the DECKED solution. Then, after completing this read, you decide which will work better for you.

DECKED Drawer System vs. Weatherguard Pack Rat Tool Box Drawers

A pickup truck is sporting the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box. The Drawer System shows our Drawganizers, D-Box, and other accessories, while the Tool Box contains Snack Trays, D-Box, and an integrated ladder.

Go through our comparison list of the pack rat style of tool box to check whether DECKED or Weatherguard fits your circumstances.

For a reasonable assessment, we have selected the DECKED short bed truck model and the Weatherguard Model 338-3.

The measurements of these two models are the closest we could find to give you an idea of what’s available before you resort to a homemade pack rat tool box.


DECKED Drawer System

Weatherguard rat pack tool box





63”-71” (range due to SKU variations for trucks, cargo vans)





Shipping weight

200 lbs. to 230 lbs. depending on the system

383 lbs.

Evenly distributed payload

2000 lbs.

750lbs evenly distributed

Drawer capacity

200 lbs. (each – 2 separate drawers)

425lbs evenly distributed (2 drawer system)



Drill installation

Drawer organization

Modular with free storage solutions and additional components for customization

Modular with four compartments and 24 dividers

Steel subframe

6-7 galvanized steel tubes

12-gauge steel skids give extra strength to drawer storage units


  • High-Density Polyethylene (Hdpe)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Cast Aluminum Handles
  • Galvanized Steel Subframe


  • 14-gauge steel for top and sides
  • 12-gauge steel skids

Drawer sliding mechanism

Smooth sliding roller wheels

Roll-out drawer

Weatherproofing and waterproofing

·   HDPE

·   Galvanizing Stainless

·   Eco

Black or Brite White ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish


Inbuilt tailgate secure design and drawer locking system

One-touch latch mechanism

Optional Key Alike


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Model 338-3 Pack Rat® drawer unit, 48in x 40in x 13in with extended drawers and dividers.

Size, Fit, and Installation

As you can see from the length, width, and height of the two tool box styles, they are large. However, the DECKED Drawer System fits many mid-size trucks, and you can install the pack rat Weatherguard tool box in many different vehicles.

But, DECKED customizes its installations for specific truck makes and models because of its no-drill installation design. You can check the DECKED Drawer System dimensions here and compatibility in the pop-up that appears when scrolling to see whether we make the DECKED Drawer System for your vehicle.

Drawer Capacity and Weight Distribution

You can store 200 pounds of gear in each drawer of the DECKED Drawer System and 425 pounds in this Weatherguard pack rat truck tool box.

Due to the structural design of DECKED, you can carry a payload of 2000 pounds on top of the drawers when evenly distributed. The Model 338-3 can only take up to 750 pounds of weight on top of the drawers.

This weight distribution advantage allows you to pack an ATV, plywood, logs, a generator, and any other bulky freight on top of the DECKED system.

Drawer Organization

You can buy a used pack rat tool box to organize your equipment or buy a new product. When you do, you’ll find that this Weatherguard model has a lot of modular storage space. It is easy to arrange your stuff because it has four compartments and 24 dividers.

DECKED has a two-drawer system that comes with free extra storage solutions. These freebies include:

  • 1 D-Box Desert Tan
  • 1 Crossbox Desert Tan
  •  Set of (2) wide Drawer Dividers which fit the full-size and wide mid-size System Drawer

A pickup truck with its fully loaded DECKED Drawer System including multiple accessories made by DECKED.

Additionally, you can customize the DECKED Drawer System by fitting them with Piecekeepers gun holders. Of course, you can probably store your guns in a pack rat tool box from Craigslist, Weatherguard model—but why take the chance?

Another benefit of the DECKED Drawer System is that you can purchase various other storage solutions that fit well into these drawers. These additional benefits are why our system creates organizational envy.

You can do the same with the Weatherguard Model 338-3, but you are unlikely to get the same practical or visual result. We believe your truck box should look as sexy as your truck and no other system cuts it in this respect.

Once you choose DECKED, there’s no going back.

Your cab no longer looks like a dumpster, and neither does your truck bed. We've built in the aesthetics to ensure a seamless appearance, making it look like our system is part of your truck. And our pack rat tool box black is sexy, sleek, and subtle.

If you get a rat pack tool box for sale or new at any outlet, no matter the brand, you don’t have this benefit. Any rat pack from elsewhere looks like you’re carrying a storage system.

Like a rat pack tool box for gooseneck or Weather Guard pack rat tool box, it's immediately noticeable and an invitation for thieves. This storing method attracts unwanted attention for anyone wanting to illegally add to their tool collection or pawn your stuff for cash. Not cool!

The DECKED Drawer Subframe showing galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements, enabling it to carry a massive 2000 payload on your truck bed.

DECKED believes in fusing a subtle appearance with practical application. So, because of intense research, you can expect a lot more from our structure.

You get good-looking and smart in this storage system that generates organization jealousy—you also get Fort Knox level strength and durability.

Strength and Durability

The mid-size truck DECKED Drawers uses six to seven galvanized steel tubes in a vital structure that rivals house foundations. In addition, we use HDPE or high-density polyethylene at an industrial-grade to increase the strength and durability of this structure. With the galvanized steel subframe and other tough materials, you have a tool box that can withstand a massive payload of 2000 pounds.

Despite the size and lightish weight of the DECKED Drawer System, the drawers glide with no effort. We use smooth roller wheels instead of a sliding system to achieve this functionality as they won’t stick or buckle like sliding mechanisms. Another benefit is that if you park on a slope, the drawers won’t slide out of the structure, providing an additional benefit in those awkward locations.

On top of these advantages, you get multiple others, including productivity increases and ergonomic improvements due to your economy of movement when getting at your equipment. The total cost of ownership (TCO) drops, and the replacement value of your pickup goes up. User safety increases dramatically, and so does security.

For the pack rat tool box used or new by Weatherguard, you have a strong steel frame. The steel frame of model 338-3 is firm and durable. The manufacturing process uses 14 and 12 gauge steel, which is tough in anyone’s terms. Weatherguard includes a roll-out system, and you can even get pack rat tool box replacement parts.

The thing, though, is this—HDPE is strong. In many instances, it is tougher than steel, depending on the construction design (which matters here).

You can pack as much as 2000 pounds on the Drawer System, and this image shows the owner storing as much as possible on top of the DECKED Drawer System.

The fact that the DECKED Drawer System can handle a 2000 pound payload as opposed to 750 pounds (equally distributed) says it all. This level of strength adds to the usability of this product, which you cannot say about Weatherguard despite its steel structure.

The fact that you can get replacement parts like keys and stuff is great too. What is so much better is that we use injection molding.

Injection molding does away with the need for fabrication. Companies that make tool boxes from steel must bend, shape and mold the metal to get it into shape. Then, they have to join the metal at the edges. The outcome? Seams! Seams are vulnerable to weathering. DECKED doesn’t have this problem—so neither do you.

Weatherproofing and Waterproofing

DECKED uses various weatherproofing and waterproofing materials to keep your gear dry even if you're soaked to the bone. HDPE is highly durable, includes weatherproofing and eco-materials so it won't fade or degrade.

Hardware components include galvanizing and stainless steel, so your equipment is protected at all times from environmental factors. Dust, debris, and water won’t get into the drawers, keeping your gear safe from harm. Just one head’s up—as good as our environmental protections are, we don’t recommend that you store electronic equipment in your tool box.

Weatherguard uses a black or white ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish.

You decide which is better—we know what we think!


Closed tailgate on a pickup truck shows how to secure your gear in the DECKED Drawer System. Order a lock system with this product for additional security and peace of mind.

Because the DECKED Drawer System is so integrated, it looks like it came with your truck. This benefit takes sexiness and security to a whole new level. Just close the tailgate, and no one knows it's there. Your gear is out of sight, does not present a temptation for thieves, and is out of mind. Just lock the tailgate, and you seal the drawers. You can also request drill locks for extra security and peace of mind.

Even with a used rat pack truck tool box from Weatherguard, you have some security. A convenient one-touch latch mechanism will keep your goods secure. Not as safe as DECKED (in our opinion)—but secure. You can also purchase a Key Alike system to increase security as an optional extra.


Adaptability, versatility, usability—call it what you like, but DECKED goes several more miles so that you get more mileage from storage solutions created for the 21st century.

We don’t make a pack rat tool box with gooseneck because you probably won’t want anything else when you see what we have. And what we do have is the DECKED Tool Box that complements the Drawer System packing strategy.

The DECKED Tool Box is as hardy and secure as the Drawer System. It's built to last, like Fort Knox, unlike any old pack rat tool box for sale.

An image of the open DECKED Tool Box with the integrated ladder on the right and the Snack Box on the left and a blue D-Box next to it.

One issue with our comparison is that we don't currently make the DECKED Tool Box for mid-size trucks (our bad but watch this space). We mention this here because of our comparison table.

Other than that, if you drive a full-size truck, you're in luck. If you don't, it's time to step up your game and leave searching for those pack rat tool box parts in the past where they belong.

It's also time to save time and stop looking for a pack rat tool box for sale. Cancel those alerts for the pack rat tool box eBay and pack rat tool box Craigslist search options.

Ditch the explorations for a rat pack tool box 49 in by 12 in because the new boys are in town, and we're making waves.

The future is here, and it's better and brighter than ever for the rat pack tool box solution buffs. So, take the brave step and forget about waiting for the pack rat tool box sale.

We have something far better.

Image of a pickup truck with an open Drawer System, open Tool Box, and integrated ladder extended over the side of the vehicle.

DECKED Tool Box Integrated Ladder

That’s right, you heard us, so hashtag this, brother!

We’re zealous about quality and excellence, just like our customers.

You won’t find an integrated tool box ladder anywhere else as of 2021.

Only DECKED includes this innovation, and it's frikkin awesome.

This ladder fits neatly in the tub. Just open the tub lid and check how little space it occupies without interrupting storage space. Then, telescope it easily onto ground level, take a few steps up, and reach the equipment you need.

With the DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box, you never have to worry about tool access on a high or low truck bed again. Neither do you need to search for a pack rat tool box with gooseneck because the all-inclusive storage solution is here.

Reach Out To Get It With Both Hands

Shop by Product website order image for the DECKED Drawer System or Tool Box.

Lock up the past where it belongs because this ain’t 1973, and you don't need your grandad’s toolbox no more.

Check if your truck is a good match for the DECKED Drawer System and Tool Box and if it isn’t—shop for a new truck.

Also, check out our financing because buying DECKED is as easy on your pocket as our storage solutions are on your eyes (think sexy, secure, intelligent design, and durable).

Reach out and get it now!