Take A Look At The Hidden Truck Bed Tool Box

Take A Look At The Hidden Truck Bed Tool Box

Take A Look At The Hidden Truck Bed Tool Box

Concealed In Plain Sight

Your best bet to keep tools and other gear from prying eyes and hands is a hidden truck bed tool box, and the DECKED Drawer System fits this bill  to a “T.” That’s “T” as in “tailgate,” because once you have this system in the bed of your pickup, all you have to do is close the tailgate and the box is out of sight, out of mind.

And yes, you can have the best of both worlds — all your tools and gear are still handy for use. Now you see them — now thieves don’t.

It can all be done, and we’ll show you how.

Truck owner stands at truck tailgate with hidden truck bed tool box DECKED Drawer System installed.


Once your DECKED truck bed storage system is installed in the bed of your truck, simply close the tailgate and — just like that — you’ve hidden your tool box and all your valuable gear from prying eyes.

All the Features You’ve Always Wanted in a Truck Bed Hidden Tool Box  

In all the years you’ve owned a truck, you’ve known there’s a better way than throwing stuff in the back. Tools left in the bed of your pickup are magnets for thieves, not to mention subject to taking a beating from unexpected changes in weather conditions. It may be safer, but gear stored in the cab isn’t as easy to access. Ever wrench your back — pun intended — reaching for tools on the floor of the extended cab?

DECKED’s truck bed storage system meets your needs for a truck bed hidden tool box. Maybe you never even knew you needed these things, but at DECKED, we’ve anticipated beyond the basics. We like to give our customers and fellow truck owners more than they expect.

This system is:

  • Hidden in plain sight from prying eyes
  • Practically impossible for thieves to penetrate
  • Engineered sturdy beyond your best imagination
  • A great way to cover and protect your gear
  • An easy way to organize your stuff
  • Simple to tailor to your unique brand of both work and play

Think if you’ve seen one tool box, you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

Construction worker pulls tools from DECKED Drawer System  hidden truck bed tool box installed, where it's hidden in plain sight and still easy to access.

Your DECKED Drawer System tool box can conceal a lot of valuable gear in plain sight.

The Hidden Truck Bed Tool Box That’s in Plain Sight

Maybe you’ve always toyed with the idea of a hidden tool box for your truck bed, and you’ve likely tried a lot of tricks. We’ve all tried covering up what’s in the truck bed with a tarp or installing that all-too-familiar diamond-pattern tool box that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The DECKED Drawer System  tool box is installed flat in the bed of your truck. We’ve engineered it to fit right over the wheel wells and leave a flat surface in the entirety of the bed — no more trying to fit square items like pallets in front of, between, or behind the wheel wells.

The drawers are accessible right at the tailgate when it’s open, but close it and take a look in the bed. All you see is a flat surface that will never betray the valuable gear you’ve stored inside.  

Thieves like something quick and easy to access. The magic of this system is that you can quickly and easily access the contents — but they can’t. They’ll glance in your pickup bed, see nothing but a flat black surface, and move on.  

And if they don’t? We’ve stopped those prying  hands, too.  

Thieves Will Find This Tool Box Practically Impossible to Penetrate

Our tool box is easy on the eyes, tough on thieves. The DECKED Drawer System is so tough to penetrate that criminals might just have an easier time trying to steal your entire truck just to get to the tool box. But don’t give them any ideas.

Welcome to the tool box so tough , it’ll make a crowbar cry.

Your truck bed hidden tool box isn’t only hiding in plain sight — it’s rendered inaccessible to others by locking the drawers, closing the tailgate, and locking the tailgate. Bam! Your stuff is behind not just one lock, but two, and not just the tailgate but the galvanized steel-reinforced top of the hidden truck bed tool box.

It’s also built tough as nails and made from materials from the future. DECKED uses injection molded high impact polymer resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement for this system. You want theft-proof? You’ve got it.

It’s impact resistant and won’t ding, dent, or rust. With the truck bed hidden tool box out of sight, it’s unlikely that criminals will even notice it. But if they try to break into it, they’re in for an almost impossible task. It might just take an Act of Congress for a thief to get into the DECKED Drawer System tool box — and we all know just how long that could take!

Logs are stacked on top of hidden truck bed tool box DECKED Drawer System.

Plenty of modern day engineering went into your DECKED Drawer System, including toughness engineered to allow a 2,000-pound payload on top of the hidden truck bed tool box.

Try to Imagine Better Engineering. We’ll Wait.  

Did you ever think you’d see a hidden truck bed tool box engineered this sturdy? We admit that we didn’t, either — before we built it, of course — but it’s also science and not just imagination that got us here. Who knew?  

DECKED Drawer Systems are tough  almost beyond belief. The molded plastic deck (we call it HDPE, for High Density Polyethylene) is reinforced with steel — about 70 pounds of steel in each system, to be exact. That’s part of the overall weigh-in of the tool box at 230-240 pounds.This frame is out of sight within the system, but it’s key to the brute identity of the tool box. What we call “ammo cans” in each corner of the system aren’t just for a little storage. They’re part of the frame on all four corners and work with the I-beam in the center to take all the punishment they’re asked to handle.

You can try to test this truck bed hidden tool box with a load on top, but it’ll pass with flying colors, holding up to the job through a hefty 2,000 pounds. The drawers themselves can take 200 pounds of payload, too.

Engineered over nearly three years right here in the USA and offering industrial-grade durability, the DECKED Drawer Systems tool box is available to fit most trucks (we’ve got designs for 19 pickups). It’s designed to attach to the tie downs in your truck bed, so there’s no drilling holes in your machine.

♻️ Almost 100 percent recycled material.

😎 The maximum amount of UV inhibitors possible.

🌈 Ergonomically designed.

👋🏻 Cast aluminum handles.

🛻 Every inch of the DECKED Drawer Systems tool box is engineered to perform.

Oh, and you can learn more here .

Protect Your Gear in More Ways Than One

You want a hidden tool box for your truck bed, and you naturally expect it not just to hide and cover your tools and other valuables, but also to fully protect any gear you’re keeping with you. As sure as death and taxes, your tool box is going to be exposed to the elements, and often unexpectedly.

DECKED’s Drawer System tool box is built with protection in mind. The ammo boxes on each corner are mostly weatherproof, although they aren’t totally water resistant. But they’re the ideal place to handily store things like tie downs, hitch balls, and the like.

For your gear that needs more protection, the design of the tool box makes the drawers weatherproof and repels all the elements except airborne particulates such as dust. The weatherproofing starts with a drip edge on each end of the deck. Your typical rain or car wash water never has a chance to get inside the system. Keep your gear dry even when you’re soaked to the bone.

So no worries — gear won’t get soaked inside the drawers. You’ll want to keep electronics such as a laptop in the cab, naturally, but that leaves plenty of tools and valuables that will be stored safely in the tool box.

Hidden truck bed tool box DECKED Drawer System holds all kinds of gear in its bed-length drawers.

It’s simple to organize your DECKED Drawer System tool box with dividers and D-Boxes customizable for your needs.

Organize Your Stuff With Ease  

The sturdy drawers in the DECKED Drawer System tool box make it easy to access your tools and other gear right from the tailgate.

Full bed length drawers at up to 72 inches, depending on the length of your truck bed, can pull out 48 inches for access to contents from nearly one end to the other. Each drawer can handle 200 pounds of gear.

Did we mention the drawers are customizable? You can even get a kayak-style plug for the shorter drawers to accommodate something like a whole lot of ice and the beverages of your choice. And you’ll notice a bottle opener right in the center of the box between the drawers. Tailgating, here you come!

Inside the drawers, you have a lot of choices to fit your organizational style. Place dividers where you want to make larger or smaller separate compartments within the drawers. There are four slots within each drawer for dividers. You can get trays that sit in the top of the drawers for quick access to smaller items. Also available are weather-sealed D-Boxes, like a heavy duty plastic portable tool box you can sit right inside the drawers. Put specific gear in the D-Box (they have dividers too!)  and you can easily take it out and take it with you.

Hide It, Tailor It, Go For It

Whatever your work and play habits, you can easily tailor the DECKED Drawer System tool box for your own unique needs.

Keep your truck bed open but your stuff protected by using the system by itself in the back of your pickup. Store gear both inside the box and on top of it as you wish. Prefer a cover for your truck bed? No problem. You can use a hard truck bed cover with the hidden tool box easily with this system, in addition to almost any other tonneau cover

The drawers will accommodate anything from guns and ammo to fishing rods, camping gear, shovels or drills, and so much more. Organize with D-Boxes and dividers or leave yourself space for a long gun or bow. And remember — it’s all hidden inside your DECKED Drawer System, away from prying eyes and pry bars, too.

Truck owner and puppy near truck tailgate with hidden truck bed tool box DECKED Drawer System full of camping gear and more.

DECKED has the only hidden truck bed tool box you’ll ever need.

Your Hidden Truck Bed Tool Box Can Conceal All That You Need It To And More

No offense to previous generations, but this is not your granddad’s tool box. Back in his day, lots of guys left their tools in the back of their pickup with no worries about someone with sticky fingers coming along to make off with the goods. That was a different time and place.

You need a tool box from this century. A hidden truck bed tool box accomplishes this and much more. The DECKED drawer system tool box conceals your valuable gear from others while also leaving it handy for you to use, right at the tailgate. It looks sleek and tough (because it is!), and you know you want a tool box that looks as good as your truck.

Inside, some of its best features also may be hidden, but they still work for you: weatherproofing, storage you can organize to your heart’s content (or not), a solid steel frame to support the tough exterior, all a product of engineering right here in the USA.

You’ve waited this long to find an outstanding hidden truck bed tool box. Don’t wait any longer to get yours!

Start building your DECKED Drawer System  now.  

Check out financing options  to make your purchase easier.

Login to our website  to further explore this and all of DECKED’s offerings.  

Step up your game. Get DECKED!

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