January Build of the Month: The Lunartik

January Build of the Month: The Lunartik

My name is Smitty, aside from being an amateur, wannabe photographer I operate one of the largest Powersports dealerships in the US. We carry brands like Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Slingshot, Kymco, and Scarab. I was born and raised a wild child on two wheels; however, over time and unexpected up-close encounters with the earth, I've had to cut back on twisting the throttle. Also, since the birth of my daughter I had to make sure that I was able to work and not be buried in medical bills.

Smitty's Toyota Tundra: the Lunartik

So, with my great passion for the outdoors and being on two wheels, I started riding mountain bikes. That’s where the idea of my build began. I built a truck where at ANY given moment I can drive somewhere and have everything with me...making short getaways more attractive. Between the addition of my Leitner Designs ACS forged bed rack and my DECKED Drawer System, I can leave my truck loaded and ready to go. The rack houses my CVT awnings, shower, and tent along with WaterPorts . All the essentials for not staying in a hotel or stinking the entire weekend riding.

Smitty uses a DECKED Drawer System to keep things clean and organized

My DECKED drawers contain everything needed for any adventure: MTB specialty tools, general purpose tools, recovery gear, blankets, inflatable pillows, Helinox tables and chairs, as well as all my cooking supplies.

The Lunartik features a rooftop tent, Leitner Designs bed rack, and DECKED Drawer System

Aside from mountain bike trips and living in Florida, this rig has allowed me to pull off onto the drive on beaches to enjoy a relaxing day with my beautiful 3 year old daughter at any given moment (it's her happy place). Let’s not forget another great feature of the DECKED system is I can still use my truck as a truck. As a homeowner, that allows me to get everything I need back in the bed with no compromises other than a little less depth. Lastly, for those of you that follow my page you’ll know the models like to use my DECKED drawers as their wardrobe/dresser drawers as well.

Smitty's Toyota Tundra

This build has been a blast and has introduced me into some amazing companies like: Icon Alloys , Nitto Tires , CVT tents , C4 Fabrication , Leitner Designs , Midland USA , Rago Fabrication , Baja Designs , McLean Metalworks , Westcott Designs , Hondo Garage , LasFit , Tactillian , of course  DECKED and most importantly all the amazing people that work for these companies.

 > The LunarTik getting muddy on the trail


Dogs love DECKED


Lunartik on the beach


One of Smitty's muses


This DECKED wardrobe moment brought to you be the Lunartik

If you're located in Florida and appreciate a well-sorted truck, it sounds like the Lunartik may be up for sale soon! Find Smitty and more photos on Instagram: @theLuNarTiK

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