Everything You Need To Know About The D-Rito

Everything You Need To Know About The D-Rito

The Leather Like Electrician Tool Pouch  

They say there is no clear-cut way or formula for arranging or organizing tools in storage boxes or storage areas. Many agree that it is, to a greater extent, an individual thing and that placement depends on needs and function. Whether you are a home renovator, a woodworker, a field service guy, or a camper, each skill set requires different equipment and different storage considerations. But at least all handymen agree that at the crux of efficient work process flow lies proper tool storage and organization.

Nowadays, we have modern Leather Tool Pouches specially designed for electricians though they can also be used to transport and store other handy equipment.

A man is likely to have many tools to keep. That means that whether you're an experienced professional or working on DIY projects, a great tool bag will impress you from the very first time it is used.

If you're in search of high-quality Leather Electrician Tool Pouches with attractive designs and top-quality, you've found the right spot. This write-up is an eye-opener revealing what would add a new taste to your regular leather electrician tool pouch usage. We have done a low down, addressing the nitty-gritty of what makes a handyman tick. If you're seeking to purchase a tool pouch for yourself, this write-up is essential in helping you make a better decision.

While The D-Rito is not necessarily leather made , its serviceability is way above your average leather tool pouches. It is made of  900D TPU-coated nylon giving it a sturdy frame and high level resistance  to wear and tear .


At DECKED, we're so satisfied with what we do and how we accomplish our mission that it tends to cause us to be a little emotional. Our electrician's leather-like tool bag allows us to be happy, and that's ok. We've been making history in the relatively short amount of time we've been in existence.

It's good for the soul of both men and gals. The process of creating top-quality products from scratch can be exciting. Making mistakes can help us improve and grow. So, in between frustration and tears, there's plenty of fun too.

We feel emotional over the  D-Rito Tool Roll pouch, which ideally is not really leather-made but, to be honest, it plays in a hell lot of a different bad-ass league than your average leather tool pouches. Its inception was a battle of sweat, blood, and tears to reach the point of providing those like us (the same way as you) high-quality truck leather-like tools pouch for use by electricians as well as other handy tool users.


The D-Rito is versatile and Agile tool Organization pouch for securing your electricity maintenance tools and equipment. But it can also be used for general storage needs for smaller items and cargo.


We believe that you are entitled to be emotional, and we'll tell you the reasons

  • Scientific Engineering behind our leather electrical tool pouches

You may not believe there's a lot of engineering science that goes into creating our electrician tool pouch for handymen. We won't dive into the technical details, but we'll mention the most important ones (nothing to be said about a little bit of bragging, unless you go too far).

We will not even get into the comparison of products from competitors. For instance, although you can purchase excellent storage products such as the Weather Guard truck leather electrician pouch, the Klein leather electrician tool pouch, and the Craftsman tools for electricians made from leather, none of the aforementioned products use the same engineering technology. We can't lie, ours is not leather, but if function is what you are looking for, again we can't lie; choose nylon. It is lighter, more flexible, more resistant to elements, and is known to take a beating.

It is where DECKED stands out. The D-Rito Tool Roll is made from the future. We've transformed our product for the 21st century in the latest trends and fashion.

Even though the D-Rito is not leather made, it does give its leather rivals a run for their money. It is durable, stylish and weather resistant.

Features of the D-Rito Tool Roll

  • Durable material (the same as the D-Bag/ ballistic nylon and fabric), highly abrasive, and resistant to wear and tear
  • Heavy-duty ring, snaps to give added durability
  • It is detachable from the D-Bag and can be used as a standalone tool storage system
  • Don't lose things on the inside of your bag; use the transparent screen to check organization  
  • A range of exterior tie-down straps to bar entry



  • You probably think now that you've seen some leather tools for electricians, you've actually seen it all. Maybe not. DECKED's D-Rito is not leather in the making, but its serviceability is way better.
  • We design and manufacture the D-Rito Roll from high-impact thermoformed foamed sheets giving it a flexible and solid frame. The design further incorporates 900D TPU nylon reinforcements.
  • It is the simplest way to describe it! Engineering and science are incorporated into creating the storage system craft employing High-Density processing and materials. Even Walmart tool bags for electricians could be made from the material, but we're not announcing it since we are confident in our designs. Why? Because no other similar products can come in the same style as ours, not even Tractor Supply truck-made electrical tool pouches.
  • Scientific terminology isn't much until you know why it is essential to you. When we discuss the benefits of this engineering science, you'll be able to understand the reason why our storage systems and products aren't your grandfather's typical leather tool pouch.

More details about the internal dimensions, design and weight can be found here.

To say the D-Rito is a multipurpose piece of equipment  would be an understatement, perhaps a -one- size- fits -all description would be ideal. It works in all weather , can be used to secure a range of tools and is practically useful in a range of outdoor activities including wood work, electrical work, and all forms of handy work.

With some technical information and specifications out of the way, let's move on to the meaty components. This article outlines the benefits of our leather-like tool pouch, the D-Rito Roll, designed for securing, moving, and storing electrical tools and equipment.

Benefits of the D-Rito tool pouch

Here are some of the advantages. We do not want to overwhelm you with feelings by listing them all. But the following will suffice to make you feel a lump in your throat:

  • Quite hardy and resistant to abuse
  • Has a range of tie down options for security, and carrying around
  • Weatherproof
  • Compatible with the D-Bag, the Tool Box, and the Drawer System as well as other accessories
  • Dealerships in your area 

Due to the solid, durable, and long-lasting materials DECKED utilizes to build this storage system, it could resist the most abrasive treatment. You may use it for some of the toughest electrical tools storage tasks and move on to abuse it but it will look back at you like nothing happened.


We are aware that as an electrician , you use a range of different tool sets and you may need a modular storage system to properly organize them. We believe you need something nice and versatile like the D-Rito.

Thief Proofing That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

That it is generally meant to snag inside the D-Bag (one badass super strong tool bag), is a promise of utmost resistance to damage and burglary. This product is so durable and unobtainable. When integrated into the Drawer System, you get a sturdy tool storage solution that is helpful in countries with high crime rates. However, it's equally important to possess an item within the U.S.



You probably guessed it. And already we have mentioned a number of times that our unique system is weatherproof. It may not be 100% waterproof; however, it is highly water-resistant. The nylon coating gives it a moisture-resistant surface making it an all-weather tool pouch. It is a safeguard for the security of your precious electrical and electronic equipment.

Compatibility with other Accessories

Another fantastic characteristic of our tool pouch is that it functions like Russian dolls. You can add a range of accessories to your storage collection to make a great storage system.

We designed the electrician tool pouch to work harmoniously with these DECKED accessories:

  • The D-Box (Desert Tan and Blue and Black) with storage features that nest
  • The Cross Box (Desert Tan as well as Black and Blue) with the ability to nest storage features
  • The D-Bag
  • The Tool Box

It is possible to maximize your cargo organization needs with our electrician tool pouch by using these accessories.

Other Perks

Easy to handle

It is not rocket science to use the tool pouch; you do not need any special knowledge, just the regular fastening of straps and snapping of studs. But there is always a user manual or instructional videos to take you through the process if, in any case, you feel you may need a bit of hand-holding.

Lifetime Warranty

The DECKED lifetime limited warranty is extensive. If the leather tool pouches for electricians suffer damage, please contact us to request a replacement. We're honest and treat our customers as family members. So far, we've not encountered a problem, and I believe that it will remain the same. After you have received the product, make sure you sign it up with us to enjoy the full benefit of our lifetime limited warranty.

Free Shipping

If you don't remember something once you've ordered your extensive toolbox, you'll have to pay a shipping cost. The shipping cost is free on all orders within the U.S. However, be sure you must purchase every accessory you need simultaneously.


If you're not near or in Northwest Ohio, you can browse our fleet and retail dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada. We invite our international customers to find a dealer close to them using this link to purchase one of our DECKED Drawer System or DECKED leather tool pouches for electricians.

What about the price?

One thing about DECKED products is that we tend to balance between price and quality. Despite the fact that the D-Rito is top tier, you'd be shocked to realize it's just a paltry $50 when bought directly from our platform. Compare this with the Likes of Klein tool pouches, whose starting prices range from $80-100. Why buy a cow when milk is so cheap?

We're passionate about the work we do. We're also committed to providing the highest quality of service for our clients. Our company believes in fair prices because we know that you work as well as we do, and therefore we place a considerable focus on value for money.

What Makes DECKED Products Special?

It is the section where we become emotional and why we think you'll too. There is no evidence that storage systems offered by any of our competitors are likely to be so modular. Our adjustable, versatile leather-like tool pouch is only one of the many innovations that differentiate us from our competition.

Other distinctive selling factors (USPs) our company provides include a deep understanding of our products and designs. In addition, this degree of knowledge puts us ahead of our competitors. We brag of having invested heavily in R&D, which is why we have created a versatile tool pouch with ergonomic features for use in a range of outdoor electrical projects that require moving around with tools.

Our specialists have designed the tool pouch to make it compatible with various other tool and cargo organization equipment. This means that the product will offer more serviceability in the form of the most innovative, practical, and comfortable storage solution you can get. That is why we claim that this isn't the typical tool pouch for a grandparent. Instead, we employ the most advanced technology, materials, and designs.

We have covered every single touchpoint that can be thought of (also the result of exhaustive study) to offer you superior products to everything else on the market. Every single testimonial we've received has been positive. Very few other retailers can claim the level of customer satisfaction we have received. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, prepare yourself to experience the DECKED experience, as there's plenty more to learn that we cannot fit into one article of information.

When we speak about agility what we mean is the capacity to organize  your tools in a totally different manner to what you are used to.With the D-Rito you have inlay contour pockets and seamless arrangement to ensure your tools are nicely secured.

Be Part of Our Journey

Get excited about our leather-like electrician tool pouch. We are sure of it, and we would like you to feel the satisfaction of using a product that functions superbly for you. We hope to enhance your work, hobbies, or other activities to the next level.

Choosing to be part of our brand story is something we don't take for granted. It is also essential to enhance your lifestyle with tool organization mechanisms as part of the wave to evolve with the times. Your car or pickup is stylish, and your tool pouch ought to be as well.

Why do you waste time waiting instead of enjoying these advantages now?

Order you're sizeable DECKED D-Rito today. The product is to be delivered within about 14 days.Take a look at these financing options that can simplify the process. You can also order the D-Bag, which houses the D-Rito Tool Roll, for more tool organization serviceability. Log in, register, be emotional, and do what you have to do. Do it right now!