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Protect Your Valuables with a Hidden Car Gun Safe

Protect Your Valuables with a Hidden Car Gun Safe

Driving around with a gun unsecured in your car or truck is, well, Dukes of Hazzardish. It’s brazen, reckless, and illegal in many states. 

With vehicle smash and grabs on the rise, leaving anything in plain view in your car is risky. Cash, guns, and important documents are best kept in a hidden car gun safe.

It’s worth it to protect your valuables, whether you’re running into a convenience store to pay for gas or headed to the woods for a day of hunting or hiking.

Know the law when transporting a gun

Gun ownership is on the rise in America. If you’re a gun owner in open carry states or with a concealed carry permit, you probably don’t leave home without your firearm. But laws governing the transportation of firearms in a vehicle vary from state to state.

Some states require a handgun to be locked in a container or secured in your vehicle’s trunk, especially if you aren’t licensed to carry a concealed pistol. Many local jurisdictions also have similar laws that require a firearm to be hidden from plain view with the vehicle locked.

This image shows a man standing at his truck with a DECKED Drawer System, with a gun and a dog.

A hidden car gun safe or DECKED’s Piecekeepers for trucks take the worry out of traveling with your handgun or long firearms.  

You should know the rules for transporting firearms in your state or one you plan to visit. Click here to learn the rules for carrying handguns in your car without a permit or license and rules for long guns here.  

Firearms theft from vehicles is also on the rise. It’s not worth the risk of having your gun stolen. As a gun owner, you are responsible for keeping your firearm safe and secure and out of criminals’ hands.

If you’re a truck owner, the DECKED Drawer System offers accessories to safely transport guns in the bed of your truck. Remember, this isn’t your grandad’s tool box. It’s designed like Fort Knox and impossible to break into with a pry bar. You can also read our top picks for other hidden gun storage products here.

This image shows DECKED Piecekeepers holding long rifles and shotguns.

Protect valuables with a hidden car gun safe

One of the best ways to protect your gun and yourself is to invest in a hidden car gun safe. It also offers peace of mind and a sense of security. There are several car gun safes on the market. They work for sports cars and compact cars like Honda Civics and Subarus or your Ford F-150 and Chevy pickup.

You may want to consider a portable car gun safe if you plan to switch it between your commuter car and your pickup. There are many options to choose from, including console vaults, secret compartment hidden car gun safes, and portable safes that fit under the seat or in the trunk.  

Car gun safe features to consider  

When considering a car gun safe, you’ll want to research a few things:

Features: Do you like high-tech features or prefer a safe that is easy to operate? Would you prefer one that is lightweight and easy to carry with you?

Size: If you’re going to stow the safe under your seat, then take the time to measure the space you have. What do you plan to put in it? A handgun? Two guns? Important documents? 

Accessibility: You want to be able to access or open your safe relatively easily, especially if it is mounted under your seat or in your trunk.

Durability: Consider materials, construction, lock systems, and other security features. Is it childproof, waterproof, and dust resistant? You want your safe to hold up against thieves and toddlers.  

Price: Car gun safes vary in price. You can find some as cheap as $40 and upwards of $400. Plan to spend $150-300 for a good quality safe that will last you many years.  

Some top picks for hidden car gun safes

Console Vault

This image shows a Console Vault gun safe.

When it comes to hidden car gun safes, Console Vault is branded “the original in-vehicle safe.” This console safe doubles as an all-purpose compartment or gun vault designed to fit trucks, larger vehicles, smaller cars, and even motorcycles.

  • Fits a wide variety of makes and models
  • Options include full floor console, under seat console, and fold down armrest
  • Easily installed inside the console of your vehicle
  • Composed of 12-gauge steel
  • No modification of console required
  • Durable and stylish with Triple Guard Lock System
  • Protects phones, money, handguns, credit cards, or anything of value.
  • Meets quality standards of the OEM vehicle manufacturers
  • Free shipping in United States and backed by lifetime warranty 

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

This image shows a Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe.

The Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe offers durable construction, a mechanical lock, and tamper-resistant security features. This safe is portable, but it’s also heavy at 21 pounds. Reviewers like it for its safety and performance features.

  • 10-gauge steel unibody construction
  • Tamper-resistant wraparound door
  • Push-button Simplex mechanical lock
  • Gas-strut assisted door
  • Interior foam protects contents
  • Mounting holes for a cable lock or lag bolts
  • Can be bolted to floorboard of vehicle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Fort Knox also has come out with the PB4 Auto Pistol Safe with a front-facing door. It has similar features and construction of the PB1, but the front-facing door is popular if you want to secure it underneath the seat in your car. It also comes with four pre-drilled bolt down holes.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

The Vaultek handgun safe is popular for its portability and compact size. Made from carbon steel, the safe has anti-theft protection features and a rugged unibody design for strength and durability. You can stow this safe under the seat of your vehicle or carry it in a backpack.

This image shows a Vaultek handgun safe and its accessories.

The safe is Bluetooth enabled and comes with the free Vaultek app. You can control and monitor it with a smartphone, making it easy to see when it was locked and unlocked. You can check the battery status, remotely unlock it, and control other features.

  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Water-resistant, airtight, and dustproof
  • Auto-open lid and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Quick secure access using fingerprint scanner
  • Comes with coded keypad and manual key access
  • Anti-pry bars, anti-impact latches, interior mounted hinges for added security
  • Can be mounted or tethered to a nightstand, desk, or vehicle using the included hardware.

SnapSafe Treklite Lock Box XL

For the budget conscious gun owner, SnapSafe offers a car gun safe that is lightweight and easy to carry. The Treklite weighs 1.6 pounds and costs around $40. It’s one of the lightest gun safes and great for travel. You can hide it under your seat or pack it in your suitcase.

This image shows a SnapSafe Treklite Lock Box XL open with two guns.


  • Made of an impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • Portable, impact resistant
  • Heavy-duty protection at a third of the weight of steel
  • fits in your suitcase, drawer, or under a car seat
  • 1,500 lb. rated security cable for securing to stationary objects or in your vehicle
  • Manual key entry or combination lock
  • Foam interior protects your valuable contents
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines

GunVault Nanovault 200 Pistol Safe

Slim and lightweight, the Nanovault is another solid and inexpensive car gun safe option. You can easily hide it in your car or take on the go. At $40, it’s another budget-friendly gun safe to safely transport your firearm.

  • Compact design but not as sturdy as other options
  • Fits discreetly in a bag, briefcase, desk, or under a car seat
  • Weighs 3 pounds with 18-gauge steel construction
  • Simple access with key lock system
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Interior lined memory fitting foam to protect contents
  • 1,500-pound test security cable is included
  • Five year warranty for fire and burglary 

SentrySafe Portable Gun Safe

SentrySafe makes several different car gun safes, including a Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe, portable pistol safe, digital safe, and XL models. SentrySafe pistol safes have advanced security features, solid steel construction, and advanced locking technology.

Image shows SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, two capacity and interior light

  • Durable with pry resistant door and heavy duty locks for strength and security
  • Compression gas struts holds the lid open for quick, single-hand access
  • LED interior lighting features
  • Steel tether cable to secure safe to fixed objects
  • Manual key, backlit digital keypad, and Biometric fingerprint entry
  • High-compression foam to keep guns and fragile valuables in place
  • Several models and sizes based on your security and transportation needs    


Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Auto-Open Biometric Pistol Safe

Stealth is another brand with a solid reputation for gun safes. Due to its size, the SwiftVault is designed to be mounted in the rear or trunk of your vehicle. It’s a good option for safe transport in your vehicle but it does offer a quick access pop-up door.

This image show the Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe open with a gun inside.  

  • Enough room to store two pistols
  • Solid steel gauge construction
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Shock assisted pop-up door for easy access to your handgun
  • High Strength Locking Latch
  • Lock options include Biometric, keypad or keyed entry
  • Optional silent mode for stealth entry
  • White interior light illuminates interior once opened 
  • Four bolt down holes for secure mounting
  • Security features include no exposed holes and security cable

We’ve highlighted a few of the top car gun safes, but there are many models on the market. You may decide convenience and portability are important so you can carry it in your car or bag.

If you want a more permanent solution, look for a secret compartment hidden car gun safe or one that can be bolted under your seat or in the trunk. Some may require professional installation. If you’re buying a new vehicle, you may have optional security features including a car gun safe.

DECKED gun storage solutions

DECKED doesn’t offer a gun safe per se, but we factored your love of guns into our storage system. If you own a truck, the Drawer System can be outfitted with our Piecekeepers. You can also safely carry a portable gun safe in our D-Box or Crossbox.

This image shows the DECKED Drawer System in the back of a truck outfitted with Piecekeepers and other accessories.

Watch this video to see how the Piecekeepers work. The two foam-backed, molded resin dividers are designed to securely transport rifles or shotguns in your Drawer System. You can stow and go after a long day of hunting.

The wide Piecekeepers are compatible with all full-size truck and cargo van drawers. They also fit the wide drawer for midsize trucks. The narrow Piecekeepers fit the narrow drawer only on midsize Drawer Systems. They don’t work with the DECKED Tool Box.

  • Secure, padded cradles that grip the stock and barrel
  • Design makes it easy to remove and replace access to firearms
  • Slotted cutouts can accommodate three long guns per wide drawer and two long guns per midsize narrow drawer
  • Piecekeepers are adjustable and additional clips are included to lock them in the drawer

DECKED Piecekeepers

We know firearms have many shapes and dimensions. We can’t guarantee your favorite firearm will fit. We’ve done our best to make the Piecekeepers work for “traditional” rifles and shotguns.


You’ll want to consider the optics, pistol grips, and removable magazines or review the technical specs before you buy. They may stack too high in the drawers. Check the full-size truck Drawer System specs here and the midsize truck specs here.


We’re also pretty proud of our accessories and our security features. Watch this video here to see the many ways you can customize your DECKED system. It’s so tough, it will make a crowbar cry.


We know you like to work hard and play hard. We’ve worked hard to make sure the DECKED system holds up against thieves. Watch the “torture test” video and see for yourself. The Drawer System doubles as a hidden car gun safe, or you can hide your portable gun safe inside your Tool Box or Drawer System.


We’ve got you covered when it comes to carrying your pistol or long-range rifle on the road. You can travel with guns and ammo  plus the dog and kids  or leave your truck parked overnight. The Tool Box and Drawer System ship free, so start your custom build at