What You Need to Know Before Buying a Gator Tonneau Cover



What You Need to Know Before Buying a Gator Tonneau Cover



DECKED perfectly complements a tonneau cover. It also makes a great substitute

Gator Tonneau Cover Vs DECKED

You have finally made up your mind and are looking into getting a tonneau cover for your truck. You have heard about the Gator tonneau cover but you still need to dig deeper before ordering one. After all, who wants to spend money on something they are unsure of? Well, stick around. You will be getting most if not all the answers you are looking for regarding the Gator tonneau cover.


A tonneau cover has many uses. Different truck owners buy them for varying reasons. If you are still unsure of whether you should get one, start by considering the below benefits of buying a tonneau cover for your truck.

Why you need a tonneau cover for your truck


DECKED Drawer System

A tonneau cover keeps your valuables safe during transportation. You never know who is watching and neither can you tell who the thief is. To avoid attracting theft, the tonneau cover keeps your goods away from such people. Or even evil people who may just be interested in damaging your goods. It also helps especially if you have kids. Some pieces of equipment such as guns are best kept away from children. Most tonneau covers have a lock system to always keep your luggage secure.


The other reason why you should get your truck a tonneau cover is to protect your goods from the weather. Whether you are going camping or are just ferrying groceries on your truck, you will want to protect them from harsh weather. What happens if it rains or snows when you are on the road? A great tonneau cover ensures that whatever you are hauling on your truck bed remains safe regardless of the weather.


It also protects your truck from damage by the sun. Let’s be honest, exposing your truck to harsh weather will take a toll on your truck faster than if it doesn’t have a tonneau cover. If you want your truck to serve you well and still get good money on reselling it, invest in a good tonneau cover.


DECKED Drawers System

You may not be carrying anything precious on your truck bed. But still, there are things you don’t want to expose to everyone. A tonneau cover gives you privacy and even your nosy neighbor will be clueless. If you dislike attracting unnecessary attention and questions from such neighbors, get your truck a tonneau cover.


It’s no secret that a truck with a tonneau cover looks better than one without. And there are lots of stylish tonneau covers you can get to achieve that cool look. If you can get the best outfits for yourself, why not for your truck, huh? Of course, this is not the only aspect you should consider when getting a tonneau cover. Unless it’s the only reason you are buying a tonneau cover.


Transporting goods in an open truck bed can get messy. Everything will be rolling all over and most of the goods will have shifted their position by the time you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, this might also damage precious goods. To keep things a little bit orderly in your truck bed, a tonneau cover will do. Even with a tonneau cover, goods might still move.


If you want to keep everything safe and neatly organized throughout your journey, you gotta get yourself the DECKED Drawer System. While the DECKED system works well with a tonneau cover, DECKED is enough. Once you install the DECKED Drawer System on your truck bed, you won’t have to worry about getting a tonneau cover. It fulfills all the needs of having a tonneau cover and does a better job compared to some tonneau covers.

DECKED System as Your Truck Tonneau Cover

You can use DECKED in place of a tonneau cover

Not every tonneau cover will give you security. The DECKED System guarantees security as it’s built with tough material. Not like it can never be broken into, but even the toughest thief will have to put in so much work before they can break into your DECKED System. This makes it a safer option if you deal with valuables that you can’t risk losing.


The other feature that you won’t find in a tonneau cover is the convenience that comes with the DECKED Drawer System. With a tonneau cover, you just toss luggage beneath it and that’s it. But DECKED allows you to organize your tools and access them easily. No more crawling under the tonneau cover to access your tools. The Drawer System ensures that even the smaller tools and accessories are carefully organized which saves you time and improves efficiency at work.

DECKED can be used as a tonneau cover substitute or complement


If you are looking for a tonneau cover to protect your valuables from debris and water, DECKED can also do this. Even during a storm, whatever is inside your DECKED Drawers will always remain dry. You can take your truck to the carwash and everything in the drawers will still be in perfect condition.


Most of the soft tonneau covers cannot hold much weight on them. But a few hardcovers can stand a few lbs. With DECKED, you can load up to 2000 pounds on top, and 200 pounds in each drawer. Yes, that’s right. You can store your guns, and D-Bags in the drawers, and load your ATV on top.


What if you already have DECKED Drawers but are still wanting to get a tonneau cover for an even finer look? Perfect. You can use DECKED as a complement to your tonneau cover. You’ll organize your stuff safely in DECKED Drawers, put more load on top, and finish up the look with your favorite tonneau cover on top of everything.

Gator Tonneau Cover

Gator is among the popular brands dealing with tonneau covers. They deal with all sorts of tonneau covers ranging from; roll-up covers, soft folding covers, hard folding covers to retractable covers. The best Gator tonneau cover differs from person to person. It all depends on what you are looking for in a tonneau cover.


Have a look at some of their tonneau covers and see if one of them would be good for your truck bed.

Gator Tonneau Cover Reviews

Gator Efx Hard Fold Tonneau Cover

It’s easy to install and can take you 20 to 45 minutes to install it by yourself. It has a semi-gloss finish and is designed to keep water out of your truck bed. The tri-fold allows you to easily access your stuff without having to remove the entire cover unless you need to. The downside of this tonneau cover is that it's not exactly water-tight and some water might leak. The weight capacity is also limited although it can handle rain and snow weight.  


Keep your truck more organized with DECKED

Gator Sfx Tri-fold Tonneau Cover Review

If you are working with a small budget and want an easy-to-install tonneau cover, you can try out the gator sfx tri fold tonneau cover. At $250, this gator tri fold tonneau cover is quite affordable. At the least, it’s going to keep your stuff from dust and prying eyes.


However, if you are looking for a high-quality and durable tonneau cover, look out for another gator tri-fold pro tonneau cover. You will probably cough some more money so it’s really upon you to choose. The other challenging bit about this tonneau cover is the folding process. For an excellent fold, you will have to be inside your truck bed.

Gator Fx3 Tonneau Cover

This is a hard tonneau cover made of high-quality and durable material. It looks good and you most likely will be getting compliments from friends and neighbors. It’s also easy to install and comes with tubes to drain excess water on rainy days. It gives you full access to your truck bed without having to climb into the bed. For almost $1000, it’s quite pricey.


Santa standing on DECKED Drawers

Gator Fx Tonneau Cover

The fx tonneau cover is well built and easy to install. It has a black powder coat finish giving your truck bed a nice look. When you need to haul large luggage on your truck bed, you only need to lift the cover and support it. Voila, you have your entire bed for use. If you have some more luggage, this tonneau cover can support up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Even though this cover is made with durable material, it still leaks.

Gator Recoil Tonneau Cover

This Gator retractable tonneau cover makes it super easy to access your truck bed. You can move it up to the latch stop you desire, depending on the amount of space you need. If you need to use all the space, you move the cover until it retracts into a no-profile canister. You can do all this while standing beside your truck. No need to get into the truck bed to do it.


In matters of security, this cover got you. Once you cover your truck bed and close the tailgate, there’s no accessing the content in your truck bed without opening the tailgate. This equals more security.


If you are looking for a hard tonneau cover that you can use in the rain, you should probably try another option. Although this tonneau cover comes with tubes that help in draining water, it still leaks.

DECKED System for your truck bed

Gator Srx Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Gator srx roll-up tonneau cover is affordable and easy to work with. There’s no drilling needed and it’s safe to drive with an open truck bed. For full access to your truck bed, simply roll up the Gator roll up tonneau cover and use the straps to hold it in place. Even so, the tonneau cover tends to leak at the tailgate.

Gator Hr1 Tonneau Cover

This is a hard tonneau cover that gives your truck bed a soft and sleek look. So, it might seem soft but it’s tough and can sustain up to 400 lbs. It features an overlapping tailgate seal which helps in keeping your cargo safe from water and snow. When you need to haul oversize cargo, you just roll up the tonneau cover and secure it with the buckle straps. In spite of its good features, it’s still expensive.

Gator Tonneau Cover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Gator Tonneau Cover Go Through a Carwash?

It’s not guaranteed that your Gator trifold pro tonneau cover will keep away all the water. You have to be very careful when installing your tonneau cover and ensure that it covers your truck bed very well. But even after that, sometimes leakage happens. To be on the safe side, you’d have to experiment with an empty truck bed. It’s the only way you can prove that your cargo will still be safe after a carwash.  

Where Are Gator Covers Made?

The USA. You guessed right. Gator tonneau covers are made in the United States of America. They have their warehouses in Jasper, Indiana, and Springfield, Missouri.

DECKED System for your truck bed

Are Gator Tonneau Covers Good?

While person A may swear by a Gator tri fold pro tonneau cover, person B may feel that the Gator roll-up tonneau cover is the only best. It all depends on your needs and preference. Gator has several covers with different features and prices. Note down your needs, your budget, then look for a tonneau cover that fits you.

How Do You Clean a Gator Tonneau Cover?

To clean your Gator tonneau cover, regular car soap and water will do the job. But to keep your vinyl tonneau covers looking supple, it’s best to use a tonneau cover cleaner.

A Gator Tonneau Cover or DECKED?

Either can do. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your needs are. Most tonneau covers are not waterproof. If you will be spending time outdoors in the rain, you’d rather go with a DECKED Drawer System that can go through the carwash without causing damage. You can carry luggage in DECKED Drawers as well as on top. A tonneau cover does not offer this.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a sleek tonneau cover to upgrade the look and style of your truck bed, get a tonneau cover. Not that DECKED isn’t good-looking. It has a killer look. But tonneau covers come in all sorts of styles that you can choose from. Alternatively, use both of them. A tonneau cover will perfectly complement your DECKED System. You will haul cargo in your Decked Drawers System, put some more on top, and cover it with a tonneau cover of your choice. Fair enough, isn’t it?