Husky tool box at Home Depot review

Husky Tool Box at Home Depot: The Definitive Review

This tool box just didn’t measure up

If I’m going to add new equipment to my trusty pickup truck, I start the search where most people would: at my computer and typing words such as “pickup truck bed accessories” into a search window.


And as you might expect, there were dozens of pages of options on Google, with advertisers and manufacturers appearing ranked by some invisible incisiveness that somehow has been collected from my brain, merged with my ZIP code, and translated into options only for me.

And at the very top of the list that appeared immediately on my computer screen were two names that were wonderfully familiar and remarkably handy: DECKED and Home Depot.


DECKED has shown up on a lot of my social media feeds since I started looking at the company’s various options for the incredibly durable, secure and versatile DECKED Drawer System that now adorns the back of my trusty F-150.


But I didn’t arrive at DECKED as my solution without legwork, fingerwork, and brainwork while I evaluated the various manufacturers and dealers.


I’m a longtime customer of Home Depot, and there happens to be a store almost within sight of my home. So after I wore out my digits and strained my eyes I decided to stop there and see some of the options in person.


And you know what I found during my search for truck bed boxes inside that Home Depot store?

A whole lot of nothing.


After talking to two employees and wandering the store’s full width and most of its depth — I know where you can buy a vent for your new roof, if you need one — I came across one truck tool box on a second shelf of the single AUTOMOTIVE aisle.


And that lone tool box wasn’t made by DECKED. It looked sturdy, but it looked just like any old truck-bed tool box to me. I had to squint to read the name of the manufacturer. That display was not about sales for sure.


Back at the computer, Home Depot’s web page for truck accessories had taken me easily to a full array of tool boxes. Some were available to be picked up at that  very store, so I was surprised not to be able to peruse samples on the store’s floor.


Neither was there a sign anywhere that I saw to alert shoppers that there were tool boxes available back in storage, in case a shopper may have been casually interested. You would think that would be a good idea. If you are going to stock them, shouldn’t you try to sell them?


Based on my conversations with the two employees, I doubt either had a clue that such a desirable product could be picked up there. The store also will deliver for free, as long as you don’t choose a specific day. An appointment requires an extra fee.

This was the display of Husky tool boxes at Home Depot.

Taking a look at Husky

Still the web search had provided an array of options — including DECKED’s basic drawer system, to some extent, and many boxes that you might have seen or even own — and one of the brands I found most familiar was Husky.

I’ve seen that name stamped on boxes attached to the beds of some of my friends’ trucks. They seemed happy with their choices, so I thought I would take their word of mouth as a first reference and as I began to evaluate my options.

My fingers did the walking as I studied the six variations of Husky’s boxes that were previewed on Home Depot’s website. All of them appeared solid and functional. But they also seemed pretty much the same. There were small variations in sizes and shapes but not so much in function.

Some were engineered to fit along the back window at the front of the bed. Some were made for the sides, over wheel wells, and they can coordinate with their cousins.

Some were deeper, and their lids opened in various ways.

But they also had one other thing in common: They were all just, well, boring rectangles.

The DECKED Drawer System can be used for so many activities in many different types of vehicles. This shows how camping can be organized.

Their functionality and versatility were far more limited than what I found when I checked out the DECKED Drawer System.

There was no creativity, minimal flexibility and no real artistic freedom for the owner.

Because, let’s face it, the DECKED Drawer System allows organization freaks like me to turn a science into an art and draw up all sorts of options to be more effective in how I use the cargo space in my pickup.

The basics don’t compare

Husky’s presentation was displayed in flat web pages and breakout enlargements that had a lot of the basics covered. The sizes offered ranged from 71.36 (full size) to 61.86. One was marketed at 6.8 cubic feet. I’m not that good with math, but that wouldn’t seem to be a capacity worth bragging about.

The finishes looked nice enough — they could be purchased in both nickel and matte — and the images made the boxes appear sturdy. But in reading the details, I discovered those were constructed from aluminum with rubber fittings.

Husky’s literature talked about how each box was reinforced to protect against both water leaks and theft. There weren’t the guarantees and double-layered solidity that DECKED offers in its bed-drawer system and various DECKED Tool Boxes.

Security is a factor

As I previously have written, the DECKED Drawer System is designed like a fortress from high-impact polymer and galvanized steel that is reinforced by aluminum. So the primary substance of Husky’s box is the second layer of DECKED. The DECKED Drawer System feels impenetrable.

The corrosion-proof exterior of the DECKED Drawer System extends inside to protect the items you store there. The boxes are waterproof. Everything is completely dry, whether the box holds hand tools, your favorite rifles or computer supplies and documents. The Tool Box has a seamless lid and tub, so water doesn’t get trapped inside. And the lip on top of the drawers acts as a gutter, so the rain flows off.

A steel, armored locking mechanism combines with a driver-side lock to make forced entry nearly impossible. There are two keys, and the lid has to be open before a Tool Box can be removed from the bed of the truck.

The Husky model

One of Husky’s large tool boxes is designed to fit along the back of the cab and included one handy feature: double-sided openings that can be accessed from the side.

But unless you are about 6 feet 6 — and I’m not close to that — you can’t really reach down into the bottom of the box to retrieve items.

There was no retractable ladder like DECKED offers as an accessory. That ladder allows the boxes to be accessed easily. For all of Husky’s boxes you would have to climb into the bed of the truck and walk to the box. Sometimes other cargo would have made that difficult, too.

Boxes and trays fit into the DECKED Drawer System and provide many options.

Home Depot does sell the DECKED Drawer System – which made my visit to the store even more disappointing – but it only is a basic unit. The DECKED system offered on the search referred to their availability for a variety of truck brands and bed lengths.

There was only one 17-inch CrossBox Drawer Tool Box offered, with a Desert Tan lid. Otherwise, that was it. There was no guide to the versatility of the decked product and the varied tool boxes and accessories available (like that ladder).

Home Depot’s presentation did offer to help the truck owner determine the best box for specific model pickup trucks. The site also offered boxes by about eight other manufacturers that were similar and in some cases more expensive.

You don't have to have a pickup truck to fit in DECKED's system.

The page that promised a buying guide for an individual truck, but it was just marketing more items for various trucks. And all the marketing was for basic pickup trucks – Ford, Chevy, Ram, Toyota etc. – and bed lengths.

The DECKED Drawer System offers the beauty of being available for vans and various other service vehicles that plumbers, electricians and window installers sometimes require.

What you get

Each DECKED Tool Box comes standard with an easy-to-grab and waterproof D-Box that hangs in place inside the tub. That full DECKED system includes:

  • A D-Box and a CrossBox (in either Desert Tan or blue and black) that have nest storing
  • A Snack Tray (which fits firmly in the DECKED tool boxes) is handy not only for snacks you eat but for smaller tools and gear, like even golf balls or fishing lures or baseball gloves
  • A D-Bag (with the D-Rito Tool Roll, which snaps inside the D-Bag)
  • And there’s an optional Integrated Ladder for access from the side of the truck to a singularly mounted Tool Box. This aluminum ladder slides out of the box and reaches the ground no matter how elevated truck might be

Each drawer can hold up to 200 pounds, so you can manage your limits. And get this: Everything opens and closes with spring locks so you won’t be slamming your fingers.

Some of the many drawer system boxes that provide organization flexibility.

And that feature that I really love is that you can use the deck above the drawers to stack a variety of other products so that you don’t lose an inch of space in the bed of a pickup truck because tool boxes are protruding out from the perimeter, such as would occur with Husky’s boxes.


One thing that isn't optional: The base price of a DECKED Drawer System as marketed by Home Depot.

So here is the bottom line

If you want a standard box to hold tools to keep them out of the truck bed, Husky can serve those needs, if not so easily. Home Depot provides all the options and will deliver the product of your choice right to your door.

Home Depot also will sell you the DECKED system, but the options are limited. will allow you to order from a long list of product options, steer you to a dealer for assistance, or ship your order directly to you.

DECKED also will teach you simply how to install in the bed of your truck. The installation instructions take just a few minutes, with a bracket-and-bolt system.

I found that I just had to thread in the system and then use a power tool to secure it. The tub grabbed the bed rail and fit in place. Unlike other systems, there’s no drilling, and it uses four clamps to grab the bed rail.

Now you have to know that Husky’s limited types of tool boxes are priced between $232 and $359. You can buy a set of three for about $947. That price seemed to fluctuate as I checked out availability on different days. But those prices are for basic boxes.

The DECKED Drawer System costs a flat $1499, and, as I told you earlier, you get a lot more than a couple of those boring rectangles.

There also is the warranty. Home Depot offers a 3-year limited warranty for Husky that no doubt can be expanded for extra dollars, but the DECKED Drawer System is backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you need any further encouragement, check this out: Home Depot allows on its various pages for customers to offer up to 5 stars in reviews of the product they have purchased.

Home Depot’s customers consistently gave Husky products 4 stars or fewer.

DECKED got 5 stars across the board.

You can see now why I made the choice I did.

I continue to shop at Home Depot, and plenty of the store’s products have found their way into the drawers and onto the top of my DECKED Drawer System.