Truck Side Tool Boxes Are Out—DECKED Tool Boxes Are In!

Truck Side Tool Boxes Are Out—DECKED Tool Boxes Are In!

Truck Side Tool Boxes Are Out—DECKED Tool Boxes Are In!

Now's the time for you to step up to the plate by replacing those old truck side tool boxes with a product made for this century. Besides good looks, future-focused materials, and excellent design and engineering, the DECKED Tool Box is making inroads in replacing pickup truck side tool boxes due to superior science and engineering.

Don’t get us wrong, truck side mounted tool boxes are excellent storage facilities. However, they don't give you the same level of security, sex appeal, easy access, and other benefits that you get from the DECKED Tool Box.

When you go for the DECKED solution, there is no longer a need for side mount truck tool boxes that require you to bend and buckle under the strain of equipment retrieval.

And if you’re an individual or fleet owner, you can have the dual benefit of the DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box, both of which take up little space.

After reading this article, you'll probably want to question your current side truck tool boxes style because the advantages of investing in our products are remarkable.

Get in on the game and leave your grandad's 1973 toolbox system in the past because your toolbox solution should look as sexy as your truck.

Man leaning over to retrieve tools from the DECKED Tool Box on a pickup truck that includes the DECKED Drawer System.

The DECKED Drawer System

Anyone who has already invested in themselves understands that the Drawer System makes a ny side rail truck tool boxes or high side truck tool boxes obsolete. However, with the Drawer System, you get much more than any of these products can offer.

You pack your gear in a hidden drawer of the truck, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Exceptional organization capabilities that you can complement with innovative   Combo Drawer Dividers , the   D-Box Desert Tan , and the matching   Crossbox Desert Tan  to improve storage.
  • You can add the   Piecekeepers  to store firearms in the long drawers and ammo in the ammo box for hunting trips.
  • Your gear is always hidden away and safe, eliminating the temptation for thieves when the tailgate is closed.
  • All your kit is safe from the weather and water damage due to in-built water-resistant features.
  • With the DECKED Drawer System, you double up on storage space without losing any equipment access convenience.
  • The drawers slide out quickly, so you can get to any tools you need in the full, bed-length containers under the truck bed.
  • Each sliding drawer (on wheels) can hold up to 200 pounds of equipment, ensuring ample storage space. Basically, your truck is a business on wheels.
  • You also have the benefit of adding a 2000-pound payload on top of the drawers when you have to transport bulky items like cement or drywalling.
  • Like the opportunity to transport and secure firearms (depending on their size and length), you can even load an ATV, dirt bike, or other recreational items on the truck bed.

When you have this level of convenience and efficiency, it makes sense that you don’t need any side tool boxes for truck beds.

On top of the attractive advantages of the Drawer System, there are further reasons to choose this option instead of looking at truck side tool boxes for sale.

Image of how you can store rifles and shotguns using the Peacekeeper in the DECKED Drawer System.

Research Benefits

DECKED has undertaken   research  to determine just how beneficial the Drawer System is for individuals and fleet management.

1. Productivity Increases

Due to the modular design of the drawers on wheels, storage advantages, and easier accessibility, employees can work better. As opposed to using alternative storage methods like truck side mount tool boxes , safe equipment access increases by 44%. Employers can complete more jobs daily, with less hassle, and employers know that worker satisfaction is vital for growing productivity.

2. Strength Capacity Improves Exponentially

Because it's simpler to retrieve tools from the truck bed level, the strength capacity of workers improves drastically. This improvement is noticeable, going from 28% to 99%, which is why productivity primarily increases dramatically. With this level of progress, we didn't feel it necessary to explore the benefits of the truck bed tool boxes side mount because the research speaks for itself.

Man showing how easy it is to slide the drawers out of the DECKED Drawer System, due to the wheel system.

3. Fleet Management Company Reputation Benefits

When employees are happy with a company, they spread the good news. And after working with more challenging storage opt ions such as work truck side tool boxes, the Drawer System holds massive appeal.

Workers go home with fewer aches and pains. The boss no longer hears employees complaining, and the company fleet management rep grows, attracting more talent who want to grow with a company that cares.

4. Fleet Management Wins

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the cost of an asset investment plus operational costs. Therefore, fleet managers know they must evaluate their purchases relative to the value it generates over several years.

When you invest in the Drawer System, the TCO drops. Production increases together with employee strength. Safety improves, and worker injuries decrease.

When employees win, so do fleet managers and business owners. The same effect applies to individuals who invest in the Drawer System.

A closer look at the benefits of using the Drawer System include:

  • The volume of accessible cargo from the ground level increases.
  • Jumping on and off the truck to access items becomes a thing of the past, unlike when you use certain types of side truck tool boxes with drawers or hi side truck tool boxes.
  • Having sliding drawers on wheels decreases clumsy movements, which adds to personal strength and reduces the potential for injury.
  •   When you use this storage system rather than certain styles of top side truck tool boxes, you limit biomechanical physical and compressive back forces risks.
  • Some physical movement tasks go from being high to a low hazard.

You’ll be dealing with fewer em ployee liability claims and greater TCO levels.

Other factors that lower your TCO include the no-drill installation process. Your new storage system will outlive your vehicle. Consequently, fuel and uplift costs go down. The average resale value goes up, as does the vehicle's replacement cycle.

Pickup truck with both systems in place, means better security,  organization and productivity.

5. Security Advantages

Yet another benefit of using toolbox systems with a clever design is that fleet managers and individuals enjoy better security. Your assets are much more secure in terms of being theft-proof, for example.

Thefts are frustrating and costly. You need to submit insurance claims, wait for pay-outs, and repla ce the stolen goods in between or run the risk of losing work. You also don't need to worry about that as a DECKED Drawer System owner. If your employees forget to lock the Drawer System, closing the tailgate will create one that contends with Fort Knox.

Do you know of any truck bed side tool boxes that can compete because we don’t? And we know this because we’ve invested in meaningful research.

As much as your storage system is easy on the eyes but tough on thieves, it is much more than that. This system is weatherproof, so it keeps water and debris out--your Drawer System won't rust or degrade, and neither will your equipment.

Essentially, this system keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. One note, however, is that despite the intense weatherproofing and waterproofing of this system, it is highly water-resistant rather than being entirely waterproof.

How many can say that about aluminum truck side tool boxes?  None—we’re sure!

  A pickup truck with both drawers extended over the open tailgate. Closing the tailgate secures the system even if you forget to lock up.

Opting for this level of efficiency makes sense. So, why would anyone choose to go for truck tool boxes side mount, especially when you can further improve these benefits with the DECKED Truck Tool Box !

Like Hunting Out of Season, Truck Bed Side Mount Tool Boxes Are Out

Any red-blooded hunter knows tha t hunting out of season is a total “no-go” zone. Similarly, if you’ve been thinking about installing any flatbed truck side tool boxes, wake the heck up because there is something from the 21 st  century that is so much better.

You don’t have to settle for your granddad’s toolbox from the last century anymore. You also don't have to compromise by buying the not-so-attractive, or efficient side mounted truck tool boxes anymore to step up your game.

And if the thought enters your mind that if you’ve seen one tool box, you’ve seen them all? Guess again.

The future DECKED Tool Box is here, and it is such a beautiful addition to the DECKED Drawer System. It's all you need to make a grown man shed a tear (even if you won't admit it).

Step Into the Future

Add the DECKED Tool Box to your intelligent, innovative, cost-saving Drawer System. Very much like the large sliding drawer solution, the Tool Box also has inspiring features and benefits.

Made tough to last:  It is  also built like Fort Knox, so it won't dent and bend, unlike truck side bed tool boxes made from aluminum. Neither will it end up looking all gnarly like a hunter gored by a semi-tame deer.

Good looking, like you:  Gnarly can be good or bad. In this case, when describing the sexy aspect of the matte black DECKED Tool Box, it looks especially gnarly, so much so that we intentionally designed the structure to look as sexy as your truck.

Not afraid of bad weather : Due to the structure consisting of materials from the future, it is waterproof and weatherproof—it won’t corrode or rust. Your tools and equipment will stay dry and be in the same pristine condition in which you store them.

Of course, "pristine" here means we know our customers. You're not worried about dirtying your hands, and there's no point in keeping most tools clean because you'll be working with them the following day anyway.

Storage capacity WITH accessories: As with the Drawer System, our Tool Box has a significant storage capacity. Add 200 pounds to 2000, and you're set to create organization jealousy that was just a dream in your granddad's day with those characteristic wooden toolboxes .

Blue D-Box with internal tray to improve your tool organization capabilities.

Part of our product includes service, and we believe the inclusion of the D-Box and Snack Tray only increases the storage benefits of owning the DECKED Tool Box. The D-Box rests on internal supports, creating more organizing opportunities below and in the box. Our Snack Tray is for fast access to those items that you use regularly.

Security is on our bucket list—it should be on yours:  Just as we made the Drawer System with high-security levels on our bucket list—we did the same with our Tool Box. Our product is not one that anyone can describe as easy pickings. It is not like the typical pickup truck bed side tool boxes, but one that fits securely behind your cab.

But that isn't the point—the lid design, locks, a nd no-drill installation feature all provide brilliant security benefits that make entry close to impossible. If a thug tries to break in, they'll regret their poor decision since it is so tough; it'll make a crowbar cry.

And, if you catch these criminals in the act, you'll probably be tempted to make them do the same. We don't recommend this, BTW.

Integrated ladder for extra convenience?  Yep—we nailed this one too. Our integrated ladder folds into the tub without hindering storage. Open the lid, unfold it to ground level, securing it in place as you go, and you can even get to your tools if you drive a raised pickup truck.

Gif showing how the integrated ladder telescopes out of the DECKED Tool Box and how the drawers slide in and out of the  DECKED Drawer System.  

Sexy structural design: This part is as sexy as the rest. The tub is made from injection molding (seamless), using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), indestructible at the industrial-grade level.

Torsion springs in the lid keep it open when you need it, so no more broken fingers and bruised thumbs. Galvanized steel and aluminum lid reinforcements add to the tub’s security and longevity. Likewise, we didn’t skimp on the accessories, which also sport tough Polypropylene (PP).

We tested these products with high heat and cooling, bashing them with hammers and bricks and subjecting them to towing on rough terrain—still intact and working like they were made to do.

Do you know any other truck tool boxes side, top, or below that can take this type of beating and still come up shining? No—we didn't think so😊

Step It Up—the Days of Truck Side Tool Boxes Are Over

Image capture of the order page showing the option between ordering the DECKED Drawer or Tool Box with the "Select Your Vehicle" strip at the top of the page.

You don’t have to be stuck in the past—the future is here. Now you can have all the benefits of the DECKED Drawer System AND the DECKED Tool Box.

Increase productivity, enhance your fleet management, improve your TCO. Lower insurance risk, lengthen the replacement cycle, and promote resale value with assets that make a difference across the board (or the bed of your truck).

You can have it all with a toolbox that looks as good as your truck.

Order your DECKED Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box today to benefit from product investments made for this century.

Scroll down on this   tab  until you see the blue “Select Your Vehicle” or click on the ‘Tool Box” tab to have your way.

Once you see whether we make our storage solutions for your vehicle, explore your   financing options  to get the best of both worlds.

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