9 Ways DECKED’s Portable Tool Box Is Like Clint Eastwood

Nine Ways DECKED’s Portable Tool Box s Exactly Like Clint Eastwood

Two black DECKED drawers are fully open, with three boxes with tan lids on top.We know… You’re wondering who would compare a generation-spanning film icon to a portable tool box. The answer is: DECKED. But his tough-as-leather legend has more in common with our truck toolbox than you might think. Ride on with us to find out how.

1) Made in America

A forklift driver carries drives four cardboard boxes past an American flag in a warehouse.

Clint Eastwood was born in California in 1930. DECKED hasn’t been around for quite as long, but we were born and bred in America, too. The concept for our portable tool box with drawers was born in Ketchum, Idaho, and because we simply can’t be contained to one state, our products were engineered in Detroit and we proudly manufacture in Defiance, Ohio. And just like the name of the town where we produce one of the best portable tool box lines on the market, we defy expectations and bring you a rugged tool box from this century that looks as good as your truck.

2) Always Pulls Through

A man wearing tan waders stands outside a pickup truck. One DECKED drawer is open to show sporting equipment.

Quick—name a Clint Eastwood movie in which he doesn’t make it to the credits. Hard to think of one, isn’t it? And in the same way, a DECKED portable tool box with wheels is eminently reliable.

DECKED products are dependable inside and out. Let’s talk about the “rolling” and “wheeled” part of a DECKED portable work station tool box. A DECKED system consists of carefully engineered drawers firmly and efficiently packed under a robust High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) casing. That’s a fancy way of saying that DECKED will end the junk show in your truck bed by using durable skateboard-style wheels that glide effortlessly open and closed. Motion gets attention in all our products: orsion springs on lids mean that your fingers won’t get slammed when you operate the lid of our Tool Box.

In our portable tool box, wheels have steel support so that the non-wheeled parts are sturdy and compact. And while those wheels slide like butter, you can easily park your truck on an incline without worrying that the expensive equipment in the back will slide out into the muck, snow, and dust. Ease in movement doesn’t have to mean loss of durability with DECKED.

3) What You See is What You Get

A white pickup truck is shown in a studio. Two black DECKED drawers are open.

Perfect as the name Clint Eastwood is for every possible Western, it’s not a fake one. That’s his real name! And just like Clint characters concentrate on getting the job done instead of putting on a flashy show, what you see is what you get from a DECKED rolling portable tool box.

That goes for our products as well as our prices. Crazy as it might seem to brag about, DECKED items never go on sale or offer discounts or coupons. That might sound ridiculous in a world that’s extended Black Friday into a week-long event, but we believe in everyday fair prices… all year long.

We’re up front with what to expect from our products because we stand behind every divider tab and every drawer handle of every portable drawer tool box. DECKED doesn’t design products that look like they can get the job done—they just do it.

DECKED is designed for the working men and women who make our country run. While we think we offer the best portable tool box you can find, we didn’t set out to fashion a premium or elite brand. We just offer problem-solving, quality products at the most competitive price we can manage. That’s it. That’s us.

We hope you can handle that.

4) Multi talented

A man wearing camo stands at a truck bed before an open DECKED box outside. An orange and white motorbike is in the background.

You probably know Clint Eastwood isn’t only a Western actor. He’s also appeared in dramatic films and is a pretty talented director, too. And if you think Mr. Eastwood is multi talented, you need to meet our versatile rolling portable tool box.

Our products are designed to fit easily and snugly in your truck bed, and once that large portable tool box is installed (it doesn’t take long, and uses tools you likely have on hand), then you can “port” your gear to wherever you want to go, whenever you’re doing it. The DECKED system is the little black dress of the portable truck tool box world: you can take it to work. You can take it to play. From the job site to the fishing pond to the horse trail, our products are designed to meet your needs—no matter how those needs might change.

So go ahead. Load that ATV right next to your welding tools and Western saddle. DECKED can take it… wherever you’re going.

4) Seemingly indestructible  

A pile of logs sits on top of a DECKED tool box in a truck bed.

A DECKED portable truck tool box is pretty much impossible to dent. Believe us—we tried.

Meanwhile, how old is Clint Eastwood? He’s 91. How many times has this guy survived arrows through the shoulder, lead in the stomach, and innumerable fists of fury?

Okay, our tool boxes aren’t actually immortal, but they’re close. Check out the video of our marketing guy, slamming a sledgehammer straight into the top of one of our products. Didn’t leave a mark.

So why is this important? Did we just want to make a cool video? Well, it does make for good footage, but our big portable tool box doesn’t just cover plenty of space in your truck bed—it’s got you covered where it counts in durability, too.

We like to think Clint would approve.

5) Organization Is Key

Three tool boxes with blue lids sit in open black DECKED drawers, with two more stacked on top.

Now Clint’s characters might get taken by surprise every now and then, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan. How else is he going to dispatch the bad guys? The best way out of chaos is to have a goal in mind.

A DECKED system makes it easy for you to reach your objective, even if that target is just “Go outside, have fun, and get some mud on the tires.”  How do we do it? Get this: our portable tool box has a portable tool box. DECKED offers a suite of accessories to help you keep smaller items where you need them to be. If you’re wondering how to organize a portable tool box, just follow the lead of our truck bed drawer system.

Check it out:

The D-Box, designed to fit exactly into our drawers, nests perfectly with removable dividers on the inside. It can carry 50 pounds. Two of these can fit in a short full-size bed system, and three in a full-size system. D-Boxes offer two grip points with horizontal and vertical carry handles, and come complete with two dividers.

Our Crossbox makes the most of every available square inch while keeping your equipment dry and secure. Grip points mean that they’re easily pulled from the drawers, and the 40 pound load capacity is astounding when you think about the fact that it’s half the size of the D-Box.

The gloriously named Drawerganizer is the stuff of stuff-management dreams. It’s our little portable tool box within our big portable tool box. Easy accessible and perfectly placed at the end of your DECKED drawers, the Drawerganizer is an efficient place for you to stash your sunscreen, tiny tools, fishing line, and duct tape. Or iconic poncho. Your call.

Last but not least, let’s meet the Drawer Dividers. While the D-Box comes complete with two, who says you might not need two more? These removable 8-inch gems allow you to customize your drawers precisely for your project or jaunt to the nearest wilderness. The Drawer Dividers are the perfect fit for our full-size truck and cargo drawers, as well as  the mid-sized system. And they’re not just rectangles. They’re specifically engineered for our system and include handy cut-outs to accommodate tie-downs.

So what’s the best way to use a portable truck bed tool box? That’s up to you.

6) Secure

The black DECKED drawer system is shown in a studio with both drawers closed.

Are you going to try to rob Clint Eastwood? Are you crazy? And while thieves may try, there’s little chance they’ll get at what you’re shielding in a DECKED locking portable tool box.

You’ve seen it: A toolbox perched on in the back of the pickup truck, looking dented and sad where a thief took a crowbar to the lip. That won’t happen with a DECKED product. Ever.

How do we know? Well, we might not be as handy with a six-shooter as some of Clint’s characters, but we think that what we’ve got is just as good. The interface between our custom-designed tubs and the body of your truck is specifically designed to minimize pry bar points. And DECKED products have a secret weapon—beneath that smooth exterior is a steel reinforcement which provides not only extra security, but more stability, too.

Anyone who wants to take our Tool Box from its home needs to open the lid first. And what’s preventing a bad guy from opening the lid? A steel locking mechanism with a lock on the driver’s side, with two keys for you and your favorite sidekick.  

Thieves aren’t getting your stuff in a DECKED product unless they take the whole truck with it.

7) Accessibility Maven

A white pickup truck is shown in a studio with a DECKED open tool box and a ladder extended from the truck bed to the ground.
If the trail is blocked, Clint will detour through the creek and around the craggiest enemy-foiling rock. You might not have a Clint Eastwood-sized rock at your disposal, but DECKED has indeed provided go-arounds when you need one.

People who don’t drive with pickup trucks might think that it’s easy to take the direct route to the stuff in the back—just drop the tailgate, right? Not so easy! You have to reeeeeeaaaach into the farthest recesses of the bed to grab your gear, which means it’s time for a yoga class even if you’ve neve done yoga in your life. The only way in is to climb up on the tire or crawl into the bed on all fours. And who has time for that?

Enter the DECKED truck tool box ladder. While DECKED drawers bring your gear to you, the DECKED Tool Box ladder brings you to your gear. Our large portable tool storage box is available with an optional Integrated Ladder. The Integrated Ladder goes all the way to the ground—it’s self-adjusting—and nests into the toolbox itself. Best of all, the ladder is engineered so that it doesn’t obstruct a single thing within the box.

How is that possible? It’s telescoping and made of 6000 series aluminum. Even if your truck is lifted to the skies, the ladder is designed to reach the ground and provides three points of contact as you make your way to your gear. So not only does the ladder make life easier and more dignified, you’re safer, too.

8) Looks great

A DECKED drawer system is shown in the back of a grey truck bed with the tailgate down.

No doubt about it, Clint Eastwood is a good-looking fellow, still a silver fox in his 90s. What does that have to do with DECKED products? Well, they might be tough on thieves, but they’re easy on the eyes too. Why shouldn’t your toolbox be as sexy as your truck?

Not only is our rolling tool box portable, it looks fantastic. It ain’t your grandad’s toolbox, although he’d doubtless approve of it. No matter whether you’ve tricked out your truck to kingdom come or it looks exactly as it did when you first laid eyes on it, DECKED products will fit right in. No matter the paint job, after-market additions, or logo on your ride, DECKED products designed to draw attention. They’re in your truck to work—although anyone who cares to take a closer look is bound to be impressed.

9) Great Accessories

Facing away from the camera, a man in a baseball hat grips the handlebars of a bike. He is wearing a black DECKED bag on his back.

Although he probably wouldn’t describe them this way, every Clint Eastwood character is a well-accessorized man, even if it’s just with a weapon and a hat. What else does an action hero need?

Those of us off the silver screen might require a bit more gear. But DECKED has you covered. For example, consider our incredible D-Bag, which not only fits precisely into the DECKED drawers and Tool Box, but right on your back.

That’s right. This hybrid hard shell wonder is soft on the sides and will accompany you where even your truck can’t follow. D-Bags are as versatile as the rest of our system and can be worn as a backpack or toted like a briefcase. It’s fitted with a shoulder sling, carabiner attachment points, and aluminum handles.

And just as our portable tool box has portable tool boxes, our bags have bags. The weather-resistant D-Bag contains a removable duffel bag and even a roll-up tool roll that snaps inside the main compartment.

So there you have it: ways DECKED products are (more or less) exactly like Clint Eastwood. Does he use DECKED products himself? Maybe. We’ll never tell—but we do know they’d be a rugged and perfect fit for him.