Dodge Ram Accessories That Can Do It All

Dodge Ram Accessories That Can Do It All

Outfit your Ram Bed With Your Dream Organizational System

Aerial view of man opening his truck organizational system under a heavy load of cargo


Whether you're behind the wheel of a classic 1500, or a heavy duty 2500, Ram 3500, or a Ram Promaster Cargo Van, you're feeling pretty solid knowing that your Ram pickup truck or van is one of the most capable, versatile, and tech-laden vehicles in its class. It’s not just an amazing vehicle for contractors, outdoorsmen, and family guys and gals –– it's a damn fine experience you can put to work in any setting. With a powerful engine, refined suspension, and cabin comfort features, your Ram gives you everything you need to get the job done and make it your home base, whatever the activity. And when it comes to performance, there are few vehicles that rival what your Ram has to offer. Your truck is one impressive machine.


Ok, now we've sung the praises it rightfully deserves.


So what's missing?


Well, we usually think of pickup capability in terms of towing, because that’s where the biggest numbers are found. But what about other facets of capability, like hauling? What kind of Dodge Ram accessories, especially tool boxes, organizational management systems, and storage and drawer systems, are going to be best suited for your work and your lifestyle?


To be totally upfront, where do you keep parts, clamps, saw, hammer, tiedowns, hitch receiver, locks, tools, air compressor, fishing rod, hot dog stick, camp fuel, a tarp, a hatchet, extra oil, and a case of beer, where it's easy to access (for only you, not for damn thieves) and everything just as neatly placed as those roof shingles you're laying on the construction site –– all without ever having to look at any of it in your truck box or interior, and always having it with you?


Put A Stop To The Madness

Photo of a construction worker getting tools neatly organized in his DECKED Drawer System


It's time to put an end to the shit show so you don't have to drive around looking like your bed or your cab got hit by a tornado. You could have just one, single, organized, secure, and customized storage solution for everything in your truck box and interior, including the parts that now live under or in your extended cab.


If you're in a trade, you know that a regular, full-sized toolbox can't be filled with basic, loose building material like dirt or gravel without going over load capacity. You know Ram 1500s and 2500s mean you have a certain amount of cargo capacity to play with, but the question is, can you really haul things like sand, stone, and mulch PLUS all your other parts and gear, all without a trailer?


Back of a Dodge Ram driving on a country road

The short answer is, yes. Let’s compare two systems to find out exactly how.


First, let's look at RamBox. The RamBox is an interesting, in-bed storage system offered by Dodge Ram. The RamBox consists of two storage compartments positioned on either side of the bed for safe and secure storage of valuables that you don't want to keep in the cab.


You can access the box through lids on either of the bedsides, and inside each box are two LED lights that illuminate its contents in case you’re looking for something in the dark, like on a camping trip or other outing. You’ll also find a 115-volt home-style 3-prong power outlet located inside of the driver’s side box. The dimensions of the RamBox vary depending on whether you’ve got a 5’7'' or 6’4” truck bed. One of its benefits is that it's pretty secure, because in addition to a traditional lock cylinder, one of the RamBox’s main features is that it locks and unlocks with the rest of your truck. There’s a button on each box lid that releases the lid any time the truck is unlocked. It works exactly like the mechanism for an exterior trunk release, and, of course, this feature is good for practical use. There’s weather stripping on the inside of the box that keeps most water out as well. While the RamBox system has some great features, however, it isn't necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s true that the boxes might come in handy for anyone who keeps a lot of stuff in their truck bed at all times, but the one general complaint is that they eat into overall bed space.


Realistically, if you want to haul dirt or gravel, even the slightly smaller Rambox bed-full would probably way overload your truck. The fact is, if you're looking at Dodge Ram accessories, the best use of a RamBox, according to some customers, is to store things like: jacks; pieces of wood; tow straps; tools; and hitches... you know the drill. But let's face it, that's not the biggest issue. The problem, reviews say, is that a Rambox steals space, so it's not the right solution for everyone, and a lot of people opt out of adding one to their truck package when they’re at the dealer or looking at Dodge Ram accessories. Some Ram owners say it's better to do the big hauling with a trailer because trailers, being more accessible, are easier to unload than your RamBox or truck bed.


Some users of RamBox, when discussing Dodge Ram accessories, say that you can only fill it to about half full to stay within the limits. So, you should go for the RamBox if you’re cool with having midsize-pickup bed cargo space in your full-size truck. The other thing to remember is, as they’re formed to fit around the rear-wheel wells, the space inside either box is a little awkward, and the box is much deeper closer to the rear than it is up near the cab. What that means to you, is large items like tool boxes may or may not fit. The bottom line? If you have valuable personal items to haul around in your vehicle, it could probably come in handy, but if you’re a contractor, for example, who needs to haul big stuff, like hauling dirt or other loose, bulky items, you’ll probably want something more customized for your day-to-day, and going into the weekend.


What Dodge Ram Accessories Are Easy To Access & Don't Steal Much Space?

DECKED Toolbox and Drawer System installed in a truck bed

The DECKED Pickup Truck Bed Storage and Cargo Van Storage System is a low profile truck bed tool box system compatible with Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500 and Ram Promaster Cargo Vans. Ram Tool Boxes from DECKED slide out your tools, parts, valuables, and other equipment in heavy-duty drawers at waist-height, while still allowing you full usage of your truck or van. DECKED Ram accessories and Storage Systems are weatherproof, easy to install or remove, secure, ergonomic, and made in the USA. With the DECKED Storage System's low-profile design, you'll have plenty of room to uplift your truck. DECKED Ram truck storage systems are perfect for anyone who needs their vehicle to have secure storage bins that are easy to access, and besides tradesmen and women, regular truck lovers, and farmers, ranchers, and more, DECKED products are also for everyday people living in any climate or terrain who happen to love the Great Outdoors. Once and for all, you can finally get organized with DECKED Storage Systems for your Ram truck or van.


The finished height of the DECKED Drawer System sits just above the wheel wells, which actually provides more surface area to store items, rather than having to fit stuff between the wheel wells and in the odd spaces in front of and behind. Where DECKED has excelled –– through its American-made ingenuity and engineering –– is solving the accessibility issues that are so common with truck ownership.


Your truck is your daily driver, and if you use it on the weekends with your kids, or for grocery shopping and running errands, here's a sharp selling point that will score major points with your lady or your man (or maybe your roomie): the drawers make it so much easier to transport groceries and other shopping bags, because they're all contained and not rolling around in the back of the truck.


Construction worker accessing his DECKED Toolbox with the optional ladder

Now for the best part: DECKED Dodge Ram accessories, and products like the Tool Box and Drawer Systems, are built like Fort Knox, ergonomically perfect, light-weight, accessible, easy to install, and so tough, they'll make a crowbar cry. The drawers extend out far enough for you to reach all your valuables and random parts, and the DECKED system is tethered down in four corners rather than being bolted to the frame, making it versatile and practical for any truck lover. DECKED is all about making your life easy, so it took tool box accessibility to a whole other level when designing the Tool Box and System.

Photo of everything that the DECKED Drawer System includes

One of the coolest features is an optional telescoping ladder made from 6000 series aluminum that easily drops to the ground, takes up minimal space, and telescopes closed inside the DECKED Truck Tool Box. With its main plant headquartered in Defiance, Ohio, DECKED products are 100% made in the USA. The DECKED Tool Box is compatible with a RAM 1500, 2500, or 2500 truck with a short, standard, or 8-foot container manufactured from 2001 to now. If you want the integrated ladder, simply choose it before you check out.


If your RAM pickup truck is older than 2001, the DECKED Tool Box will fit a bed width between 61.375" and 70.5". Measure from the left inside bed rail to the right inside bed rail, and if you have any questions about measurement, call or email the service line any time before placing an order: 208-806-0251 or


The Tool Box is 6" in height above the bed rails and takes up 24" in bed depth between the cabside bed wall and the edge of the Tool Box. At no extra cost, your DECKED Toolbox comes preassembled with complete instructions and includes:


The Tool Box with the integrated DECKED Ladder fits one nested D-Box and one Snack Tray. Without the Access Ladder, it'll fit 2 of each. Plus, at the bottom of the tub, it fits up to 3 Crossboxes. Additional accessories purchased at the same time ship for a flat $25 rate, so order up on additional accessories with your Tool Box order. See details for our full line of Dodge Ram accessories. The TOOL BOX FAQ page has the answers you need.


Does DECKED Fit Ram Classic AND Ram New Body Style?


Truck bed in a warehouse

If you’re behind the wheel of a 2019 - 2021 RAM 1500, then you probably know that Ram produced a new body style for the Ram 1500.


However, keep in mind that Ram simultaneously continued the Classic Edition body style for the 2019-2021 Ram 1500, for the short 5'7", the standard 6'4", and the long 8' bed lengths.


So remember, the 2019-2021 Classic Edition 1500 takes a different DECKED Drawer System than the new 2019-2021 body style.


How can you tell which is which? You can easily tell the difference by looking at your hood and grill. Basically, the 2019-2021 Classic Edition Ram has a smooth-topped grill. For the new body style, you want to look for an updated valley in the hood's power bulge that cuts into the top of the grill.


DECKED Is Compatible With Tons Of Other Dodge Ram Accessories


  • If you’re wondering how your DECKED System will fit with your personal truck accessories, here’s the deal:
  • DECKED works with crossover toolboxes which leave more than 12” to floor of bed; with top rail mounted ladder racks; with tonneau covers which leave more than 12” to floor of bed for folded parts or canisters; with slide systems like CargoGlide, Bedslide, Slidezilla; with Thule and Yakima racks and accessories; and with additional Dodge Ram accessories.


DECKED offers a limited lifetime warranty on all DECKED products. Shipping of a DECKED Tool Box anywhere in the contiguous U.S. is completely FREE and takes 7-14 days.


DECKED manufacturing plant with American flag