Diamondback Tonneau Cover: The Tough Tonneau Cover Your Truck Is Missing

Diamondback Tonneau Cover: The Tough Tonneau Cover Your Truck Is Missing

Diamondback Tonneau Cover: The Tough Tonneau Cover Your Truck Is Missing

The strength of a diamondback tonneau cover allows for a person to rest their legs comfortably

Truck owners know that having a tonneau cover for your truck bed makes life a lot easier. In addition to keeping your items safer and giving you a little privacy, you get a vehicle that looks more complete. Tonneau covers are so important to a truck that there are many different types available which can make choosing one difficult. Diamondback tonneau covers are one of the most popular choices amongst most truck owners. The popularity of diamondback tonneau covers alone is enough to make you spring for one, however, that wouldn't be a wise choice. Before choosing a diamondback tonneau cover, you should know what makes it so great and why many people tend to choose it when they have the option.  

What Is A Diamondback Tonneau Cover?

A diamondback tonneau cover is the strongest tonneau cover available in the market. Normally, with a tonneau cover, you store items in the truck bed, cover it, and that’s all. With a diamondback tonneau cover, however, you have the added option of storing items on the cover as well. Diamondback tonneau covers are so strong that they can support heavy weights, allowing you to place certain items on the cover rather than in the truck bed. You will however need to be mindful of what you store on the cover as it will be exposed as opposed to being protected in your truck bed. The best term that can be used to describe a diamondback tonneau cover is, “heavy-duty”. They are usually stronger and more durable than all other types of tonneau covers and come with many advantages. If you were wondering if it was made of actual diamonds, sorry to disappoint you. It is, however, as tough as one.  

Truck with a diamondback tonneau cover installed

How Is A Diamondback Tonneau Cover Different From Other Tonneau Covers?

All tonneau covers serve one basic function, to cover your truck bed, and in that sense, they are all the same. There are, however, a few ways in which the different tonneau covers differ from one another. Some of the things that make a diamondback tonneau cover different from others include:

  • It isn't easily folded : Diamondback tonneau covers are named for how strong, tough, and durable they are. You will therefore not be able to manipulate them easily like you would a soft or hard tonneau cover . Due to this, you won't expect to see certain types of diamondback tonneau covers like roll-up as it would be impossible to do so.
  • It is heavy : One thing a tonneau cover isn't usually associated with is being heavy and opening it is usually stress-free. Diamondback tonneau covers are, however, heavier than other types of tonneau covers by default. It doesn't matter which diamondback tonneau cover you buy as it will be heavier than whatever you are used to with other types of tonneau covers.

A diamondback tonneau cover is strong enough to hold up a camper

How Heavy Is A Diamondback Tonneau Cover?

Other tonneau covers don't typically weigh much so you may be used to lifting one easily. This, however, won't be the case when dealing with a diamondback tonneau cover. Diamondback covers may differ in weight due to several factors including:

  • Size : The bigger the diamondback tonneau cover, the heavier it will be. The different sizes of diamondback tonneau covers will usually be dependent on the size of your truck and ultimately, the truck bed.
  • Materials : The final weight of a diamondback tonneau cover will be determined by the materials in the cover. While the basic materials used in making one are the same, different companies may use some different materials in addition. This ultimately results in different weights for different diamondback tonneau covers.  

A typical diamondback tonneau cover however weighs approximately 1,600 lbs. (726kg). You can also expect a diamondback tonneau cover to hold as much weight as it is. This means a 1,600lbs cover can hold up to 1600 lbs. in weight. While you may be able to fit more weight than that onto the diamondback tonneau cover, it is not advisable to do so.

A diamondback tonneau cover carrying one ATV and supporting another

Benefits Of Using A Diamondback Tonneau Cover

Using any type of tonneau cover comes with certain advantages that all truck owners are sure to love. There are, however, certain benefits that come specifically with owning a diamondback tonneau cover. Some of the benefits of a diamondback tonneau cover include:

Extra Security

When it comes to the security of a tonneau cover, it doesn't get better than with a diamondback tonneau cover. The biggest reason why many people don't like soft tonneau covers is that they don't offer much by way of security. This however isn't a problem when it comes to diamondback tonneau covers. The security of a diamondback tonneau cover is its major selling point and most of the users rave about how much they love how secure it is. Seeing as a diamondback tonneau cover is strong, it means you can lock items in your truck bed and not worry about it. It would take too much effort to break through a diamondback tonneau cover, the kind of effort that no one is willing to put in, hence, your items are safe with one.

Multiple Access Points

When you place items in your truck bed, they tend to move around and move to the opposite end of where you placed them. This means that it can move to the opposite end of where the opening of your tonneau cover is. It isn't usually a problem with soft tonneau covers as you can lift the cover and get your item. With diamondback tonneau covers, however, you may not have that luxury. You don't have to worry about gaining access to your items after locking them under your diamondback tonneau cover though. There are multiple access points to access your truck bed, meaning it becomes easier to access an item that has relocated to the opposite end.  

The tonneau cover opens in different locations giving you easy access to the truckbed

A More Durable Option

Ever had to buy the same product more than once in a short period? If yes, then you’ll know just how much it sucks to pay for it. With other types of tonneau covers not offering much when it comes to durability, the diamondback has them beat. Weather and other exogenous factors tend to affect tonneau covers and they don't usually hold up to it. A Diamondback tonneau cover on the other hand, however, can withstand extreme weather amongst other things, and still last for a long time.

Extra Storage Space

One big reason why most people don't like hard tonneau covers and opt for soft tonneau covers is the limited storage space. Unlike soft tonneau covers that can stretch to accommodate more load, hard tonneau covers don't budge. Diamondback tonneau covers don't budge as well, but they still provide you with an extra storage space option, on top of the covers. Diamondback tonneau covers are very strong and can hold a lot of weight. This provides a place to store more items if the truck bed isn't enough. Just be sure to fasten whatever items you store on top of the diamondback tonneau cover.  

Extra cargo is fastened to the top of the diamondback tonneau cover


Better Weather Protection

In the snow and the rain, or when the sun is scorching hot, your items are protected from extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the extreme weather temperatures have less of an effect on the truck bed when you have a diamondback tonneau cover. You don't have to worry about extreme heat melting your cold items as the diamondback tonneau cover will help to relieve most of it. Other types of tonneau covers may be effective at keeping out the rain and snow, but they don't do much about keeping out temperature excesses. A Diamondback tonneau cover, however, does more in this regard.  

Customizable Truck Bed

While a diamondback tonneau cover isn't exactly flexible, it does allow for customization to your truck bed. Thanks to its secure storage, it can hold some customization options safely in place. You can add in drawers, partitions, trays, and toolboxes all of which will be held in safely by the diamondback tonneau covers. DECKED  provides you with a wide range of truck accessories that can easily fit into your truck bed. The best part is that all these accessories come in different shapes and sizes, so you simply have to find the perfect fit for your truck. You can get accessories like toolboxes, D-Bag , and drawers  that fit nicely under your diamondback tonneau cover on DECKED . The diamondback tonneau cover holds all items safely in place even while the truck is in motion and during extreme weather conditions.

Accessories that can be added to your a truck

Cons Of Using A Diamondback Tonneau Cover

A diamondback tonneau cover may be great at protecting your cargo and carrying heavy loads, but there are still a few flaws that users don't appreciate. Some of the cons associated with a diamondback tonneau cover include:


With all the advantages a diamondback tonneau cover offers, it shouldn't be a surprise that they are pricey. While the prices may vary due to several factors like the size and model of your truck, you will still be spending quite a lot of money. In most cases, the lowest amount you should expect to spend when shopping for a diamondback tonneau cover is $1,500. You will likely be spending more than that and it will be wise if you budgeted more. Most users don't appreciate the fact that they are this pricey, but the price remains. After considering all the factors including the perks of using one, and the cost of materials used in making them, the price seems fair. If you can afford it, you can opt to pay and install one in your truck. If however, you are unable to afford it, you can opt for a diamondback tonneau cover alternative.

A disassembled truck bed without a tonneau cover

It Isn’t Waterproof

While water won't penetrate a diamondback tonneau cover and mess with your cargo, it doesn't make the cover water-resistant. In the end, diamondback tonneau covers are made of metal and metals are susceptible to water and subsequently, rust. You can seek extra protection for this type of tonneau cover during the rainy season to help limit the amount of water that makes contact with it. Water in limited quantities won’t harm a diamondback tonneau cover, as such, you can wash it without worrying about damaging the cover. If you keep your truck outside, during the rainy season, you can cover it with a tarp or some otter material to protect it from excess water.


This is the biggest disadvantage associated with diamondback tonneau covers. Most users don't like the fact that it is very heavy, so much so that you can’t take it out for routine cleaning and return it. You can however install it yourself, provided you can manage to bear the weight. If you can’t, however, handle the weight, then you may have to hire a professional which comes with added costs. The heavy nature does have a few perks though as it means it's also too heavy for vandals, and it can bear heavy loads as well.

A diamondback tonneau cover can carry a canoe comfortably

Is A Diamondback Tonneau Cover Worth It?

When you have seen all the pros and cons associated with a diamondback tonneau cover, you have to ask one critical question, is it worth it? In our opinion, a diamondback tonneau cover is worth it, both as a cover for your truck bed and at the price it comes at. When you consider the security you get, how long it will last and all the other great benefits you will be getting, then the choice is clear. Once you can afford it, you should opt for it. You can't go wrong with a diamondback tonneau cover, so the only thing you need to consider is if it is important enough to you.

Are DiamondBack Bed Covers Universal?

Diamondback tonneau covers are not universal, and the measurements for your truck will be needed when you want to get one. If you already have one on a truck, you may want to transfer it to a new truck but this won't always be possible. If the measurements of the new truck and that of the old truck are the same, then you can transfer them. However, seeing as this won't always be the case, you may have to take the measurements of your truck and get a new diamondback tonneau cover.

An unistalled diamondback tonneau cover set for a vehicle

So, What’s The Verdict?

Your truck has never been safer than with a diamondback tonneau cover, and it looks good too. It doesn't matter what kind of truck you drive, all that matters is the measurement of your truck and how you want to install it.




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