Hard Tonneau Cover: The Missing Part Of Your Truck

Hard Tonneau Cover: The Missing Part Of Your Truck

A truck without a Tonneau cover

One thing all truck owners will agree on is that trucks look better when the back is covered. Some trucks come with their covers but in most cases, you will have to get one yourself. There are generally two types of covers for a truck and they are Hardcovers and soft covers. Hard Tonneau covers are one of the most used cover options for trucks all around the world. Without the cover, your truck feels naked and most truck owners would rather have it covered. If you own a truck and are thinking of getting a cover, you can't go wrong with a hard Tonneau cover.  


What Is A Hard Tonneau Cover?

Many different materials can be used to make a truck bed cover. The type of the truck bed cover is usually dependent on the materials it is made from.

A Hard Tonneau Tonneau cover gets its name from the fact that the cover is not bendable. This type of truck bed cover is stronger and more durable than other options. The materials that are used in making a hard tonneau cover include aluminum, fiberglass, and hard plastics. While you cannot typically bend a hard tonneau cover, some design options allow folding by creating partitions at strategic locations.


Functions Of A Hard Tonneau Cover

The most obvious function of a hard tonneau cover is to cover up your truck bed. There are however other functions that a tonneau hardcover provides in addition to simply covering up your truck bed. Some of these functions include:

Weather Protection

One of the biggest flaws of the design of a truck is that the truck is always exposed to nature. On a hot day, your items are sunburnt, on a rainy day, items get wet and when it snows, it snows over all your items. A hard tonneau cover, however, puts an end to all your weather problems. You can simply cover the items in the back of your truck and safely away from the effects of the weather.

The truck bed is open, exposing the stored item to the snow


Another flaw in the design of a truck is that you cant safely store items in the truck bed. Most people simply store items inside the truck, but there are certain items you won't want in the truck and would rather keep in the truck bed. With a hard tonneau cover, however, you can store items in the truck bed without too much worry. Your items will be safe from prying eyes and passersby.

Provide An Elegant Look

Seeing as hard tonneau covers don't always come with the truck, there are many versatile designs to choose from. You can also have a design you love engraved on one, or have one made to match whatever look you want. It gives you the option of controlling how your truck looks without having to make any changes to the truck.

Compartmental Storage

You can go further by installing compartments in your truck bed and gaining more storage capabilities. DECKED offers a drawer system that can fit into your truck bed comfortably and store items. The drawer system can be efficient for storing tools and other items whilst using minimal storage space. The hard tonneau cover will keep it covered up and you operate your truck without your compartments being visible. This design is perfect for storing one or multiple DECKED toolboxes, holding it down in place and still having room for other items.  


What Makes A Good Hard Tonneau Cover?

Everyone would like to make the correct choice when it comes to making a purchase and the same applies to hard tonneau covers. In most cases, price tends to indicate quality, and the higher the cost, the better the product is. There are, however, cases where the more expensive product isn't always the best. So, what makes a good hard tonneau cover? How do you make sure you buy the best hard tonneau cover? The factors you will need to consider when choosing a hard tonneau cover include:


No one wants to continually spend money on the same product regardless of how important the product is. Hence, a good hard tonneau cover will need to be durable and serve you for a long time. It may not be easy to tell how long a hard tonneau cover can last by looking at it, but some options come with expected life spans. A good hard tonneau cover will have a long life span and serve you for a long time.


There are many types of materials that can be used in making a hard tonneau cover. In some cases, materials are combined when making the hard tonneau cover to improve its durability. A good hard tonneau cover usually has at least three materials in it offers more stability and has less risk of being damaged.


Security is one of the major functions of a hard tonneau cover and it determines how good one is. With so many different brands in existence, there are different levels of security offered by the hard tonneau covers. A good hard tonneau cover will provide you maximum security and peace of mind when you leave items in your truck bed.

A truck without a tonneau cover. The items are exposed and unsafe

Types of Hard Tonneau Covers

There are many different types of tonneau covers for your truck. When it comes to hard tonneau covers, however, there are significantly fewer. The entire idea of a hard tonneau cover doesn't allow for certain types of tonneau covers. There are still several options and types of hard tonneau covers. Some of these include:

Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers

One of the latest innovations in the world of hard tonneau covers. Unlike traditional tonneau coves that are closed or detached options, you get a hard tonneau cover that is always attached. When you want your truck bed open, you can retract the cover and when you want it closed, you pull it out. The design is very popular and there are even automated options where the retract and resurface options are controlled with a button.


  • You don't have to pull out or retract the cover manually
  • The latest in hard tonneau cover technology
  • Comes equipped with extra security


  • It can be a bit expensive
  • It is a bit complicated to install

Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Folding is usually associated with soft tonneau covers but there are options available for hard tonneau covers as well. This type of hard tonneau cover is partitioned, allowing it to fold up and roll out whenever you want. You can choose to cover your entire truck bed or just a portion.

The cover is folded when the hard tonneau cover of the truck is opened 


  • It is easy to install
  • Good protection against the weather
  • Allows you to carry live animals in your truck bed


  • It is pretty expensive
  • There is no security until the cover is closed

Hinged Hard Tonneau Cover

This type of hard tonneau cover works like an old-school car bonnet. The cover is installed and covers the truck bed, and can be opened and hold up bushings, as you would with a car bonnet. Many people love this type of hard tonneau cover as it helps make their truck look more impressive.


  • Makes your truck look classy
  • Easy access to the truck bed


  • Restricts the kind of materials you can store in the truck bed
  • It doesn't offer much by way of security

Roll-Up/Rolling Hard Tonneau Cover

This type of hard tonneau cover is built like a mat where you can roll it up and out, the same as with a mat. Traditionally, this type of tonneau cover is for soft covers but has hardcover options as well.

The same working principle as that of a roll up hard tonneau cover


  • Easy to install
  • A versatile tonneau cover


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It isn’t a very secure option

Choosing The Best Hard Tonneau Cover

The biggest question you will face when you are looking to purchase and install a hard tonneau cover on your truck is, “How do I choose the best one?”. With so many things going through your mind and so many things to consider, what matters? Choosing the best hard tonneau cover gets simpler once you know exactly what to consider. Some of the factors to consider when buying a hard tonneau cover includes:

Special Features

To impress customers, most manufacturers add special features to their products. Special features help make a product unique and usually improve product use. Some hard tonneau covers come with special features to make them easier or more comfortable to use. You can check for any special features that you may find appealing before choosing the one you will buy and install on your truck.


Longevity is a good way to convince anyone to buy a product and the warranty is a good way to establish how long a product will last. When the manufacturer is highly assured the product will last a long time, then you can expect it to last. If it doesn't last, however, you can always look forward to getting it fixed or replaced, for free.

A truck with a durable hard tonneau cover, capable of withstanding the rain


Price is usually the ultimate decider whenever you are shopping for a new product. Seeing as the more impressive the product is, the more it will likely cost, then you may need to spend a lot of money. If you are on a budget, however, you can look for sales discounts and end-of-season sales where prices are lowered or you can simply go for the cheapest hard folding tonneau cover. You can also look for the best value for money hard tonneau cover and buy it.


The easier the product is to use, then the more appealing it becomes to the consumer. There are a lot of hard tonneau covers that are difficult to install or even use. If you don't have the patience to handle complicated products, or you would prefer the easier options, then seek one out and ignore the complicated products.

Access Offered

What will you be storing in the truck bed? How much room do you have when the hard tonneau cover is installed? These are questions you will need to ask yourself before settling on a hard tonneau cover. All the different options are designed differently and some of them allow for more freedom than others. Those who usually fit a lot of cargo in the truck bed will need an option that can fit it all.

A truck without a hard tonneau cover capable of fitting people

Why Should You Use A Hard Tonneau Cover?

If you own a truck and are already comfortable with your open truck bed, you may be reluctant to get a hard tonneau cover. You may need a little convincing, but it is going to be worth it in the end. There are many reasons why you should get a hard tonneau cover as opposed to a soft one, or no cover at all. Some of these reasons include:


A hard tonneau cover offers more security than a sort one and without a tonneau cover, you’ll have no security at all. Some of the hard tonneau options available have room for padlocks and other security measures. That way, you can safely lock your items in your truck and have your mind at ease.


Hold Your Items In Place

If you are ever tired of your items rolling around at the back of your truck, then you have to get a hardcover tonneau. Some options come with compartments that allow you to safely store smaller items and hold them in place. Where this option isn't available, you can manually create compartments by making or buying them. DECKED offers a wide variety of compartment and storage options that would fit perfectly in your truck.


You don't have to be a shallow person to want your truck to look good. A hard tonneau adds to the overall appearance of your truck and depending on the one you choose, a bit of style. There are different options to choose from and each comes with its style and aesthetic appeal.

Elemental Protection

You won't have to worry about the weather ruining the items you store in your truck bed. You can leave items and documents in your truck bed and rest easy when the clouds begin to collect and the lightning rumbles. All your items will be safely stored regardless of the weather. You should however note that the different hard tonneau options offer different levels of protection from the weather.

Wrapping Up…

Some trucks already come with their hard tonneau cover or have covers that are perfectly built for them. If your truck doesn't have one already, then it will be a great addition. It doesn't matter what type of hard tonneau cover you choose, so long as it gives you the benefits you love, then it is a great addition to your truck.