Here is Why You Should Go Beyond Bak Tonneau Covers and Get The DECKED Drawer System

Here is Why You Should Go Beyond Bak Tonneau Covers and Get The DECKED Drawer System

Your regular daily rides out with your pickup truck are not supposed to be a junk show. It may not really matter what your job is; as a truck guy, you are always on the go doing runs, and you want your tools easily accessible and always on the reach.

Agreeably, the proper arrangement of your handy equipment is a plus to your job as it enhances productivity. You'd always land on what you need when you have to. On the flip side though, a disorganized tool storage system is more than a bug; it is a threat to safety and a burn to the pocket as you'd frequently spend on repairs and exchangeables. In this regard, in protecting their pickup truck beds, many people resort to tonneau covers, and among the most popular, Bak Tonneau Covers occupy a prominent position.

We agree that indeed, there are times you need tonneau covers to keep your truck bed secure, but you may need DECKED even more as our cargo storage systems offer more than just truck bed covering.You get better storage, more space and better security.

Why Pickup Truck Guys Love the Bak Tonneau Covers

  • Safety

A good tonneau will safeguard your haul. Whether it is family trip luggage, building materials, grocery, or work equipment, one of the surest ways of safely transporting your truck bed stuff involves using tonneau covers.

Bak Tonneau Covers keep your items away from prying eyes, minimizing theft.

Besides security, tonneau covers come in handy in protecting your cargo from rain, snow, dust, and generally all aspects of mother nature. A safeguard against elements also means that since most truck beds are made of steel, corrosion would be a thing of the past as moisture will be kept at bay.

  • Improved Gas Mileage

A proven advantage of having a tonneau cover is that it reduces fuel usage. You can get between 5% to 10% better fuel economy. This is because tonneau covers have an aerodynamic design that helps reduce wind drag which occurs when air gets blocked at your tailgate. Who doesn't want to make such significant savings?

  • Enhances your Truck's Aesthetic Appeal

Tonneaus enhance your truck's appearance, and it is perhaps one of the main reasons people purchase them. With their low-profile aerodynamic design, tonneau covers add that sporty effect to your truck, enhancing its general look.

The good thing is tonneaus can be customized to match the color of your truck, and that is a great plus. They also come in a wide range of forms ranging from the soft-rolling to the hard tri-fold types.

Tonneau covers offer only truck bed covering nothing more, yet DECKED goes ahead to offer ergonomic storage for all manners of items regardless of size, use etc. You need DECKED more than any of those tonneau covers out there.

Bak Tonneau Covers are Great But….

Tonneau covers are great, but they have significant shortcomings. I appreciate the fact that tonneaus have come a long way since the horse and buggy days when people covered their cargo with blankets and tarps. Bluntly stated, even the most remarkable inventions have serious shortcomings.

Here are some of the things you won't enjoy with Bak Tonneau Covers:

  • Item retrieval is less than ideal, predisposing you to awkward and unergonomic work postures.
  • Tonneau covers don't offer any form of organization. All they do is cover your truck bed, nothing much.
  • Their price tags are just too high. You may get cheap ones for $200, and the high-end ones cost way over $2000. That's too much for what tonneaus offer.
  • Depending on build quality, water will always find its way into your truck bed contents.




DECKED System are subjected through a process of intense innovation and creativity so meet the ever evolving truck bed utility needs.


Here's Why the DECKED Drawer System Surpasses Any Tonneau Cover

While it is not our intention to disparage the Bak Tonneau Cover, this low down clearly shows that DECKED Drawer System is the ultimate tonneau cover for this century. It is not only a truck bed cover, but it also allows for modular storage. DECKED has gone the extra mile to create a product that is the epitome of pure American talent and craftsmanship. Heck, this is one tough and versatile truck bed cover.


No one wants to keep buying the same thing over and over again. We all want durable products that will take the long haul. The DECKED Drawers aren't made using ordinary steel, aluminum, wood, or the conventional vinyl we see in BAK Tonneau Covers.

The DECKED Drawer System is made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel and aluminum reinforcements. HDPE is a robust material that is also impact-resistant. The Drawer System won't ding, dent, or even scratch. Be rest assured that your new truck bed cover will withstand the pressures of the everyday use and abuse you put it through.

Bak Tonneau Covers are great, especially if you purchase the hard-rolling or hard-folding ones made of durable aluminum panels. Still, you can't compare aluminum with HDPE. HDPE is the material of the future. Go with it or go home.

When high impact and super-strong materials are brought together through a process of injection molding , you get DECKED-a fortress like cargo storage piece solution.

Full Truck Bed Use

One of the most annoying disadvantages of tonneau covers is that you may not be able to haul taller and heavier items once they are installed on your truck. Take, For instance, while some Bak Tonneaus can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo, the majority are fragile even to allow the installation of over-the roof accessories such as racks leave alone using them to haul anything.


The DECKED Drawer System raises the bar with a 2000-pound payload capacity. This means you can load timber, cement, cinder blocks, pallets, or that motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, or jet-ski for recreation. The HDPE will hold that weight without a doubt. You just have to ensure that your truck or van can withstand such weight or risk damaging it.

As an added advantage, the DECKED Drawers hide your wheel wells, giving you an even and wider bed surface area to haul your cargo.

Protection from the Elements

How well does the DECKED Drawer System withstand the wrath of mother nature? The DECKED Drawer system is heat, water, snow, hail, and dust resistant. Don't worry about the safety of your cargo whether you live in areas with extreme precipitation, temperatures, or snow.

BAK tonneau covers are also great in this respect. However, I don't suppose they can withstand those extreme temperatures and heat without losing their shine over time. Perhaps you will have to purchase a UV protectant to maintain the bold look of your tonneau cover.

The DECKED Drawers are also UV resistant. Your Drawers won't fade or crack and will maintain that sharp look over the years. What more could you wish for in a truck bed cover? No more frequent replacement and repair costs and UV protectants. DECKED is the wiser investment.


The DECKED Drawers also withstands dust and high-pressure carwash. Most tonneau covers won't keep your stuff from a simple car wash splash. With DECKED, though, you'd be sure to go down that dirt road and later take your truck to the carwash, and all your stuff remains nice and dry.

DECKED gives you the confidence of going about your activities by guaranteeing top class security of your cargo whether from snow, Dew , car wash showers, dust, rain and other aspects of weather.

Meticulous Organization

Tonneau covers don't offer any form of organization whatsoever. You just have to throw everything back there, and it will be a total mess. And perhaps not to be rude, but know that if you have a tonneau cover, you will have to purchase a tool box, side boxe, or even cargo nets if you want to haul items on your truck bed.

Well, DECKED carries the flag in this respect. Each Drawer System you purchase comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers.

The D-Box is watertight, ultra-durable, lockable, and has grab-and-go handles. The D-Box is the elder brother to the Crossbox. The Crossbox fits either lengthwise or crosswise, depending on the size of your Drawers and truck.

The Drawerganizer helps minimize clutter by storing and organizing small bits and frequently used items. The Drawerganizer can also hold your power tools and other bigger items if you wish. You should also check out the Double Drawerganizer with handles.

The Drawer Dividers compartmentalize your Drawers. Instead of having one big Drawer, the Drawer Dividers allow for modular storage. They fit into mounting positions within the Drawers and are easily adjustable to suit your storage needs at any given time.

The Drawer System comes with inlay design aspects that ensures proper order of your cargo for ease of access , better tracking and proper storage.

Gear Accessibility

You just have to agree that gear accessibility is less than ideal with a tonneau cover. You even have a more difficult time if you want to access gear near your cabin. In this case, you will have to fold or roll your tonneau to gain access. You can instead purchase a gear retrieval tool.

Trust me that a tonneau cover predisposes you to unergonomic postures that slowly but surely predispose you to musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs). I have been a victim, and I know that you also reach too far, tiptoe, twist your torsos, or jump in and out of your bed to retrieve items. You harm your back, waist, shoulder, knees, and ankles in the process.

The DECKED Drawer System rolls out at waist height, giving you instant access to all your gear. Summon all your gear through one simple pull and access all your bed contents, even those near the cabin.

Unless you enjoy crawling in and out of dark spaces, you should get the DECKED Drawer System.



The DECKED Drawer is one secure truck bed cover. No one can access your bed contents unless your tailgate is open. You can also invest in the optional Drawer System Locks for an extra layer of security. The Drawer Locks come in handy in cases where your tailgate doesn't lock or if the tailgate lock isn't working correctly.

A notable fact is that most tonneau covers are secure, especially the hard-folding ones. Besides, most tonneaus can be opened through pull cords accessible through an open tailgate. A tonneau will keep your stuff safe if your tailgate locks, but woe unto you if it doesn't.

The thing with DECKED is once you lock your stuff in, you be sure it will be well protected as the equipment is made from study material with extra security aspects. Not even a crowbar nor a claw-hammer can be used to make a forced entry.

How Much Does a DECKED Drawer System Cost?


Worry not because you don't have to break the bank to acquire the DECKED Drawer System. The Drawers cost $1449.99. This is such a competitive price point, considering the numerous advantages of the equipment. High-end tonneaus can cost up to $2400. Still, they won't offer the same durability, convenience, and security level that comes with the DECKED Drawer System.

You also get to save money in the long run since you won't experience regular repair and replacement costs. You also save on buying stuff like tonneau cleaners, UV protectants, and accessories to organize your cargo.

More Benefits of the DECKED Drawers


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – All DECKED products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. DECKED strives to make perfect products, but at times defects happen. Reach out to DECKED if you have any problems, and you will get assistance.
  • Free Shipping – The Drawer System and other DECKED accessories ship for free anywhere in the contiguous US.
  • 30-Day Return Guarantee – You can return the product within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. I highly doubt whether you won't enjoy having the DECKED Drawers.
  • Simple Installation – The Drawer System is easy to install with minimal or no drilling required.



Times are changing, and so is the truck bed cover and storage industry. Many industry leaders compete in this sector, including Bak, Access, Extang, Truxedo, etc. These are excellent companies, but none makes tonneau covers that compare with the DECKED Drawer System.

The DECKED Drawer System is durable, reliable, and of high quality. The Drawer System is also compatible with your favorite tonneau cover.

Join the revolution and invest in DECKED. Click this link to order the DECKED Drawer System today and have it delivered to your doorstep for easy DIY installation.