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Access Tonneau Covers Were Great Until the Wake of the DECKED Revolution

Access Tonneau Covers Were Great Until the Wake of the DECKED Revolution

Access tonneau covers were the first roll-up tonneau covers in the US. Access roll-up covers were initially made available in 1991, and numerous other companies have since emulated this trend. We all agree that Access tonneaus are visually appealing and add a classy element to your truck’s image.

We are sure you are not keeping an Access tonneau for its aesthetic beauty alone. A tonneau guarantees the safety of your gear from thugs and harsh weather elements. A cover also gives you better fuel economy. Economic times are tough, and improved gas mileage is a significant benefit. Thanks to a tonneau’s aerodynamic design, you get less air drag, and you can get up to 10% better gas mileage.

Sounds like Access tonneau covers would be a great option, then, but read this first. Tonneau covers have several limitations, and they won’t give you the efficiency, organization, and storage you desire. This is why we bring the DECKED truck bed storage solution.

Does the DECKED Drawer System Compare with Access Tonneau Covers?

 The DECKED Drawers offers modular storage that an Access tonneau cover cannot.

There is no way you can start comparing apples and oranges. They have their physical and nutritional differences. An orange will never quench your craving for a delicious apple. The two fruits have their rightful places. This is the same way you cannot compare the DECKED Drawers with an access tonneau cover simply because it’s not a tonneau.

The DECKED Drawer System performs better than a conventional tonneau. At DECKED, we understand that your truck is not simply a transportation tool. It is literally where you live your life. It can be your home, office, or getaway den.

The DECKED Drawers are a versatile storage solution. It will suit contractors, engineers, paramedics, farmers, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists. The Drawers turn your truck or van into a customizable toolbox that you use for work and recreation.

How Does the DECKED Drawer System Stack Against Access Tonneau Covers?

Build Quality and Durability

 The DECKED Drawers are made using HDPE. They can withstand everyday use and abuse and serve you for a lifetime.

We bet you want a truck bed cover that will last for ages while maintaining its bold and sharp look. You don’t want to bug yourself with regular repair and replacement costs that dent your bank account.

The DECKED Drawers are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a galvanized steel subframe. The Drawers will carry all your tools and withstand everyday use and abuse. You can hit your toolbox with a sledgehammer or jump on it, but it won’t dent or ding. The good news is that the resin material is resistant to UV rays.

We can’t say the same about Access tonneau covers. Depending on the Access roll-up cover you are purchasing, you may get one made using reinforced double-coated vinyl that resists tearing. The tonneau covers have a vinyl grain finish, meaning harsh UV rays won’t crack or fade your tonneau.

You cannot compare vinyl and HDPE on a durability scale. This is why an Access tonneau cover comes with a five-year warranty. In contrast, all DECKED products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The DECKED Drawers are simply the toughest. Its low-profile design makes it the ultimate replacement for your tonneau. Be sure your Drawers will take the long haul, will take whatever task you throw at them.

Full Truck Bed Use and Excellent Payload Capacity

 The DECKED Drawers have a 2000 pound payload capacity. You can haul heavier and taller items on your truck bed including timber, pallets, ATVs, et cetera.

There comes a time when you want full truck bed use. Imagine loading a motorbike or an ATV on your Access tonneau. It will definitely sink in. You won’t even think of hauling taller items on top of your tonneau cover.

Payload capacity is another metric where the DECKED Drawers beats Access tonneau covers or any other tonneau, hands down. The DECKED Drawer System has a payload capacity of up to 2000 pounds. It withstands the payload torture test without sagging or bending.

You can haul pallets, lumber, cement, concrete blocks, bicycles, or motorbikes while enjoying safe and convenient storage within the DECKED Drawers. You will find DECKED’s payload capacity a helpful feature if you need the extra space for work or adventure.

You can’t say the same for Access tonneaus. They are soft roll-up covers means that they can only handle rain or snow weight. The roll-up covers would still give you full-bed use, but you won’t enjoy the convenient storage that the DECKED Drawers offer.  


Secure your DECKED Drawers and it's contents whenever you lock your tailgate. You can buy the Drawer System Locks to enjoy an extra layer of security.

Keeping all your precious gear and equipment out of sight is an excellent way of keeping them out of the minds of low-life thieves. Even if you live in the remotest and most isolated places, you have to agree that items at the back of your truck tend to wander off.

A tonneau cover will just keep the valuable items you are hauling out of plain cover. It does just that. It covers your bed and whatever you’re carrying. You can have better security if you have a locking tailgate. But is it really secure? Be rest assured that with the right tools, thugs can cut through the vinyl and steal your cargo.

The DECKED Drawers are simple on the eye but tough on thieves. They are like a mobile Fort Knox that you simply can’t break into. It does not only cover your bed, but no one will access the bed contents if you lock your tailgate.

You should also consider purchasing the optional Drawer System Locks. The Drawer Locks give all your equipment and gear an additional layer of security. Consider buying them, and you can save yourself from constantly worrying about the safety of your tools. The Drawer Locks are also easy to install.


 The DECKED Drawers are weatherproof. It means that your drawers won't rust or fade and all your tools will remain dry during rainy or snowy seasons.

We are sure you want your gear protected come rain, sunshine, or snow. An Access tonneau does a great job in this respect. There is a weather-resistant seal on all four sides of the cover, which will prevent most of the water from entering your truck bed. It will do a great job during rain or snow.

But a tonneau is just a tonneau. You may find items wet after a heavy downpour or through a car wash. You may need to purchase a tailgate seal to prevent water from coming in through the tailgate hinges. A tonneau may be water-resistant, but it doesn’t guarantee that all your tools and gear will remain completely.

The DECKED Drawer System defies the norm. Proudly engineered in Defiance, Ohio, the DECKED are weatherproof. The Drawer System is not a submarine, but all your gear remains safe from all the elements. It can take rain or snow beating, and your tools won’t get soggy.

The DECKED Drawers are weather-resistant. The System withstands a high-pressure car wash. Your tools will remain dry and your Drawer system won't get damaged.

The DECKED Drawers also survive a high-pressure car wash. It isn’t recommended to go through a carwash with your tonneau on. Automatic car washes with wax treatments and high-pressure jets can damage the thread on your tonneau cover.

You have no choice but to fold or remove your Access tonneau cover when going through the carwash. DECKED defies all nature. You can perform all your work and recreation whether it is shining, raining, or snowing.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

 The DECKED Drawers are ergonomic. They roll out at waist height and gives you instant access to all your tools. The Drawers do not predispose you to unnecessary bending, twisting, or stretching.

It is high time we take ergonomics seriously. You definitely spend a lot of time loading and retrieving items from your truck bed, which predisposes you to awkward and unergonomic conditions. Working in an uncomfortable situation will slowly but surely take a toll on your body.

If you own an Access tonneau, you have definitely suffered some or all of the following poor ergonomic conditions.

  • Climbing over the side or back of your truck to retrieve tools
  • Jumping out of or crawling into your truck bed
  • Twisting torsos
  • Excessive bending
  • Craning your neck

These conditions harm your knees, ankles, shoulders, waist, and shoulder in the long run. The DECKED Drawer System is a simple solution to making all your tools and hardware easily accessible, saving you time and preventing you from workplace injuries.

The DECKED Drawers roll out at waist height, allowing you instant access to all your tools by one pull. The Drawers also roll smoothly even when heavily loaded. With DECKED, you say goodbye to awkward tiptoeing and unnecessary reaching and stooping to retrieve your tools.

There is no point in rolling up your tonneau cover and digging through a pile of unorganized gear and clutter to retrieve your tools. Up your storage and organization game by simply getting the DECKED Drawer System.

Scrupulous Organization

 Enjoy efficiency and organization with the DECKED Drawers. The Drawers come standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawer Dividers, and Drawerganizer.

Regardless of your trade, hobby, or recreational activity, you have to agree that you can benefit much from being a little organized. You don’t want to go through the hassle of scavenging through a pile of tools and equipment.

The DECKED Drawer System lets you enjoy more storage, organization, and utility from your truck. It won’t take any of your bed space but will only improve your storage efficiency. DECKED’s modular storage is customizable, and you can switch between different jobs, hobbies, or sports and still remain organized.

Each Drawer System comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers. Let’s see how these accessories make your life easier.

D-Box – The DECKED D-Box fits snugly in the Drawer System. It is ultra-durable, weatherproof, and has horizontal and vertical carry handles. The D-Box can carry up to 50 pounds. The D-Box also has two dividers that help maximize storage efficiency. The D-Box is lockable. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your equipment when working at a construction site or engaging in an outdoor activity.

The Crossbox is the younger brother to the D-Box. It is durable, weatherproof, and secure.

Crossbox – The Crossbox is the younger brother to the DECKED D-Box. It is also durable, weatherproof, and secure. It has carry handles, meaning that you can carry the tools you need from your truck to your work or recreational site. The Crossbox also comes in handy with a small tool and part organizer.

Drawerganizer – The Drawerganizer is another great invention from DECKED. It helps you maximize storage space in the area near your drawer handles. It is perfect for your small and frequently used items like gloves, duct tapes, and other small bits.

Drawer Dividers – The DECKED Drawer Dividers fit into mounting positions within the DECKED Drawer System. You can easily adjust them to meet your storage needs at any given time.

D-Bag – The DECKED D-Bag is an optional accessory that is fully compatible with the DECKED Drawers and also great for solo use. It is a military-grade hard- and soft-shell tool bag. It is versatile and ideal for work, hunting, fishing, et cetera. The D-Bag is weather-resistant and durable.

The DECKED Piecekeepers are the safest and most convenient of carrying rifles and shotguns within your truck bed.

Piecekeepers – The DECKED Piecekeepers offer a safe and convenient way of carrying your firearms. They work similarly to the Drawer Dividers. Piecekeepers are a must-have for people who enjoy hunting and other shooting range games. You can carry ammunition in the Drawerganizer or D-Box. You should consider buying the D-Bag since it doubles as a great shooting range backpack.

Can I use the DECKED Drawer System with My Tonneau?

 The DECKED Drawers are fully compatible with any tonneau of your choice.

Perhaps you already have an Access tonneau cover and are considering getting yourself the DECKED Drawer System. Worry not. The DECKED Drawers are compatible with any tonneau of your choice. This is good news that makes die-hard tonneau lovers happy.

Additional Perks of Having the DECKED Drawers

Besides the limited lifetime warranty that comes with all DECKED Products, you also get to enjoy:

  • Free Shipping – DECKED products ship for free anywhere in the continental US.
  • 30-Day Return Guarantee – You can return our products if you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase. We promise you that this will never happen since we believe that the Drawer System will become your favorite truck upgrade.
  • Easy Installation – Initial installation takes 2 to 3 hours. Afterward, you can uninstall the Drawer System in less than 15 minutes if you need to use the full depth of your truck bed. Re-installation also takes 15 minutes.
  • Top-notch Support – You can talk to our product experts via call or social media, and they won’t stop until you’re satisfied. You can also watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

The DECKED Drawer System Should be Your Next Tonneau

Tonneau covers are great, but the DECKED Drawers overcome the several limitations of a tonneau. There is no need to spend your several grand on a tonneau, yet you can get the DECKED Drawers.

Visit the DECKED website and order your DECKED Drawers and accessories today.