Beau Martonik: East Meets West Hunt

Beau Martonik: East Meets West Hunt

Growing up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, Beau cut his teeth chasing Whitetail in the hardwoods and never looked back. Like many hunters and sportsmen out there, he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers who taught him the way of the woods. Beau quickly became a skilled rifle and bow hunter and decided to expand his competency from the Appalachian home-country to the great frontier of the West. Because he’s a hell of a nice guy, he shares the lessons he’s learned big-game hunting and other adventure insights along the way in his podcast: East Meets West Hunt.

Beau Martonik: East Meets West Hunt

To Beau, the process of hunting means much more than just filling his tags and freezer. He finds immense fulfillment from trip planning, adventuring in the wilderness, and dealing with the elements.

If you can take an hour to listen or read through his content each week, we guarantee you will learn something new. Beau takes an ego-less approach to his hunts and has an aptitude for communicating his findings to help other hunters learn along with him.

Everyone wants to find a way to spend more time in the woods. Beau is a great example of someone who successfully balances his work life at home with some serious hunting time. One of our favorite hunts he recently covered was up in Alaska chasing caribou. Check more of that hunt out HERE.

“I’m traveling all over to hunt, and even when I’m in Pennsylvania, I’m living out of my truck. I use my DECKED Drawer System to store all my hunting and camping gear. Anything that I need on all my trips is in those drawers.”

Like many guys out there, Beau lives out of his truck. For him, a successful hunt starts with great organization systems at home, in camp, and on the hunt. His DECKED Drawer System always holds hunting and camping gear that keeps him prepared for any situation.

Interested to learn how Beau organizes his truck? Check out his detailed hunting gear list HERE.


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