So... We Lifted the Kimono on the New DECKED Midsize Product

So... We Lifted the Kimono on the New DECKED Midsize Product

A couple of weeks back, we did something noteworthy, we debuted the new DECKED drawer storage system for midsize trucks like Tacoma and Colorado/Canyon to a select group of media. 

Red Tacoma

We figured, now that the cat is soon to be out of the bag, why not share our new product at a little pow-wow with the automotive media, related influential types, a few guys who probably never miss a free meal and a smattering of others to lift the veil on the midsize system we have been working on for over 18 months.

DECKED in Tacoma

Big shout out here to the ID Agency for putting this event together for us as well as the folks that showed up from outlets like Motor Trend Network, Tread, Recoil, Internet Brands (all of those great forums out there for truck guys), ABC Radio (Latino Garage), and more.

Wall with DECKED ad

The taco truck rolled up with a feed of amazing street food including Korean BBQ that was a socks-knock'er-off'er and more. 

While most people came to check out the new product and touch and feel the real deal after months of anticipation, we couldn't help ourselves but to bust out a powerpoint presentation. 

DECKED Presentation

The Tacoma mafia was in full effect and safe to say, we made a man named Daniel's day. 

With the same performance and engineering/manufacturing quality of the DECKED full sized system, the midsized system comes with a host of enhanced features that will soon be adopted into the full sized line like detent drawer stops (to keep drawers open on inclines) being the most noticeable and noteworthy. 

DECKED System Parts

DECKED for midsize will fit all Chevrolet Colorado/Canyon trucks since 2015, Toyota Tacoma trucks since 2005, as well as the Nissan Frontier here in North America.  This product will also be available in the international market for VW Amarok, Toyota Hi-Lux, Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger, and more later in the year. 

Thanks to all that came out (Dos Chino's Food Truck #NumeroUNO) and looking forward to seeing you again at a concentration of metal, wheels and motors.

Food truck and DECKED trailer

Open DECKED Trailer

Rear view of tacoma with DECKED Side View of DECKED Wide angle of DECKED presentation Outside of building

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