It's a DECKED Thing! You'd Probably Understand, If You Got the Money Pull...

Work Smarter Play Harder” is much more than a slogan for DECKED, it’s a way of life. Trail blazing the T2 through naval ports, desert mountains, and farm land, is transcending a simple conversation starter, it's building a culture, linking  truck owners across the waves of amber grain. It never gets old seeing the reactions on people’s faces when they see DECKED for the first time, especially when they go for the “money pull”.

Money Pull (n)- The act of opening DECKED drawers for the first time typically results in "ah hah!" exclamations and frequent jaw dropping. Highly contagious, if contracted purchase a system immediately/

The past couple weeks has been jam packed for the  DECKED T2 Tour, tackling  three shows (Monster Jam, King Of The Hammers, World Ag Expo) in three different cities (San Diego,  Johnson Valley,  Tulare). Each show was a success, creating new friendships while running into some familiar faces along the way. (Check out pictures below)

Monster Jam



King Of The Hammers



World Ag Expo


So cheers to DECKED Culture. Next stop, Unlimited Off-Road Expo in Fort Worth, Texas!


Till then, signing off...

Julian Prosper

T2 Marketing Service Rep