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SEMA 2018 Recap. OR...Tales from the Upper South Hall

"Welcome to the jungle," is what the man next to this sign is trying to say.

With all of the political antics of 2018 making for an interesting year, being American-made from the beginning has ended up being an even better deal. A lot of great plastic and metal items are produced in China, but we have always felt that for what we make, doing it here in the US is the only way to go. Turns out we were right more than we could have known. So, we declared our American-made status with this sign at our booth. Seriously, if you've got it, flaunt it right? 

We had this Camburg Engineering Toyota Tundra in our booth. It's a ridiculously awesome and capable offroad vehicle. With a suspension set up suitable for pre-running the Baja 1000, an inner-cooled supercharger and a full overland retinue of goods, this thing is pissed. And it's for sale. 

But enough about us. Let's just show you the goods...

You may recall, we hosted a contest with RealTruck to win a trip to SEMA. Well, Todd and Heather got right to it after taking the red-eye (and Todd hates flying). We fired them out into the desert for driving some high performance side by side vehicles. Then they drove pro-desert trucks at the Speed Vegas compound. We believe we can fairly say that they were 100000% stoked.

Not sure what to say about this rig, other than as advertised, it's the perfect vehicle in the event of the zombie apocalypse. 

Not sure what you do with this rig, other than drive over Geo Metro's at the McDonald's drive in.

Hot Wheels had their collection on display. This van...not sure your kids should accept candy from the wizard.

Never enough bad ideas at SEMA.

This is not your granddaddy's RAM.

Low. Ride. R.

DECKED was rolling big in the FORD booth.

Any questions? I've got a few. Like, did you wait until the last minute? Fusion bumpers...where's the bumper?

Grow on my friends, grown on.

This Raptor in the Cooper Tires booth was dialed in with a custom kitchen in the drawer set up. Pretty sick.

Longer, bigger, better, bigger.

You wish your F150 drove like Ken Block's Pike's Peak truck.

Kevin Costner's custom #DECKEDout Tundra was a must see at the Toyota booth this year. Photo: @ToyotaUSA

DECKED + Bedslide

Westin Booth 



Until next time....

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