DECKED Defiance, OH, USA

DECKED Defiance, OH, USA


Introducing DECKED Defiance, Ohio. We outgrew the double-wide, then we outgrew the barn, so we went out and built a plant. We are proud to announce this next phase: an investment in our customers and our ability to grow and serve them better with better products and better service. Our new, state-of-the-art shipping, receiving, assembly, quality control and warranty facility (yeah, we put it all in one massive man-cave) is now open and doing business.

DECKED Defiance, OH

Located right off of Highway 24 in Defiance, our 105'x25' logo is hard to miss

Decked Warehouse

Since we opened for business at our new facility, the DECKED elves have been very busy. These stacks of finished systems in cartons are now waiting for orders. With the addition of this new facility we are also able to offer a new service: pre-packaging components ( accessories ) in the master cartons seen above. This will save our customers UPS shipping fees and ensure that all of your goodies arrive at once! 

Decked Wharehouse workers

A hats off salute to our DECKED Ohio team pictured above. They busted their butts over the past 6 months to get us up and running!

DECKED Presents: Brand Story & History

Born in Idaho, made in the USA , our manufacturing partners help us produce the highest quality products on the market right from the heartland of America. We started thinking about DECKED in 2011, and by 2014 we were shipping our first full bed-length drawer storage systems. With a relentless eye on product quality and customer satisfaction, we are driven by the needs of the working man and woman.

Decked Warehouse Shelves

Decked Assembly Line

Raw parts await assembly on the production line. We bring injection molded parts from 20/20 Custom Molded Products and metal parts from Dyco, both located a short 30 minute drive from Defiance, to our plant where the team assembles and packages them for shipment.

Decked Assembly Line closeup Decked Assembly Line Workers

A robotic router cuts the deck panels (top) to match your truck bed and then the crew drops all the bits into the box.> Packing Decked Drawers


Once the order comes in, we hop in the forklift and pick your system and get 'er headed out the door.> Decked Forklift

Decked Warehouse Overhead

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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty