Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season

Get Your Truck Ready for Hunting Season

Sure it might be the middle of summer, but if you procrastinate as heavily as I do, you might be the guy who procrastinates on procrastinating and be left with nothing but a handful of muley droppings at the end of the season if you don't start thinking hunting now. Whether you are hunting deer, elk, moose, or wild snipe (as opposed to the domestic variety), you've got rifles, bows, arrows, ammo, camping gear, camo clothing and the like to dial in and get organized. And guess what: all of it is going to have to fit into your truck and be easily organized and accessible.

Make your hunting gear easy to access and organize with a nice platform to carry an animal home

One of the bigger challenges to hunting season is dialing  in your gear and with that comes dialing your gear in with your truck bed and cab. Are you just throwing it in the back or cab at the end of the workday hustle racing to get out of town or spending countless hours organizing tubs and bags in your garage? Either way there is a mountain of stuff to organize and this is where DECKED comes in.

Don't be this guy^... crawling around in the back of your truck looking for your lost call.

One of the constants of my world during the season, is needing to be at work in the morning and rushing out the door as soon as the boss looks the other way for an evening hunt. And the difference maker in whether I am ready for that hunt or not is if my gear is organized and ready to go. Having s torage drawers in your truck bed, gives you essentially a wardrobe dresser on wheels. My gear bags, bow, pack, boots and the like are stowed neatly from the night before and when the whistle blows I can be tuned up to hunt in minutes. It's literally like pulling on your entire hunting kit right at your bedroom dresser. The difference being you are right at the head of the draw you've scouted all fall.

With everything in its place, your time to hunt will be increased with a truck bed organizer

A lot of my buddies have toolboxes in their truck beds, but while these might be helpful, you really can't organize anything you need on a frequent basis in them. More often than not, a cursory look in one will tell you that there is nothing but rusty tow chains, tangled jumper cables and a dirty water floating leaves at the bottom of most. Conventional crossover toolboxes are tough to reach into and because the storage is deep not long, you have to dig through whatever is on top in there, by first climbing into the back of the truck.

Which, pardon me for sounding biased after all I do work here, is why DECKED is so slick. One drawer can hold your regular emergency service items like tow straps, first aid kits, and jumper cables in a neat package easy to access while the rest of the drawer space can hold your hunting equipment:  whether it's your sleeping bag, tent, stove, actual hunting gear, or a blow up elk you use to tease the rookie on the trip. The best part is it all slides out to you at waist height. 

^Here we see a good example of what success and storage look like together - Jahhardy pic

For storing your guns, ammo, bow, arrows, spotting scope, bazooka: DECKED is ideal. Weatherproof, secure and built from incredibly durable materials it gives you peace of mind, letting you move between work, the hunt, the diner and the bar with ease and confidence that your gear will be stored safely and soundly out of sight and out of mind. 

So give it a look, replace your conventional toolbox with DECKED truck bed storage drawers , and get your hunt on! 



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