DECKED Now Available for Long Bed (8') Pickups

DECKED Now Available for Long Bed (8') Pickups

You asked, we heard the call, we answered! DECKED is now available for long bed (8') pickup trucks! To find the right fitment for your vehicle go here

In designing this product for the 8' market, we decided to go with our standard length system (75") rather than attempt to create the world's longest drawer at a full 96".  So please note that while this product is designed for 8' pickup truck beds, it does not fill the entire bed cavity but leaves about 16"-19" of open space at the cabside end of the truck bed. Our customers who have been previously retrofitting our standard length system into their 8' beds, have been filling the remaining space with a variety of crossover toolbox and fuel transfer tank solutions (see the double whammy above for reference).  Refer to this blog post for more information as to what to look for with regard to these type of products to fit with your DECKED in your truck bed.

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