Turn Your Truck Bed into a Lockable Truck Gun Rack With a DECKED Drawer System

Turn Your Truck Bed into a Lockable Truck Gun Rack With a DECKED Drawer System


A man in hunting garb readies his shotgun as two dogs look on. There's snow on the ground.



Lock up your guns, ladies and gents, because if the government doesn't come for them first, then someone else probably will. Our firearms are powerful and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. That means keeping them safe, storing them like a responsible gun owner in a locked truck gun rack, and not just tossing them herky-jerky into the bed of your pickup. (Gasp!) Do people actually do that?


We’re talking about your grandfather’s antique rifle that he lovingly passed down to you on your 18th birthday. The same grandfather who wouldn’t hesitate to come back to haunt you if he discovered you weren’t taking care of your stuff.


Or the firearm you had to save up for over a year to buy. Or the one you finally got set up, just the way you like it, with the cool optics and scope that makes your hunting buddies drool.


Yeah. We’re talking about those guns. The special ones. The ones you can’t just toss into your rig and hope for the best, or trust to just any truck gun rack. For those guns, you need the good pickup truck gun rack. The DECKED kind.


A man in sunglasses, a baseball cap, and khaki-colored pants stands with his long hunting rifle and the two drawers of his DECKED Drawer System are extended.

What If We Told You—Your Whole Truck Bed Could Become a Safe?


Why would you leave one of your most prized possessions in plain sight, where prying eyes and sticky fingers mysteriously attract your favorite things? If you aren’t into those vintage, truck gun racks in the back window of your cab anymore, then you’re going to like the option we have for you. Here at DECKED, we have not only revolutionized how you work with your truck, but also how you store your guns within them, and our DECKED Drawer System effectively turns your entire truck bed into two lockable drawers. A gun safe on wheels.


What’s a Drawer System?


We created the Drawer System in 2013 after finding that we couldn’t find a purpose-built truck bed storage solution on the market that was tough, weatherproof, and NOT made from half of the hardware store in a creative—yet lengthy—DIY.


After two years in research and development where we partnered with “Dr. DECKED,” engineer Tim Smith, to create a horizontal truck toolbox that you could beat the hell out of, wouldn’t compromise payload, and was highly customizable with options for segmented storage and accessories. Ones that could even make your pickup a locking gun rack for trucks, and the owners who love them.


Take a look at the highlights:


A top-down view of an empty Drawer System installed in a pickup bed.

DECKED Drawer System


  • Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is impervious to extreme ultraviolet light and temperatures. Born for harsh environments


  • Reinforced with a steel subframe where the galvanized steel skeleton is in-molded to HDPE, producing an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1


  • Wastes no space and utilizes the left-over space by the wheel wells in what we call “ammo can storage” to maximize your storage options


  • Custom shaped to fit the bed of your truck perfectly


  • Generously-sized aluminum handle that is easy to operate, even with gloves on


  • Urethane, sealed-bearing drawer wheels make for a smooth drawer roll-out. Every time.


  • J-hooks attach to bed tie-downs, offering zero to minimal drilling


  • Always recycled materials, including American steel and aluminum


  • Unique and functional additions like an integrated ruler and bottle opener



A farmer works in his field. He's accessing a drawer that rolls out from his truckbed. There's a bale of hay and a tractor tire in his truck bed and a tractor and combine are in the background.


And because we know someone is gonna ask, here’s even more of the technical specs of the DECKED Drawer System:




2000-pound payload evenly distributed

200-pound payload per drawer


TOTAL WEIGHT: ~230 lbs
LENGTH: 75.25"
WIDTH: 63"-71"
SHIPPING DIMS: 270 lbs, 78"x 39" x 23"


LENGTH (top of drawer):  72.1”
LENGTH (bottom of drawer): 66.1”
WIDTH (top of drawer): 18”
WIDTH (bottom of drawer): 16.75”
HEIGHT: 8.5”
VOLUME (each): 6 FT3
EXTENSION (each): 42"

There’s ample enough room to carry all of your tools, all of your overland gear, all of your hunting stuff, and more clays and rifles than you likely own. (Well, maybe not all of them, because we do know our customers, and they are hardcore.)

A close up view of a silver colored lock with a gold colored key. There's a silver-colored drawer handle with the word "DECKED" on it in black block letters.

Drawer System Locks

Regardless, whatever it is you’re stowing, store it with a lock, and be sure to add the Drawer System Locks to your order at checkout. The locks can be added easily as part of your Drawer System installation process, but do not come standard, so be sure to add them on.

With the newer rigs and their locking tailgates, you may not need them, but with an easy turn-key lock that operates both of the drawers, this second line of defense is often a no-brainer when it comes to piece-of-mind in protecting what you’ve got in the bed. Not to mention that if you don’t have a fancy-schmancy locking tailgate, then the Drawer System locks move straight to your ‘must-have’ category.

Greg Randolph, DECKED’s marketing guy says in his 35-second video, “DECKED 101: Drawer Locks for DECKED Truck Bed Box” that “In some states [these locks] will satisfy firearm transportation regulations, but you do need to know the regs in your own state.”

DECKED Piecekeepers

If our Drawer System makes peace within your truck bed, then our Piecekeepers keep the peace within the drawers.

Who would have thought that a piece of hard plastic with smartly cut foam and purposeful cutouts would get people all hot and bothered, (in a good way), but those of us who have experienced the magic of the Piecekeepers know that they are truly something to get excited about.

Piecekeepers are inserted in slots along the sides of the Drawer System, in place of where the Drawer Dividers would go. The two products are essentially the same shape, except that a pair of Piecekeepers is specially designed to hold three long guns outside of their cases, and a dozen large shells and 20 smaller ones through engineered cutouts and foam padding.

In adding a pair Piecekeepers to your drawer, you’ve got a secure, yet removable, version of a DIY truck gun rack or a truck bed gun rack that no one knows is there, except for you.

An image of DECKED Piecekeepers, a plastic and foam divider that keeps longs guns in place within the Drawer System.

Piecekeeper Materials

Piecekeepers are made in the good ‘ol U. S. of A., at our facility in Defiance, Ohio, where we are defying the odds of what is possible in truck bed organization and security.

The base material of the Piecekeepers is polypropylene and injection-molded for rigidity, and then we add custom cut foam to the back of it to make a snug, secure slot that your rifle or shotgun can slip down into.

Which Pieces Does a Piecekeeper Fit?

It’s true, the Piecekeeper does not fit all pieces. And unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to tell which ones will work until you try them in real life. We’ve made our very best attempt to take measurements that will give you an idea if your rifle or shotgun will fit, but friends, we make no guarantees.

With modern guns having a wide array of shapes, sizes, and variables, like stack height, pistol grip, optics, scopes, laser finders, range finders, or anything else that adds bulk or height to the piece puts it in question as to whether or not the drawer will be able to close.

For example, Greg, in another video, “DECKED Piecekeepers, Secure Truck Firearm Storage,” illustrates how his Piecekeeper can hold his three guns: a common shotgun, a basic hunting rifle, and then a little bit nicer 6.5 Creedmoor.

Two drawers that extend from the truck bed are filled with hunting equipment, including guns, shells, and other accessories.

He says the Creedmoor is a pretty tight fit. A gun bulkier than this one probably won’t work. Although, some reviewers share tips and tricks such as turning the scope upside down to make it fit, so be sure you consider all of the variables before deciding. Greg also points out that the side-angled slots can accommodate the bigger guns the best.

An important thing to note when purchasing a Piecekeeper though, is which Drawer System do you have? Mid-size trucks will have one narrow drawer to accommodate for the smaller profile of the pickup, whereas full-size truck beds have Drawer Systems with drawers of equal size.

Make sure you select the right option at checkout, as there is a “wide drawer” setup for the full-size rigs and a “narrow midsize drawer” setup for midsize pickups like Canyons and Rangers.

Scope out these Piecekeeper Specs:

Wide Piecekeepers


  • 7.79” tall x 18 ⅝” wide
  • Center slot depth: 4.25”
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1”
  • Accommodates three long guns

Narrow Piece Keepers


  • 7.79” tall x 12” wide
  • Side slots measured diagonally: 5.25”
  • Clearance above Piecekeeper is less than 1”
  • Accommodates two long guns


A hunting dog stands on the tailgate of a truck and a vivid rainbow is in the background. A hunting rifle leans up against the truck.

Will I Be Able to Keep the Peace Without It?

Of course. But the Piecekeeper is attractive because, like the rest of the DECKED products, it’s designed to save time. We are an ergonomics company first and believe that the right setup not only saves your back and your sanity, but it saves you precious time. Time that only seems to evaporate quicker than ether if you’re not paying attention, and time that you shouldn’t have to spend managing stuff.  

If the Piecekeeper is not on target for your particular firearm though, you can still lay whatever you’ve got down in the Drawer System drawer to get that locking gun rack for trucks you’ve always needed in your pickup.

If a “gun rack for truck bed” is at the top of your to-do list this year, along with “clean crap out of truck cab,” well, then a Drawer System with an added lock and a pair of Piecekeepers is a twofer and will easily pick those items off your list and get you on your way to organizational nirvana.

A closeup view of three longs guns situated in a DECKED Piecekeeper, a foam and plastic holder.

What Our Toughest Critics Say About the Drawer System

We love to go on and on about our cool stuff, but sometimes that’s not always useful, right? Sometimes you want to hear it from someone that isn’t us, and we get that. Fortunately, there's no shortage of folks who are willing to stick their necks out for us to let you know how our products have impacted their lives. These are 100%, real folks. Verified customers who liked our stuff so much they decided to come back and give us a piece of their minds. Take a look:

David D. drives a GMC and uses his Drawer System for outdoor recreation. He hits the nail squarely on the head when he says, “I’m a full-time single dad now and I can lock my guns up and keep them out of sight at the same time.”

John D., a pilot who drives a Ford and uses his Drawer System for hunting and fishing says he got his Piecekeepers “to store my shotguns for clay and hunting weekends and I couldn’t be happier. Easily stores whatever length shotguns or rifles and is very sturdy.”

John B. details how the Drawer System keeps everything he needs for his lifestyle at the ready. “I run a restaurant, but also have a farm. I’m always on the go, so it’s really nice to keep all of my tools as well as a few extra guns with me. The DECKED system keeps everything I need no matter where I end up during the day.”

A brown and white spotted hunting dog stands on the tailgate of a truck where 8 dead pheasants lay to rest.


The “no matter where I end up during the day” statement from John is the literal reason why the DECKED system was born, to begin with. We are all hard-working Americans with varied and demanding lifestyles, and we can do our jobs the best, and have the most fun when we’re off the clock when our tools and gear are exactly where we left them—neatly organized in a drawer.

A boss by day, but a diva on the weekends, the Drawer System can transform your truck bed into a truck gun rack with room to spare.