You could be excused for using the Northern Truck Tool Box for your Cargo Organization needs, at least for now

You could be excused for using the Northern Truck Tool Box for your Cargo Organization needs, at least for now

You could be excused for using the Northern Truck Tool Box for your Cargo Organization needs, at least for now

When you are a truck guy, you are known to be a man of many hats: the compassionate guy who smokes like a chimney. You are the guitar guy who gives girls and guys a good time at the tavern. The Jack of many trades you are, and you’ve got a dozen nicknames – as you walk through the door of your regular drinking den, a guy laying on the corner almost passed out shouts “Larry” in excitement, a crowd looks on, a voice within screams “Justin,” yet another yelps, “that’s my guy, Mike.” It’s not like you camouflage into different faces wearing a new identity to different people every minute. It’s the way things are at the local pub-that thing of men calling their buddies with whatever byname that comes to their head to lighten up the mood.

Well, once a truck guy, you get known for many things, but perhaps your most important trademark should be that you are a tools guy. Whether you do deliveries, hunt, fish, do carpentry, run errands–you spend a great deal of your time aboard your pick-up truck, and you use tools and equipment every so often, whose unfettered access is such an enhancement to your productivity. You could use or might have been using some vintage storage solutions like the Northern Tool boxes to organize your gear. Well, no problem, we can excuse you; maybe you didn’t know, but you could do much more with the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System. 

DECKED has been tested and greenlighted as having the capability of enhancing all manners of outdoor activities.

Wait, sure you know who we are?

We are DECKED , a badass truck bed cargo organization system makers. We specialize in a range of tool storage and management applications. Our product lines are majorly the kick-ass DECKED cargo storage application with a drawer and divider and a Tool Box . We have perfected this craft over a period of eight-plus years, where we have built confidence, character, and value. In our innovative process, we show that creativity knows no bounds as the brainchild of our work does not have the concession to compromise. Truly, the DECKED is the result of time-honored artisanship that has stood the test of time. We believe we are special because DECKED has revolutionized truck bed cargo organization and management with a spiffing ergonomic solution. Our products are hardy, weatherproof, and more efficient, guaranteeing more functionality.

DECKED comes as a package of several things :a Tan CrossBox , the Desert Tan D-Box , Drawerganizer ,and two Dividers

Why I chose DECKED

I am an outdoors person, and were it not for the pandemic I would be planning to go camping full force this coming summer. I'd go backpacking in the Yosemite  and enjoy some wild, adventurous hike. But now, unlike any other year before, everything about travel is a calculus of risk, including camping, and for two years now, I have been unable to partake of this hallowed hobby.

Back in the day, when things were normal, I'd bring a whole lot of things on my trips in the bush. When you are outdoorsy of sorts, you know too well there are what we call camping essentials-the things you'd not go out without. You'd need coolers and ice packs, tent canvases and gear, sleeping bags, camp chairs, a bike, and many other things that would make your stay out a comfortable one. And as you tick that checklist of the wares you need for your outdoor activities, you'd have to ponder over how best to organize and arrange them on the ride.

DECKED gives you more serviceability . It improves your camping experience by making it easier to organize your cargo.

Before I got myself a  DECKED, I had a small Northern Tool Truck Tool Box for my Toyota Tundra . It was an Aluminum Side-Mount Truck Chest. My biggest issue with it was the black coating it would leave on metallic things that came in contact with the side or bottom surfaces. I tried using foams underneath, but somehow, some cargo almost always got exposed –I later learned that this dark coating was actually aluminum oxide, or what is to Aluminum what rust is to iron. Besides, I felt like I was not getting the best in terms of storage space; the thrusting of different things (metals, plastic, wood, and clothes) in one place didn't go down well with my feelings. I needed something more organized and orderly, but I guess I didn't have much choice.

Then came DECKED. I had picked a thing or two about this drawer system compatible with my ride. Word in the street was it offered some real deal of cargo organization. I quickly got on the horn and ordered one. The delivery guys pulled over my door and dropped a bathtub-sized box full of the bits and parts for assembling the system. Putting it together didn't need much input. A drill with the gearing set for low speed did just fine with draining holes in the corners. But much of the fixing was done with handy tools such as an adjustable wrench, a Phillip's head screwdriver, and a hex.

DECKED comes with a user manual with clear and easy-to-follow diagrams making installation such a smooth sail. To make it more practical just so you get it right, there is always a link to instructional videos with the nitty-gritty of putting it all together.

That assembling the DECKED is easy is not to say it's something you could do with your eyes shut. I couldn't get the drawers aligned until I had to do repeated trials. But eventually, it worked. Dragging it all up alone had me spend about three hours of my time. I guess it could have been faster had I had a bit of knowledge on tool boxes. Nevertheless, I wanted to know if it's something you could do by yourself and I can ascertain its possible by the way. If I did it, you too should.  

As a camper , you need better management of your cargo. You need an assurance of serviceability, safety , a bit of style and strength

More Functionality

The first time I saw the DECKED Drawer System, I freaked out at how widely apart it spread on my truck's bed, taking up all the space. I was used to a side mounting truck chest that did not extend over the entire area. Also, standing a bit raised, I thought DECKED had eaten up a serious deal of my truck bed's storage space which could otherwise be used for securing more cargo; I was mistaken. With such an ergonomic system, I didn't know you'd get more functionality and serviceability.  

The basic requirements on cargo securing are really simple, and it does not matter what medium you are using-whether air, road, seaway, or rail, your stuff should be firmly held down in readiness for any unforeseeable situations. You have heard of those tool boxes whose lids would fly open while the Truck is on the course, letting out things flying into oncoming vehicles.

All some boxes offer is a hollow bin where you thrust everything in one place, creating a breeding ground for rattling and racketing of metals. There is no style, no class, no order, no nothing. Just some tin can compartment that screams as the contents mix and float around when you do corner maneuvers, go over bumps, or apply emergency braking. DECKED is different.

I never knew one should pay much attention to the difference between cargo weight and volume until I acquired this versatile drawer system. If you bring heavy but medium-sized things, you'd need to store them in smaller but more compact containers where their tonnage can be centralized. Such includes tools, small cargo, small machinery, steel, Iron, etc. But there is more than just storage-with DECKED; you get order, plan and proper organization.  

The inlay compartments ensure you can divide your cargo based on their usages, materials, weight, etc., which is better than mixing up everything in one container.


On the flip side, if you bring either light but voluminous cargo, a very wide load, or super heavy and bulky consignments, you'd need a flat but robust storage area. The system's  upper area offers you such utility. There is space, flat surface, and strength to allow you to carry a truckload up to hundreds of kgs.

With DECKED , there is not a single type of camping task you cannot accomplish.

I am worry-free now

I bet during my next camping trip (I don't know when), but someday soon, when the pandemic comes to an end, I'll be able to organize my cargo in a much better manner. I have figured out how to get things out of the way while storing them in the right places where I can seamlessly get them. Additionally, I may not need to care about that aluminum coating problem I was worried about with my previous tool box.  


What exactly is the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System?

DECKED is a new generation cargo organization solution for keeping your tools secure and more organized. It comes as a package of accessories including:

  • The Desert Tan-D Box
  • Two Trays (the divider system)
  • A Desert Tan Cross-Box
  • Drawerganizer

There are other accessories available for purchase whose functionalities would complement the system, but they are not considered part of the DECKED package. They include:

  • The Core Trax
  • Locks with keys
  • D-Bag
  • T-Tracks
  • Additional boxes
  • Additional Dividers

As implied earlier, DECKED is quite easy to install and remove. It fits in all full-size pick-up trucks manufactured in 2001 and onwards. You don't need any special knowledge or tools to be able to put it all together. Normal handy equipment will do, and it will take one person between 2-3 hours to assemble . After the first installment, though, it takes about 15 minutes to put it up and remove. It is compatible with a range of other truck bed accessories , including tonneau covers, bed rugs, and spray in liners though it does not work with drop in plastic bed liners.

Power and More Utility

DECKED is made from high impact HDPE, the kind of material used to manufacture football helmets. This combined with some bad ass industrial process employed in its manufacturing gives it a rugged frame making it resistant to some of the toughest outdoor impacts, including bombs. Add to this a 2000lb payload capacity for the upper surface and 200lbs for each tray system. I mean, with all this strength, is there just something DECKED can't do?


The system comes with superb features to ensure your cargo is protected from water and kept free of rust. The D-Boxes have an EPDM sealing that keeps moisture out, leaving your gear and tools dry. To add to its waterproofing capabilities is the fact that DECKED is made up of highly permeable polymer resins that won't allow water and moisture to seep through.

Made in the USA

A "made in the USA” branding is a message DECKED has been spreading and won't relent today, maybe not ever. Even though this seems like a mere branding tactic, ideally, there is more underneath than many may know. To commit to manufacturing in the USA means adhering to a range of regulations, including those of safety, health, labor, and quality. DECKED likes to assure its customers that we are in business on merit and have the regulator's green light –thanks to a culture of value, hard work, and creativity we have fostered over the years.


Free Shipping

Orders take between 5-7 days to process and deliver. A one-off order of the DECKED Tool Organizer and Drawer System will be brought to your door wherever you are in the continental US , free of charge. However, accessories that are part of the system but ordered separately will attract a fixed shipping cost of $25.Any other thing shipped (accessories not part of the system) will be billed at the existing market conditions.

Warranty and Return policy

The company accepts that sometimes, our products may have manufacturer-induced defects (though very rare).In the event this occurs we have a return policy  in place. Otherwise, we have confidence in the quality of the things we manufacture, which is why we have devised a   lifetime warranty .  

So that's it, with your hunting gear, tools, camping gear, carpentry equipment, fishing stuff, construction cargo, and all manners of outdoor or field service equipment in your DECKED, you are sure of more than storage—you get style, strength, security, and versatility.


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Made in the USA

100% Weatherproof

Recycled Steel

Lifetime Warranty