This Is the Best Upgrade You Can Make to Your Adventure Truck

This Is the Best Upgrade You Can Make to Your Adventure Truck


Over the last few years, Bryan Rogala of Outside Mag has installed a DECKED Drawer System in three different trucks. What makes the DECKED Drawer System his favorite pickup truck accessory ever? Organization, security, and a flat load platform. Check out this video review and his full write-up on Outside Online.



"Not only is DECKED my favorite truck accessory and the thing I recommend to any of my friends who buy a pickup, but I also really like the company. They’re made right here in the US and made from completely recycled materials, which I love."

Bryan Rogala's Toyota Tundra with DECKED Drawer System and CargoGlide installed

“So I’ve run these drawers in 3 trucks now, had ‘em in a lot of different conditions from snow to rain to dusty backroads, and my stuff has always stayed totally clean and safe on the inside.”

Bryan Rogala opens his Drawer System

“These drawers also lock, which is huge for me because it means I can keep valuables back here and I don’t have to worry about them when I’m on the road...Honestly, I feel safer with stuff in these drawers than when it’s up in the front of the truck.”

Aerial view of Bryan Rogala's Tundra

“If you want to make your life even easier, you can add a CargoGlide on top of your drawers. That’s gonna allow you to pull all your heavy gear out without having to get in the bed of your truck all the time. I especially love it when I’m running camper shells so I’m not in there banging my head on the top.”

Bryan Rogala has put DECKED to the test in years of use and multiple installations. Check his complete review on the Outside Online site

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