Step Up From The Typical Truck Bed Bike Rack To A New Solution

Step Up From The Typical Truck Bed Bike Rack To A New Solution


A bicyclist stands silhouetted against the sunset amid mountain peaks as he holds his bicycle upright. Cyclists can get to their favorite terrain to ride and anchor their bicycles with the DECKED Tool Box serving as a truck bed bike rack.

Photo by Jahangeer Bm  from Pexels

As a bicyclist, you likely go to great heights to find a new place to ride, and you’ve got to have a way to get yourself, your gear, and your bike there. The DECKED Tool Box serves as a truck bed bike rack that offers versatility and so much more than a plain metal rack that only holds your bike.



Step Up From The Typical Truck Bed Bike Rack To A New Solution


Whether you hit paved trails in a nearby town on your bicycle or dig into the dirt tracks with your mountain bike, you’re a truck owner  and a cyclist who knows that a truck bed bike rack is key to getting there. You’ve got to safely and easily transport your bike — and if you can do that with a few extras built into your solution, all the better. It’s time to try something new, and that something is the DECKED Tool Box .


Surprised? Oh, you may not think of a saddle style tool box at first when you consider a bike rack for truck bed solution. But this tool box is from this century. Even the best truck bed bike rack can’t offer what DECKED  has in this tool box.

Most important for bicyclists: It’s got a pair of tie-downs built in that make transporting your bike a cinch. And it’s got so much more.


You don’t need to try a diy truck bed bike rack or look high and low for the best truck bed bike rack. Transport your bicycle in the back of your truck with the DECKED Tool Box, and you’ll get much more than just a bike rack for pickup truck bed.


The DECKED Tool Box also offers:


  • Versatility
  • Easy access
  • A practically indestructible  and secure build
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Plenty of options to organize


We’ve brought the saddle style truck tool box  into the 2020s  — t his Tool Box is from this century. And that puts it in the running as a better option than any truck bed rail bike rack or over truck bed bike rack. The facts and figures  speak for themselves.


Now let us show  you just some of what the DECKED Tool Box provides.


Easily serving as a truck bed bike rack, the DECKED Tool Box also is tough enough to hold up to any punishment it might endure. Here, a motorcyclist uses the built-in tie-downs on the box to secure a motocross bike in the back of a pickup truck.

Tough, super sturdy built-in tie downs on the DECKED Tool Box are ideal for anchoring and transporting your bicycle, better than even the best truck bed bike rack. In fact, that’s a lightweight task for this tool box compared to securing a motorcycle or ATV — and this tool box can handle that, too.

Go Farther Than The Average Truck Bed Bike Rack


Sure, the DECKED Tool Box  may not have been your first thought when you considered a better truck bed bike rack. We think it will be now.


Don’t get us wrong  — we don’t mean to brag. We’re proud, but not arrogant. For basic hauling of your bicycle, a Thule truck bed bike rack or a homemade diy truck bed bike rack will suffice. We don’t diss the other guys, or what you can do on your own.


But the DECKED Tool Box does go many steps farther.


For bicyclists specifically, this  tool box  offers a pair of pre-installed tie-downs low on the tub in the back that are easily strong enough to anchor down your bicycle, and even a motorcycle or ATV. They’re easy to get to and put the tie-down straps you use to secure your bike right at hand.


The versatility of the DECKED Tool Box goes beyond this, too.


We know that the bicycle itself isn’t all you need to hit the road. With this tool box, you’ve got plenty of space  to easily handle all the gear you need for a good ride and day of bicycling, either alone or with buddies. Pack your helmet, pedals, extra clothing, and have room for more with DECKED.


A “better” way to transport your bicycle doesn’t have to mean a “more complicated” way, either. Settle the DECKED Tool Box  in the bed of your truck via a bracket and bolt system that is a simple 10-minute install . Thread in the brackets and bolts, and installation is done with the system grabbing a bed rail. You don’t have to drill holes in your truck. You’ll be good to good to go .


When you’re ready to bike, you want to grab your gear, get ready, and go. The DECKED Tool Box also has features designed to help you quickly prepare for a ride.



Safely securing and transporting your bicycle is a must, and it can be done with the DECKED Tool Box, which also offers an optional integrated ladder to easily reach gear inside. Here, a man stands on the ladder installed in a black pickup truck to demonstrate the ease of use.

The innovative optional integrated ladder that you can order with your DECKED Tool Box gives you quick and easy access to anything you need to store inside. You won’t find a Yakima truck bed bike rack that offers this perk.

Easily Access All The Gear You Need To Hit The Road or Trail


When you need quick and simple access to whatever you decide to take along on your bicycling adventure, you’ll find the DECKED Tool Box  is designed with this in mind.


The optional integrated ladder  available with your saddle style DECKED Tool Box fits the bill. The ladder nests inside the box and won’t take up space you need for your stuff. But it’s easily within reach as you stand beside your truck.


The ladder  is made from 6000 series aluminum and pulls right out of the DECKED Tool Box. You adjust it to it on the ground beside your truck, then step right up to grab your gear. Even on lifted trucks, this ladder  works just fine.


DECKED  was founded in 2013, and we’re in business to make the everyday lives of working men and women better. We find that it’s often the little things that make the difference, so this tool box also helps you with access via:


  • A 30-pound lid that stays open (no more mashed fingers or bumps on the head!)
  • A driver side lock that comes with two keys (everyone needs a spare!)
  • A lid that uses torsion springs for easy opening and closing (after you unlock it, of course!)


You want to have easy access to your gear, but you don’t want any Tom, Dick, or Harry to get to your expensive stuff. Neither a pvc truck bed bike rack nor a homemade truck bed bike rack can store cycling accessories and protect them, too.


But at DECKED , we’ve got that covered.


The DECKED Tool Box, shown installed in a white pickup truck in front of a city construction scene, fits well in the back of a pickup truck and stays secure.

The DECKED Tool Box protects your gear from even the most persistent thief with its impact resistant and steel and aluminum reinforced build.

Ride With Ease Knowing Your Stuff Is Protected


Designed like Fort Knox, the DECKED Tool Box not only keeps your stuff safe and secure but also is nearly indestructible  itself.


We used  injection molded high impact polymer resin to make it impact resistant — impossible to dent, but easy to love. Galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement toughen it up even more. Pack it with a payload of 500 pounds, and it still performs.


The DECKED Tool Box is engineered  with solid structure in mind. It won’t bend or sag even under heavy loads. This Tool Box  is from this century.


And “protection” in a tool box means repelling thieves, too. This is the tool box so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. The DECKED Tool Box  is impossible to break into with a pry bar. It won’t even damage if someone tries.


The tub of the box is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. The tough steel armored locking mechanism means forced entry is about as likely as your kid’s Huffy featuring tech innovations that your Cannondale can’t touch.


Ain’t gonna happen.


If you’re the kind of cyclist that is reading up on products like an Inno Velo gripper truck bed bike rack or a bike rack for pickup truck bed, then you’re the kind who’s going to get out to ride in any weather, year-round.


And at DECKED, we had Mother Nature in mind with our tool box build, too.





Shown installed in a black pickup truck and with the lid open, the DECKED Tool Box is tough enough to go the distance, even at job sites like this construction locale. Its versatility lets it serve easily as a truck bed bike rack, too.

The DECKED Tool Box is built to protect your gear from rain, snow, and most dust particles. Wherever you and your bike go, this tool box will stand up to the tests from Mother Nature.

You Won’t Let The Weather Stop You, And It Won’t Stop The DECKED Tool Box


If you’re the die-hard type, you take your bicycle and gear out no matter how hot or cold it gets, rain or shine, and you need this tool box serving as your truck bed bike rack to keep up.


No worries. Tested up to 180 degrees and down to -5 degrees, the DECKED Tool Box passes with flying colors.


It keeps your gear bone dry, even when you are soaked to the bone. It’s weatherproof  in more ways than one.


Waterproof  and built to keep most of the elements out, this tool box also resists rust and corrosion. The seamless lid and tub are molded, not welded. The EPDM gasket allows it to seal tightly when closed, and the upstanding lip is overlapped by the lid so it acts as a rain gutter. Inside, the bub seal and gasket around the entire lid to keep water out.


Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware round out the weatherproof qualities of the tough-as-nails DECKED Tool Box. Made from materials from the future, this solution to your truck bed bike rack needs is ready to go the distance with you.


The only thing better than secure and protected gear for cycling and all your work and recreational pursuits is stuff that’s organized.


Yes. We thought of that, too.


A construction worker in a white hard hat stands on the optional integrated ladder to access gear inside the DECKED Tool Box, installed in a white pickup truck.

Each DECKED Tool Box comes with one D-Box (shown with blue lid) and Snack Tray (not pictured). Accessories are your first step to staying organized.

Less Time Searching For Gear Is More Time Riding


No matter where you ride or what you pedal, the goal is to spend more time in the bicycle seat.


Staying organized helps make this happen.


Don’t think of the saddle style tool box like the DECKED Tool Box as an open cavern where you’ll lose any little thing. Maybe that was the case with some tool boxes of the past, but this ain’t your granddad’s tool box, because it’s not 1973.


The DECKED Tool Box looks like it came from this century . In this case, what you see is, indeed, what you get.


Store little things like a small extra tire pump or a spare tube in a provided D-Box . Every DECKED Tool Box comes with one D-Box   and one Snack Tray , too. Both hang at the top of the box where they can be reached. D-Boxes themselves are weatherproof via a gasket seal, and you can use them with or without dividers, too, for even better organization.


You can fit everything from a full spare tire and rim to extra grips in the DECKED Tool Box, and you won’t lose a thing with the organization methods built in. This box is simply better than a truck bed bike rack with tonneau cover or any Fat Tire bike rack for truck bed that you’re likely to find.


You’ve got our Lifetime Warranty  to back it up. A man loads a wooden door into the back of a black pickup truck that has the DECKED Tool Box installed, with the optional integrated ladder deployed on the passenger side.

Use the built-in tie-downs to turn the DECKED Tool Box into a truck bed bike rack that is easy to access, protects your gear from thieves and the weather, and is easy to organize.

It’s Time To Go Far Beyond The Average Truck Bed Bike Rack


Think if you’ve seen one tool box you’ve seen them all? Guess again.


The built-in tie-downs on the DECKED Tool Box make it easy to secure your bicycle for the trip to the country, out to mountain bike trails, or just to a nearby town for a change of scenery.


The DECKED Tool Box is easy to access, tough, weatherproof, secure, and simple to organize. It’s also compatible  with some of the  DECKED Drawer System  options.


Every DECKED Tool Box arrives via Free Shipping , and you can choose from a couple  of financing options  if you wish. Check out our website  for more.


Step up your game. Get DECKED!


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