The Official DECKED Tool Box Buying Guide

The Official DECKED Tool Box Buying Guide

The Official DECKED Tool Box Buying Guide

Whether you are a carpenter or engineer, it goes without saying that a truck toolbox is vital for your operations. You need a toolbox to keep your tools organized. At DECKED, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality toolboxes that perform beyond your expectations.

Given the high demand for toolboxes, there are many manufacturers of this product. Therefore, you will have several options to choose from when looking for a toolbox. This makes it challenging to select the best one because not all of them perform excellently. However, the good news is that the DECKED Tool Box is a clear and satisfying answer to your toolbox problem. If you are looking for a reliable and durable toolbox for a truck, look no further.

To shed light on our DECKED Tool Box, this guide will review it in detail. We will discuss some of its outstanding features and the compelling reasons why you should be making your order now.

A Standard DECKED toolbox

DECKED Toolbox Organization and Style

Toolbox organization is vital. This is why our DECKED system is ideal for organizing anything you want to store in the toolbox, whether tools or toys. The drawer system is also set up uniquely to enable easy access. If you want to gain access to the two drawers, you only need to lower the tailgate and then pull and slide them.

This is a simple process, and you won't have to use much of your energy. Thanks to the small plastic wheels, the drawer slides easily no matter how heavy its contents are. Furthermore, the DECKED Tool Box drawers are large enough to hold several tools. Therefore, if you are wondering where you can store your guns or golf clubs, the DECKED Tool Box can accommodate them all.

Given the unique style of our organizer, it is an excellent storage option, primarily if you use a canopy or tonneau cover. If you are well experienced with toolboxes, you know that many truck toolboxes lie across the truck bed rails, making them incompatible with canopy or tonneau. Many truck owners find this a significant setback, given the inconvenience that comes with it.

However, with our DECKED Tool Box, this problem is solved. It is compatible with both tonneau and canopy. Therefore, with the DECKED Tool Box, your truck bed will be perfect for a tonneau cover. It will also retain the truck bed function since you can load it with up to 2000 lbs of weight.

If you use your truck to transport various items, you don't have to worry about a lack of sufficient space. In addition, our DECKED Tool Box is equipped with the ideal type of straps — a unique kind that you probably won't find anywhere else. This rigid toolbox is made from many years of research, making it ideal for your truck.

Even better, you can modify the system to a classic crossover-style toolbox. This is possible, especially when the organizer is installed. When it comes to style, the DECKED Tool Box is up there with the best. Its storage system can transform your van or truck into an excellent camping or road-trip rig. This is possible because you can put full-size mattresses in the created storage space and take a nap underneath your van or canopy. Therefore, getting the DECKED Tool Box for your truck will help transform it completely!

DECKED Toolbox Security and Weatherproofing

We make our DECKED Tool Boxes from a high-impact polymer resin using injection molding. Thus, if you hit it with a hammer, it won't dent. Also, HDPE is a weather-resistant material that protects your tools against the effects of extreme weather conditions. This material won't rust as metals do, neither will it warp as wood does.

After installing the DECKED Tool Box , your truck bed will be weatherproof. This will help keep your tools or gear rust-free. Obviously, the resin will never rust, but we complemented the molded parts with robust reinforcement, adding stainless steel, galvanized steel, and forged and extruded aluminum hardware in strategic locations for the ultimate Tool Box. Thanks to fiberglass-filled polypropylene and HDPE, we can confidently say that there is no other toolbox on the market that comes close to keeping the water out as ours does.

Our high quality toolbox is made from HDPE weather resistant material

Apart from the toolbox being weatherproof, it is also highly secure. The last thing you want is a toolbox that doesn't protect your equipment from the pry bars of thieves. This is why we have developed a high-quality toolbox that makes it impossible to break into. This ultra-durable resin compound we have formulated will not bend or break under extreme attempts to gain entry. There is also a toolbox sidelock that enhances security even more. Therefore, if you want to keep your tools safe, get the DECKED Tool Box today.

DECKED Toolbox Quality Materials and Finishing

We can proudly say that the DECKED Tool Box is manufactured exclusively in the U.S., and, of course, from high-quality materials. The toolbox is made of high-density polythene (HDPE). If you didn't know, HDPE is an excellent material to make things like truck toolboxes for several reasons.

For instance, it has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, giving you excellent rigidity and strength with no extra weight. Besides, this material is lighter than wood or metal. What makes HDPE a suitable material for our DECKED Tool Box is its resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Tough DECKED toolbox that can withstand up to 2000 lbs payload.

In comparison, this material stands up to toxic elements better because it is durable and doesn't wear out quickly. Also, it is so rigid that you can put a 2000 lbs payload in the back of your truck on top of the truck toolbox. Each drawer in our DECKED Tool Box has an individual capacity of around 2000 lbs.

In addition, the metal components in our storage system are made from rust-resistant metals like zinc chromate, e-coat, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Thanks to these treatments, our DECKED Tool Box is corrosion resistant and has studied steel components of the system. If you are looking for a truck toolbox organizer made from the best materials, choose DECKED.

DECKED Toolbox Measurements and Installation

Believe it or not, assembling the DECKED portable toolbox is easy. All the things you need to install our truck toolbox are prevalent, and you are likely to have them nearby. For instance, you will need a ½ inch wrench, a few sockets, and a screwdriver.

Installing a ready toolbox for the first time might take up to two hours. This is because you need to assemble all the necessary parts. But you can always request our professionals to install it on your behalf while making your purchase order.

Like installing it, removing it is also easy — it will take less than 15 minutes to get it done. If you have challenges removing the DECKED Tool Box, we have a detailed YouTube video  that guides you step by step.

A DECKED Tool Box organizer is an excellent option for your truck because it doesn't need drilling. Other types of toolboxes require drilling in your truck when installing, affecting your vehicle's quality. Also, our storage system is firmly attached to the flatbed using the J-hooks in either corner of the truck. This makes it easy to remove.

If you are worried about getting a toolbox that is not compatible with your truck, try out our DECKED Tool Boxes. No matter your truck model, you will get a perfectly fitting toolbox at DECKED. If you are not sure of the toolbox size you need, we will help you pick the most suitable toolbox for your truck and needs.

However, trucks with bed liners could have a few challenges fitting the storage system due to the various types and sizes of bed liners — getting the exact specifications of the bed liner could be challenging.

Easy to install DECKED toolbox.

At DECKED, we have made things easier for you if you prefer to purchase our toolbox online — we have a website tool that lets you input the model and make of your truck to ensure the toolbox fits perfectly.

DECKED Toolbox Accessories

Our DECKED Tool Box system comes with several accessories, ranging from security to accessibility features. If you don't use a tonneau cover or canopy, you'll want to pick up the drawer locks to keep your tools safe. The toolbox has removable dividers that make it possible to mount in drawers. This keeps your tools in separate portions and organized.

Have you heard of our DECKED D-Boxes? These are specifically designed to fit in different drawers of the storage system. Typically, three of the DECKED D-Boxes can fit in a single, un-divided drawer with the help of a T-track aluminum that mounts a bolt to the steel tubes found inside the storage system. This is helpful because it allows the mounting of both the Yakima and Thule rack systems.

Also, the Core Trax 1000 tracks bolts the steel tubes down on the truck bed. It ensures stability and prevents unnecessary movement of the toolbox. You can also use it to tie downloads you may be transporting.

These tracks are made of coated aluminum powder, with the loops being stainless steel. This goes a long way in ensuring toolbox durability. Whatever activity you expose your DECKED Tool Box, you can be sure that your tools and gear will be flawlessly organized. You also don't have to worry about rusty tools due to extreme weather conditions.

Determining the Size of Your Truck Toolbox

Having known crucial details about our DECKED Tool Box system, it is time to talk about the size you need. Before buying a truck toolbox, it is vital to consider the size. It makes no sense to pick a toolbox that doesn't fit in the size of your truck bed. However, it should be able to store all of your things. In most cases, toolboxes are labeled as either "fits full-size" or "fits down-size."

Down-size trucks are smaller vehicles like pickups or mid-size vehicles like Colorado, Frontiers, Canyon, Tacomas, and Rangers. A full-size pickup truck includes vehicles like Sierras, Silverados, Titans, Tundras, and F150s. When analyzing different models of truck tool boxes , you will notice that pickup tool boxes have several measurements; one for the body of the toolbox lying in your pickup truck bed and the other for the more extended lid resting on the bed rails. There is also one for the height of the toolbox going to the top of the lid.

Some of our toolboxes may be asymmetrical or might include more measurements. Generally, it is essential to focus on the depth, width, and height of the toolbox. Then, choose a toolbox whose measurements fit those of your truck bed space. This will prevent choosing incompatible toolboxes that might not work for you.

However, some toolboxes are customized to fit specific truck models. If you have challenges, you can use the Autoanything tool that allows you to input your car's make and model. Then, it gives you the right size of a toolbox. If you buy our DECKED Tool Box from other sites like Amazon, you will need to know the actual measurements of your truck bed. This is why it is essential to understand how to measure your truck bed space.

How To Measure Your Truck Bed Space

Knowing how to measure your truck bed space is very important. There are several steps you need to follow to find your truck bed measurements. It would help if you started by measuring the distance spanning from inside the one-bed rail to the other. Taking this measurement is important because it corresponds to the shorter measurement of the toolbox, given that it is the same distance inside the truck bed.

After that, carefully measure the distance from the bed rails outside and compare it to the measurement of the truck toolbox you want to buy. If you notice that the truck toolbox is larger than your truck bed, it won't sit properly and will likely stick out. This is why taking measurements is vital for this process.

You should also consider measuring the height of your truck bed (make sure you start from the highest point of the truck bed). You are warned against including the spaces between slats because they can make the measurement inaccurate. In simpler terms,  make sure you measure the height from the lowest point to the highest one. Measuring the height of the truck bed is essential because some toolboxes might be too tall to fit correctly, especially if the truck has short bed rails.

The measurement of your truck bed should correspond with the height of the toolbox you intend to buy. It will also help if you measure the space between the bulkhead and the wheel wells. This area is underneath the back window. Noticing this height is easy because it is indicated on all our DECKED Tool Boxes.

Budgeting a Truck Toolbox

So you have made up your mind that you want to get a truck toolbox; what next? Price is arguably a vital factor to consider when choosing a truck toolbox. We have different types of toolboxes, giving you various options to choose from. What you intend to do with the toolbox matters a lot.

For instance, if you are a busy professional with lots of tools, you will want a sizable toolbox that will hold all of them. It is a good idea to go for a high-quality and well-organized toolbox for your operations. Talking of price, different factors affect it. Knowing some of these factors will help you make an informed decision. Here are some of them.

Material Used

The type of material used to make a truck toolbox influences its price. A plastic toolbox won't cost the same as a stainless steel toolbox. While materials made from average materials might be cheap, they are unreliable. It takes a thief a short time to break into a plastic toolbox and steal valuable tools. Thus, there is no point in risking, just get our DECKED Tool Box that is made from high-quality materials. Our toolboxes are so tough that breaking into them is almost impossible.

Weather Resistance

If you want a weather-resistant toolbox, you might have to spend more. Average toolboxes that are not weather resistant tend to cost less. They are made from standard materials that succumb to extreme weather conditions. If you keep your tools in such toolboxes, they are likely to rust and corrode. You can imagine spending hundreds of dollars to buy a specific tool only for it to get damaged because you purchased a cheap and unreliable toolbox! Avoid such temptations!

At DECKED, we have invested heavily into creating state-of-the-art equipment. Our toolboxes can resist any weather conditions, keeping your tools in good condition. Getting a high-quality red toolbox is vital because it prevents unnecessary expenses. Made from high-quality materials, our DECKED Tool Box guarantees you many years of service without having to repair it regularly.

Storage Space

The size of a toolbox also affects its cost. Generally, small tool boxes tend to cost less than large ones. Don't go for a small toolbox just because it costs less. Analyze your needs and see what works best for you. If you have several extensive tools, you should go for a larger toolbox that can hold them.

Our DECKED Tool Boxes come with sufficient storage to hold your tools. We have designed them in a way that you can organize your tools effectively. A well-organized toolbox saves time. Thanks to the DECKED Tool Box drawers, you can neatly arrange your tools. This makes it easy to access tools while working. You can imagine how hard it is picking out smaller tools when your toolbox is disorganized.


Highly secured tool boxes tend to cost more than average ones. But why would you get a cheap toolbox and end up losing your expensive tools to theft? It doesn't make sense. You need to invest in the high-quality DECKED Tool Box that safeguards your tools.

Our toolbox is impossible to break in with a pry bar. We have used a highly sophisticated tub-lid interface that minimizes pry bar points. Furthermore, the DECKED Tool Box tub is reinforced with steel for extra stability and security. No thief will break into it and get away with your valuables. There is also a robust steel armored locking mechanism combined with a driver-side lock that makes forced entry nearly impossible. Thus, what more do you need?


Like any other product, the durability of a toolbox influences its cost. Generally, poor-quality tool boxes don't last. You could use it for a few months, and it's damaged. Getting a high-quality toolbox that can last for a long time is essential. At DECKED, we understand that you need something durable and reliable. This explains why we have developed the leading toolbox in terms of durability.

Apart from making our toolboxes durable, we have also made it easy to access your tools. The Integrated Access Ladder is designed to simplify your access to the toolbox. This low-profile ladder nests inside, taking up very little space that telescopes neatly out to the ground allowing you to take a couple of much-needed steps up to grab whatever you need from your toolbox quickly.

The DECKED Integrated Access Ladder.

Get Your DECKED Tool Box Today

The DECKED Tool Box storage system is an excellent accessory for your truck. Its design has been well thought out, and it is ideal for various activities. It also has sizable drawers that can fit your tools, fishing rods, climbing gear, camping gear, tackle boxes, or even groceries. You can also have access to the optional drawer locks that keep the toolbox safe. Alternatively, you can use it as a gun locker.

Those with tonneau or canopy covers don't have to worry about an incompatible toolbox because you can get one that sits on the truck bed floor. The fact that it sits on the truck floor doesn't mean you will run out of storage space; it can hold up to 2000 lbs of payload! Furthermore, our DECKED Tool Boxes are made of heavy-duty HDPE, meaning they are highly durable. The metal components are all treated with rust-resistant elements that prevent rusting. Also, installing it is also easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your DECKED Tool Box today.

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