Could YOU Survive? Increase Your Chances with this Kickass Car Emergency Kit

Could YOU Survive? Increase Your Chances with this Kickass Car Emergency Kit

Could YOU Survive?

Increase Your Chances With This Kickass Car Emergency Kit


Photo of open survivalist truck at night



You’re stranded in the wilderness. Winter’s coming fast and hard, and the trees you counted on to give you any cover from the sleet and the snow are already bare. There are no gas stations, no power grid, no grocery stores, no money, not a soul in sight but you and your buddy, and on top of that, your vehicle’s sucking the last drops of what’s left of your gas supply.

You’re miles from nowhere and you’ve got a shit ton of miles to go, and you see clearly –– maybe better than anyone –– that i t doesn’t take a zombie apocalypse to create a survival situation. Nobody really knows when or under what circumstances you might be called upon to show a little self-reliance. (And if you didn’t believe that at least a little bit, you wouldn’t be reading about car emergency kits!) Anything can unexpectedly test your survival skills: a car accident; an avoidable injury while taking a long run through the trails; or surprise engine trouble. The lack of food, water and sleep in a survival situation quickly makes a bad situation worse.


So maybe there are two of you, or maybe it’s your whole family, or maybe you’re flying solo, but the bottom line is, obviously you didn’t really expect this to be an open-ended adventure. You’ve got a few scattered supplies, yeah, but you sure as heck didn’t know you’d be needing a carefully packed, state of the art, car emergency kit. So now you need to ration your food and water. With each passing hour, your stash of supplies grows smaller.


Lone hiker with full backpack


Now, most survival situations will come to a happy ending in a day or maybe three, tops. The storm will pass, the fire will go out, the power will come back on, or the fire department will roll in with blankets and tents and make the world make sense again again. But think about it for a second –– what if that’s not the case? It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to think of some scenario that might mean that you and your fam need to keep your heads above water and ride out the storm or whatever the circumstance. To best prepare for these total shockers, you need to understand what’s called for.



Got  your car emergency kit?


You’ve probably read that as long as you have plenty of water, if you’re a typical, healthy adult, you’re able to survive 30 to 45 days or more without food. But keep in mind that eventually, when that calorie tank runs dry, things get kinda dark. You’re never more than a few days away from a major slowdown and impaired judgment when you’re deprived of food. At some point, your body’s fuel will come from things like proteins from muscle. Eventually your body can grow so weak that it might fail to sense thirst, and that’s when dehydration kicks in.


Photo of a truck bed and DECKED Drawres holding sleeping bags and gear


Not to mention, cold weather means you need a lot more calories to maintain core body temperature, so your body’s reaction to food deprivation goes faster when it’s chilly out.


You won’t make it more than a few days without water; adults range from 55 percent to 60 percent water by weight, and kids are about 65 percent. Plus, a lot of poeple think of thirst as being a problem only in arid desert areas, but dehydration can be a problem any time there’s no drinkable water available.


Think of your car emergency kit as your survival tool.  Plan your water requirements in advance. The way to beat dehydration is to stay ahead of the hydration curve. Water is bulky and heavy, but a good water filter is not. In fact, you can go for weeks out in the elements with nothing more than a water filter and natural sources for hydration.

You’ll want to eat small quantities and space it out at regular intervals when supplies are tight. Plan your survival load-out to include sensible foods that require minimal to zero preparation.


Remember, besides food and water, always make sure you’ve stashed the basics: some reliable power sources and chargers; ways to keep your body temp regulated during both the days and the long, hard nights; basic tools to get you out of dicey situations; and medical supplies.



Plan, Perform, And SURVIVE

…with this Car Emergency Kit  from DECKED .

Photo of a man packing his survival gear into his truck


Count yourself lucky, because everyone’s favorite pickup truck accessories company  has come up with a ready-made plan –– and not just any plan. This fool-proof car emergency kit has been tested, mapped out, approved by officials and expert survivalists.

The Ultimate Truck Bed Emergency Kit from DECKED x Uncharted Supply Co  is just one way that DECKED fulfills its mission to help regular, hard-working Americans simplify their lives. Each compact, easy-to-carry bag comes jam-packed with the items in Uncharted’s Seventy2 Pro survival kit and features provisions and tools designed to keep you and a companion safe for those critical three days until you can get help.

The 42-liter bag is made with a water-resistant, military-grade, soft and hard shell design. And it’s engineered to withstand a total beating, under any circumstance. It’s designed with a versatile strap and aluminum handle system, which gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere, from mountain cave to highrise conference room.

In fact, the D-Bag was made to integrate with the DECKED System  –– though you can keep a standalone kit without purchasing any other DECKED products–– and it’s combined with all the tried and true survival items you need from Uncharted Supply Co. to give you the must-have accessory that every truck owner should keep, stocked and ready. Your kit comes with a Seventy2 Pro survival kit and Zeus power station.


Man putting his DECKED D-Bag inside his Drawer System




It’s made to keep two people alive for the first 72 hours of an emergency situation, so if you’ve got a bigger group with you on your trip, you can stock more than one bag. Each car emergency kit includes Uncharted's simple, step-by-step guide to keep yourself and your people fed, hydrated, and warm, with all of the thoroughly tested car emergency kit contents inside.

The portable power station in this car emergency kit gives you the electricity you need, when you need it. The jump starter will help you re-start a stall, and since this car emergency kit comes with a USB plug, you can plug in your phone, tablet or anything running off of USB-supplied power.


This Is One  D-Bag You’ll Be Grateful For

The engineering on the D-Bag is ingenious. Built compact and sturdy, the simple design keeps weight spread evenly, providing more overall comfort and choices for wear. As you load it full of more of your survival kit items, not even sharp tools like your hunting knife will cause snags or tears. It’ll maintain its tough shape, no matter what predicament you’ve gotten into. The D-Bag has a versatile strap system and can be worn whichever way you need to wear it –– as a backpack, like a briefcase, or slung over one shoulder like the total badass you are.


  • Aluminum handles on both ends of the bag are easy to hold
  • Weather-resistant
  • It’s made at the top and bottom with thermoformed EVA foam and coated with a ballistic nylon cloth
  • Will protect your entire emergency kit
  • A reinforced lid means it won’t rip, tear or snag
  • The side panels are built with long-lasting, 900D TPU-coated nylon, which means you can expand and collapse to your taste
  • Straps can be tightened down when you’re carrying it like a briefcase or shoulder sling, or you can remove it entirely
  • Carry it however you choose: backpack, briefcase, or shoulder sling
  • Carabiner attachment points allow you to snap on and give it total versatility
  • The zipper is a full-sized, strong horseshoe zipper (#8 YKK)
  • Glove-friendly zipper pulls are double-taped and don’t snag
  • Outer Dimensions: 19 inches x 16 inches x 9 inches
  • Volume: 42 liters/2500 cubic inches






DECKED D-Bag worn as a backpack

D-BAG Car Emergency Kit Contents



  • Convertible shovel for breaking rocks and moving dirt
  • Two storm and waterproof matches will start your fire in any we ather
  • Empire knife provides protection in emergencies
  • 100-foot paracord can support you in many applications, from building a shelter, to suspending, and more
  • Flat pack duct tape is an essential for any emergency kit
  • Multi-tool is useful in any situation, for your multifunctional emergency needs




Body Temp

  • E mergency shelter
  • Two pairs of insulated, waterproof gloves for every environment
  • Two hand warmers to protect your extremities from the cold
  • Two knit beanies to protect your head from the elements


Medical Kit

  • Uncharted Supply first aid pro kit is essential for any car emergency kit
  • Two antibacterial wipes to kill any germs, fast
  • Two emergency survival blankets for heat
  • Emergency splint with instructions for supporting wounded limbs
  • Strong SPF sunscreen protects your skin from harsh sunlight



  • Flashlight LED water-resistant and zoomable flashlight provides light in any situation
  • USB charger/Crank radio
  • Charger will keep your devices powered
  • Zeus portable power station and jump starter



  • Two chem lights as additional sources of light
  • Two goggles to protect your eyes from harsh elements or substances
  • Two reusable air filtration masks provide support from harmful atmospheres



  • Twelve R ation bars @ 200 calories each, to keep you nourished through the day
  • Water filter
  • Drinking pouch @ 16 ounces, refillable
  • Stainless water bottle @ 48 ounces to transport clean water


The D-Bag Is Made To Get You To The Finish Line

Order your D-Bag Emergency Kit  today . With DECKED, you get free shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. –– which includes any product in the full DECKED line of easily-accessible, anti-theft, weatherproof storage systems for trucks and conversion vehicles. The Drawer System is designed for organizing camping equipment, tools, hardware, hunting and fishing gear, and is a must-have for any road trip or offroading trip. There’s a lifetime warranty on ALL DECKED products , which are 100% made in the USA.



Photo of man sitting on his truck bed pulled over alone on a quiet mountain road with snow


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