10 Tool Box Organization Tips and How the DECKED System Can Help

10 Tool Box Organization Tips and How the DECKED System Can Help

10 Tool Box Organization Tips and How the DECKED System Can Help

Written By Marla R. Miller

After a long day at the job site, or an after-dark return from fishing or hunting, you probably toss your tools or gear in the truck and go. You’ll organize it later, you say.

For most truck owners, tool box organization ranks right up there with cleaning out the garage.

Truth be told, your truck is likely a disaster. Have you piled extra clothes, snacks, a cooler, and hard hat on the seat? Tossed bags of tools in the extended cab? Stacked lumber and larger equipment in the bed? Is there even room for your wife and kids?  

The DECKED system takes the guesswork out of tool box organization, but more on that later. If you’re curious, check out this video on the Tool Box. First, we offer you some pointers on how to keep your tool box neat and tidy.  


Construction worker wearing a hat and safety vest puts tools into DECKED Drawer System.

Benefits of an organized tool box

You may not think an organized tool box will improve your life. Oh, but it can. Your time is valuable, especially when you work for yourself or need a specific tool stat.  

Saves time .

When your tools are organized, you don’t have to waste time rummaging around for the tool you need. A cluttered space, even a tool box, can overwhelm your senses and sidetrack you from finding what you need.

Saves money .

Tools are expensive. It’s easy to lose or misplace them when they’re disorganized or in far flung corners of your truck. If you’re a carpenter or other trade professional, you don’t want to rebuy a tool you know you own but just can’t find.

Saves wear and tear on your body and truck .  

Having a place for all your tools means you know exactly where to look. You don’t have to move heavier equipment around trying to fish for a tool at the bottom of the tool box.


Man in garage grabs portable box out of DECKED Tool Box. A ladder and other tools are in the bed.


Saves frustration .

Having a messy toolbox , like having a cluttered home, can distract you from the job or task at hand. Disorganization leads to frustration. Even more concerning, disorganization can increase feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Bottom line :

Tool box organization improves efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Having an organized space – even a truck tool box – improves your attention span and focus. It can even improve your mental and physical health.


You waste less time. You look more professional. And you’ll know exactly where to look the next time you reach in your tool box.


This image shows a dirty truck with a bed that's disorganized and filled with random tools and supplies.

How to start organizing your tool box


If you’re staring into a black hole known as your tool box, have no fear. It’s probably why you’ve put off this task. First things first. You need to narrow your focus and prioritize.


Has your whole truck become a tool box? Do you want to organize your portable, daily use tool box? Do you have a crossover truck tool box, or are you dealing with a top mount tool box in your work truck?


You need your tool box to work for you, not slow you down or leave you tossing things around out of frustration. The best tool box organization ideas  are the ones that will make your life easier. You want to work smarter, not harder.


Tool boxes, especially for trucks, are all a little different. They come in different styles for different functionality. Check out our analysis of the 12 Best Truck Toolboxes in 2021 . The ways you use tools and how often you use them probably varies, whether you’re building a house, repairing your car, or fixing your mountain bike.  


Plus, all trucks are unique. Your hobbies and needs are unique. You may need customizable and accessible storage solutions when you swap out gear for work and play. The DECKED system is a complete tool box organization system  that lets you do just that.  


The DECKED drawer system is built for work and play. This image shows an outdoor scene with two trucks parked in a desert landscape. One truck has a rooftop tent. The other one has a DECKED Drawer System with a bike rack holding two bicycles and other camping equipment.

Things to consider:

1. How much space do you have? What will realistically fit in that space – your tool box ?


2. What tools do you need to do your job? Prioritize those first. A carpenter’s tool box will look different than an electrician or welder’s setup because you work with different tools.


3. What’s your biggest frustration or complaint about your tool box? Is it broken or failing in some way? Are you constantly moving things around that you don’t need or use? Do you misplace tools? Do tools fall out when you open your top mount tool box drawers?


4. What’s your motivation? Are you tired of the junk show? Have you missed work deadlines or wasted money buying supplies you already have but can’t find?


The DECKED system helps organize tools for all trades professional. This image shows a welder working on an empty dumpster, with his organized Drawer System offering easy access to all of his tools.

Tool box organization tips  

Enough is enough. By organizing your tools, you’ll make it easier to get work done. You’ll bring a little Zen to your day. You won’t be embarrassed to bring co-workers – or customers – near your truck.

1. Pull everything out.  

Has your tool box become a catchall for items that should be in the garage? It’s time to assess what you have and what you need.  

2. Clean your tool box.

Vacuum or wipe down the inside and assess how much space you have.

3. Tools versus gear.  

Decide what will fit and prioritize space.  

4. Trash, donate, sell?  

Create piles for the things you plan to keep in your tool box. You only have so much space. It’s time to reevaluate the necessities. You’ll also want to start piles for any trash, broken tools or equipment, or items you could sell, donate, or give to a friend. Grab a beer and dive in.  


This image shows a truck bed with a variety of tools and the DECKED Drawer System. The drawers pull out at waist height for easy access. Dividers and accessories help keep the drawers organized.


5. Sort items by size, type, or how often you use it.  

For instance, you should keep your screwdrivers and hand tools together. Keep similar items together. You want any tools you use daily to be easily accessible. If you discover you have five tape measures or utility knives when you only need one, find a new home for the extras.  

6. Consider accessories to save space.  

Extra tool box organization trays, shelves, dividers, tubs, clear containers, and foam can help keep tools secure and organized. You may want to invest in some portable totes and containers to easily swap tools for gear.

7. Foam for tool box organization.  

Foam is a nifty and relatively inexpensive way to keep your smaller tools in place, particularly for mechanic tool box organization. It’s good for tools that often get thrown together in a portable tool box or drawer. You also can use tool box foam  to create a single tool tray organizer, drawer organizer, or secure power tools in a portable case.


This image shows a partial view of a man getting ready to reach into his DECKED Drawer System. The drawers hold an array of tools and portable storage containers.

8. Homemade tool box organization ideas.  

Get organized with DIY ideas  and products like socket organizers, non-slip drawer liners, tool box drawer inserts, and magnetic accessories for screwdrivers and pliers. Clear plastic containers with dividers work for nails and screws, parts like drill bits, or  oddly shaped tools.  

9. Return items to your tool box.  

This may take some time and tough decisions. Start by putting necessary tools and supplies back. Some items may be relegated to the garage or storage shed, especially seasonal gear.

10. Savor  any extra space.  

Just because you have some space on a shelf or inside your tool box doesn’t mean you need to fill it. Remember, less is more. And you’ll likely find more stuff to add back after the purge.  

This image shows a clean truck bed with a DECKED Drawer System. The tool box is neat and tidy, with portable containers that stow away inside the drawers.

Accept it may be time for a new tool box

Maybe you’re not a DIYer and you don’t care about homemade tool box organization ideas.  Or maybe you’re simply out of space and realize it’s time for a tool box upgrade.


A well-organized tool box is probably one you customize yourself. The DECKED system allows you to do that with its Tool Box, Drawer System, and accessories.


DECKED products are built to last and built to solve your toughest truck tool box organization  problems. Check out this video on the DECKED Tool Box here . And read our Truck Tool Box Competitor Analysi s  if you’re the type who likes to do research first.  

DECKED: Tool box organization system    

Besides transforming the way tool boxes are made, the DECKED system and its many accessories solve your biggest storage dilemmas. It’s a 21st century solution designed to address age-old tool box complaints and storage problems.

The DECKED system takes tool box organization  to the next level. You’ll have endless truck tool box organization ideas  with its many customization options. And you save on shipping  if you order components when you order your DECKED system.


This image shows a white truck with an enclosed truck cab with side tool storage and a DECKED Drawer System. A man with a ball cap and tool belt is reaching in to grab tools from the drawer.


DECKED products keep tools and gear safe and out of the elements, yet make them easily accessible when you need them. Your biggest dilemma will be deciding between the DECKED Tool Box  or Drawer System  and which accessories to buy.


This image shows a utility worker standing on the DECKED Tool Box's adjustable ladder and reaching into his tool box. Heavy machinery and trucks are in the background.

Some features of the DECKED Tool Box:  

  • Store up to 500 lbs of tools and gear
  • Spans width of the bed for maximum cargo capacity
  • Built to last and built for everyday use
  • Stow away tools for construction projects or fishing and hunting gear for after-work fun
  • Aluminum, adjustable step ladder allows for easy access and folds up inside the tool box. Watch the demo video here  to check it out for yourself
  • Blue D-Box and Snack Tray come free with DECKED Tool Box  
  • Easy to grab D-Box hangs in place within the tub, also waterproof with a gasket seal
  • Snack Tray nests in place for small tools and gear you need to access often
  • Tie-downs come pre-installed at the base of the tub to secure large cargo

This image shows a man in a black hooded sweatshirt and tool belt standing at the back of his truck and grabbing a tool from his DECKED Drawer System.

Drawer system secures tools, rolls out when needed


The DECKED Truck Bed Drawer System  takes tool box organization and access up a notch. Watch this cool video  to learn more about it.


The Drawer System still gives you full use of the bed and stows away tool boxes, power tools, accessory containers, and so much more. Plus, we hook you up (no extra charge) with a D-Box Desert Tan, Crossbox Desert Tan, DRAWERGANIZER, and a set of two Wide Drawer Dividers  with every Drawer System.


Plan to use it for work and play? No problem. You can strap down bulky cargo or your toys on top. Even better, the drawer system protects expensive equipment from the weather and would-be thieves.

  • Features two full bed-length drawers that roll out at waist height
  • 2,000-pound payload allows you to haul heavy loads
  • Each drawer can hold 200 lbs of tools and gear
  • Horizontal storage for tools, military gear, fishing gear, portable storage boxes
  • Segmented organization can be reconfigured based on needs and cargo  
  • Expensive tools and gear stay secure and dry

This image shows a snowy farm scene with a red barn in the background. A white truck has a four-wheeler strapped to the top of a DECKED Drawer System. The drawers are open, filled with supplies, and shows the dual functionality of the Drawer System.

Portable tool box organization ideas

DECKED also makes a line of tool box accessories designed to save space, maximize storage efficiency, and grab and go. You won’t need to worry about portable tool box organization ideas  because DECKED has solved them.

  • D-Box : Portable tool box with hangers to hold it in place that lifts out, plus internal storage dividers
  • Crossbox : Smaller nesting storage box, similar to a traditional tool box
  • Drawerganizer : Holds small power tools, hand tools, cleaning supplies, and other random items you’re carrying. Designed to take with you on the job
  • Dividers : Allows you to create separate storage spaces and secure tool boxes within the drawer system
  • D-Bag : Hybrid hard shell, soft sided tool and gear bag with removable backpack shoulder straps, designed to take on the go
  • Accessories are compatible with the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System
  • Options vary depending on make, model, and size of truck or cargo van




This image shows a white truck with a DECKED Drawer System. The drawers are filled with portable containers and DECKED accessories, such as the D-Box and Crossbox, which nest inside the drawers but can be pulled out and taken to a job site.


With a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping, it’s time to trick out your truck with a tool box that’s easy on the eyes and tough on thieves. We know you work hard and play hard too.


DECKED products are built to endure. The Tool Box is impact resistant and won’t ding, dent, or rust. Watch the “torture test” video  and see for yourself. It’s designed to perform as good as it looks. And DECKED is proudly made in America, so you don’t have to worry about supply chain issues.  


This image shows DECKED products and accessories in boxes stacked in a warehouse with an American flag hanging in the background.


Visit   DECKED.com  to look around and start building your DECKED system. You can order your  large DECKED Tool Box  today  online or start your   DECKED Drawer System  design.

If you prefer dealing with a human, visit our   retail and fleet dealerships  across the U.S. and Canada. Check these financing options  to make things simpler.



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