The 12 Best Truck Toolboxes

The 12 Best Truck Toolboxes
Best Truck Toolboxes - Featured

You’re a truck guy which means you're a tool guy, gear guy, and a get ‘er done kind of guy. So, logically, you are here looking for the lowdown on truck bed toolboxes. In our mind, when you’re hauling stuff, you need a high-end toolbox that keeps your stuff organized, accessible, secure and out of the wrath of Mother Nature.

There are a metric s**t ton of toolbox options out there of all kinds of shapes and different sizes with various pedigrees of features and benefits. So check this out: a handy guide to get you to the promised land of a harmonious pairing with you and the toolbox you always wanted but didn’t know how to find. We’re going to leave it all on the table—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s break down 12 of the most common toolboxes on the market. Ready? We’re about to go on a long journey, my friend.

Let’s look at the 12 toolboxes broken down by the best, the mediocre, and the one you won’t need to look twice at. We look at their accessibility, security, and more to give them a final rating. Don’t worry, you can trust us. (I mean, have we ever led you astray?)

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What’s Our Criteria?

While we’re looking at every aspect of each toolbox from their latches to their dimensions, here’s some of the most important things we’ll be taking a microscope to.

1. Accessibility, Convenience, and Ease of Use

Easy to Use Truck Toolboxes

If you can’t access your stuff what’s the point? Nearly every toolbox on the market presents the “Kareem Abdul Jabbar Conundrum”: If you ain’t 7’ tall, you ain’t reachin’ anything. So unless crabbing into the bed of your pickup truck or doing some gymnastic maneuver from the rear wheel to reach into your box is what you call fun, get a toolbox that has an accessibility feature (anyone for a ladder feature?). 

2. Construction Material and Durability (and Weatherproof-ness)

You’re not a ballerina who goes home and sips tea while painting your nails. So don’t buy anything that won’t stand up to your caveman-destructor-of-stuff reality. Spend a few bucks and get something that won’t dent, ding, bend, rust or whine when you whip that SOB shut with aplomb on Friday afternoon. Ask yourself: does it have powder coating? Is it an aluminum toolbox? Does this make me look as tough as the nails I’m storing? You’re driving a badass ‘Merican truck, not a Geo Metro. Durable and waterproof. Manly materials and nerd-level engineering. 21st century design and innovation. That’s your playbook. And finally, your truck isn’t from 1980 so why would you consider something that hasn’t changed since Jimmy Carter was president? Bet you don’t see that asked in your average FAQ section!

3. Security 

Thieves suck. And you don’t want to risk it. Security is king since this storage box is like a flashing light to everyone missing a paycheck and looking for an easy payday. You’re not just looking for truck bed storage that’s corrosion-resistant. No, sir, you need something that’s thief-resistant as well. We’ve all seen those punks who peek into truck bed spaces looking for a tool chest to swipe or break into. You need a box that’s like Fort Knox, with sturdy and protected locking mechanisms, gorilla-proof handles and a look that alone makes thieves wet themselves and run the other way.

4. Organization Options 

Blackhole storage—that’s what most toolboxes feature: A giant cavernous void that you toss everything from tow chains to powertools to empty beer cans into. Don’t be a knuckledragger, you need an organized storage space. Evolve a little and look at what sort of organizational accessories and strategies various boxes might offer. It will save you time and sweat trying to figure out that socket driver set is lost under a rat’s nest of extension cords and unpaid parking tickets. Separate your peas from your carrots, son, and protect them while you are at it. 

5. Price

You might think that your $55,000 pickup deserves a cheap-ass toolbox, but we doubt it would agree. You of course want the most bang for the buck, but you will always get what you pay for in this category until you reach the $600 price tag or so. Study the materials and features and benefits and get something indispensable so that you can take it with you to your new truck in a few years. It’s an investment. 

6. Popularity

What do other people say about this product? Do other truck owners recommend it? Who’s rocking what at the tailgate? What’s the word on the job site? Frankly, we think user reviews are pretty helpful when making decisions. 

The Nitty Gritty Toolbox Review and Comparison

Like we saw above, there are tons of truck toolboxes and all-purpose chests on the market. Time to roll your sleeves up; we’re throwing the nittiest, grittiest details and descriptions of each toolbox at you. Here’s a rundown on the 12 different options plus the DECKED Toolbox to see how they stack up on features, durability, weatherproof-ness, and cost.

If you decide on a specific toolbox, be sure to check the product on Amazon as it will sometimes include customers’ photos and reviews of it.

DECKED Toolbox

  • Accessibility: The only company who took accessibility into account when designing this product. Comes with an integrated ladder that nests underneath the lid. This means you can access over 50% of your storage from the side of the truck, without having to jump in the bed.
  • Durability : Constructed with high-impact, injection-molded polymer ASA and HDPE resins for total protection against dents and punctures. Also made of anti-corrosion steel hardware and aluminum for long-lasting durability.
  • Weatherproofness: Completely weatherproof. Built with a seamless waterproof construction to deal with extreme conditions. Keeps water and dust out.
  • Latches: Easy-locking latches. Single hand open and close with ease.
  • Locks: Robust locking system that will safeguard your most important tools and gear.
  • Lid Support: Torsion spring that runs along the hinge (easy to open and close the lid with one hand).
  • Organization Options: Comes complete with a DECKED D-Box (you read that right), a smaller modular tool and gear organization system.
  • Dimensions: If integrating with the DECKED Drawer System, the toolbox will initially only be compatible with the Drawer Systems in 8-foot truck beds, but stay tuned for a shallower version of the Toolbox for short and standard length truck beds.
  • Price range: $675 without the ladder, $825 with the ladder

Pros: The innovative ladder integration eliminates the pain of having to climb into the back of your truck to grab tools. You can now access over half your tools from the side of your truck. Even comes with the DECKED D-Box . This is a 21st-century truck accessory every truck owner should have.

Cons: Buying a complete DECKED system is admittedly more expensive than buying a cheap toolbox. If you want something cheaper but won’t last as long, buy something else.

Bottom line: If you want virtually indestructible tool organization options to fit your needs, keep your tools dry, and foil tool-thieves, the DECKED system is a great choice. DECKED is everything you want for tool storage and more.

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Weather Guard 127

Weather Guard 127

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Weather Guard is known for its durability. Sadly, the brand still sees some complaints about workmanship issues that cause some boxes to rust and lose its quality over time. Some reviewers claim the box came with less-than-perfect welding.
    • Weatherproofness: The Weather Guard 127 has a full weather seal to protect against the elements. All good here!
    • Latches: Automotive-style rotary latch on the saddle box features a smooth one-touch opening. Fair warning: Some reviewers say the latches often came broken or break quickly.
    • Locks: Tamper-resistant, retracting EXTREME PROTECTION® lock.
    • Lid Support: Support rods are prone to breaking.
  • Organization Options: Integral small parts tray.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 18.5” H x 71.5” L x 20.25” W
  • Price range: Around $700 - $1000
  • Pros: This aluminum saddle box is easy to install with maximum bed clearance. It’s weatherproof, secure, and durable. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The gull-wing lid can be accessed from either side.

    Cons: Reviewers sometimes claim it arrived damaged or unfinished (it happens!). Reviewers also say it can be prone to early rusting if not maintained properly. For more context and visuals, you can check out the Amazon product page.

    Bottom line: If you get a well-made one, these are great. If not, you may struggle to get the problem sorted to your satisfaction.

    DeeZee Red Label Crossover

    DeeZee Red Label Crossover

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Light-duty.
    • Weatherproofness: Closed-cell foam gasket.
    • Latches: 2
    • Locks: Locks not included. Lockable stainless steel paddle handle or black pull handle latches.
    • Lid Support: Dampened gas shocks and self-adjusting strikers.
    • Organization Options: Removable plastic tray included.
    • Dimensions: 74 in. x 25 in. x 17 in.
    • Price Range: $400 - $560 depending on size, features, and finish.

    Pros: This truck toolbox has a limited lifetime warranty and a full-length hinge for stability (cheers for no wobbly lids!). It’s lightweight, easy to install, and attractive.

    Cons: The organization tray is small and poorly-fitted to the box. The box itself is not extremely durable.

    Bottom line: Good quality and well-constructed for the money.

    Crescent Tools Jobox Premium Aluminum Crossover

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : High-strength beveled edge lid, RSL™ three-layer rigid structural lid, channel reinforced front panel and full-length lid bolster reinforcements make this toolbox tough and durable.
    • Weatherproofness: Bulb-shaped automotive weather stripping. 
    • Latches: 2 push button latches, one on either end.
    • Locks: Dual rotary GearLock II™ locking system.
    • Lid Support: Heavy-duty gas springs for self-rising lid and heavy-duty gas spring guards.
    • Organization Options: Small parts storage bins and lift-out storage tray with movable dividers.
    • Dimensions: 17 ⅝” H x 30” W x 60 ¼” L at the base (70 ⅛” L at the top).
    • Price range: Approximately $1,700 

    Pros: It has a 5 year warranty and one of the most durable constructions we’ve seen so far in this list.

    Cons: The price. It’s a very expensive option and may attract more theft because of that price point. And just because it’s one of the more expensive choices, it doesn’t mean it’s fully protected from denting, rusting, or corrosion. Oh, and you still have to climb in the truck bed to access it fully.

    Bottom line: It’s a strong toolbox with a good warranty, but the cost is prohibitive, especially when you could get so much more for similar prices. Who wants to pay more?!

    Delta 70 Diamond Plate Aluminum Crossbed

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Rigid structural lid bolster and rugged aluminum construction with reinforced lid.
    • Weatherproofness: Full perimeter weather stripping.
    • Latches: Heavy-duty, self-aligning hoop lid strikers lock the lid down tight for improved security.
    • Locks: Latches with keyed locks.
    • Lid Supports: Self-rising lids with dual gas spring lid lifts.
    • Organization Options: Small parts storage tray and built-in storage bins on both ends.
    • Dimensions: 70” L x 21” W x 14.25 ” H
    • Price Range: $400 - $450

    Pros: Aluminum construction makes for a sturdy toolbox with built-in storage. Good for smaller items.

    Cons: Reviewers have had some issues with the locking mechanism. You have to climb in the truck to fully access the contents. The built-in organization features can’t be moved or removed.

    Bottom line: Sturdy toolbox with only a few drawbacks.

    Better Built Saddle 

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Light-duty.
    • Weatherproofness:   Full-seal weather stripping.
    • Latches: Lockable paddle handle. 
    • Locks: Included.
    • Lid Support: Auto-lift, self-rising gas spring and self-adjusting strikers for one-handed operation.
    • Organization Options: None included.
    • Dimensions: 61.5” L x 12” W x 15” H
    • Price Range: $400 - $500

    Pros: 1-year limited warranty. The wedge shape of the box allows access to truck tie-downs.

    Cons: Keys are fragile. Users advise making copies before they break. Mounting hardware is not included. Might not be the best fit for a full-size truck.

    Bottom line: It’s a light-duty toolbox. Users complain about the quality of the latches, but the size of the box makes it a good choice for a smaller or crossover truck.

    UWS Low Profile Single Lid Crossover

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed or wiggle up the wheel well to access tools.
    • Durability : Rigid core foam-filled lid for maximum strength and extra-thick aluminum construction for durability. 
    • Weatherproofness: Microseal stripping protects against moisture, dust, and dirt. Welded, one-piece tub for extra water-resistance. 
    • Latches: Dual padlock lift handles connected by an enclosed rod on the interior.
    • Locks: The dual secure locking latch handles are easy to operate. Using an enclosed interior connecting rod, they can be locked individually or in unison. 
    • Lid Support: Self-opening lid automatically opens to 90 degrees.
    • Organization Options: Built-in screwdriver holder and sliding small-tool tray.
    • Dimensions: 69.87” L at the top, 59” L on the base x 14.75” H x 20” W at the top, and 17” W at the base.
    • Price Range: Approximately $550 

    Pros: Solid toolbox with security features and rugged good looks. And we mean rugged.

    Cons: Shows reviews of denting during shipment of the product and the latches/locks are sticky and need to be lubed to close properly.

    Bottom line: A high-quality toolbox with some great features, but it’s not convenient to have to climb in the truck bed or crawl over the wheel well every time you need a different tool.

    TruXedo TonneauMate

    TruXedo TonneauMate

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Composite plastic toolbox; it won't rust or corrode.
    • Weatherproofness: Keeps out moisture and dust, further protected by the tonneau cover.
    • Latches: Single-twist latch.
    • Locks: Key and twist lock.
    • Lid Support: Single-lid support strut.
    • Organization options: None.
    • Dimensions: 55" L x 22" W x 15" H
    • Price range: $400 - $550

    Pros: Built to work with other Truxedo Tonneau covers as it lays below the bed rails. 2-year warranty and versatile positioning. Simple, no-drill installation and 200 lb weight capacity. 

    Cons: No dividers or small tool tray. Expensive for a non-metal box. Also comes with that Prop 65 warning.

    Bottom line: Just about the only option for a crossover style toolbox that mounts below the rails for tonneau cover compatibility. The product itself doesn't look durable enough to last a season but depends on how you use it.

    Kobalt Black Powder-Coat Aluminum Crossover

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools. (Sick of us saying that yet? It’s a pretty common issue. But one that DECKED doesn’t have.)
    • Durability : Black powder-coated aluminum construction with diamond tread plate is abrasion-resistant and rust-proof.
    • Weatherproofness: Foam-injected lid brace and weather-resistant seal protect contents from dirt and moisture.
    • Latches: Automotive grade dual-locking pull handles with lockable rotary latches.
    • Locks: Self-adjusting striker ensures the lid shuts securely every time and keyed entry adds security.
    • Lid Support: Auto-lift, self-rising and gas-powered shocks, single-handed entry.
    • Organization Options: Integral space for small parts.
    • Dimensions: 69” L x 19” W x 18” H
    • Price Range: Approximately $350

    Pros: Limited lifetime warranty and a good-looking toolbox .

    Cons: Reviewers say the locks are often damaged upon arrival or shortly after initial use. They also mention they dent easily.

    Bottom line: Security is not as good as it could be and locks are known to fail.

    Lund International 5150 Challenger

    • Accessibility: Two doors that open separately. Must climb into the truck bed to access tools and if you want both doors open that needs to be done on each side.
    • Durability : Diamond-tread aluminum finish for rust resistance. Hand-welded seams. Heavy-duty aluminum piano-style hinge.
    • Weatherproofness: Stands up well to harsh weather conditions.
    • Latches: Two latches, one at either side with an integral locking mechanism.
    • Locks: Two locks as well as one lockable, quick-release stainless handle on either side for direct and easy access.
    • Lid Support: Twin commercial gas struts. One-handed access.
    • Organization Options: No tool tray included.
    • Dimensions: 20.5” W x 70.25” H x 14” L 
    • Price Range: Approximately $450

    Pros: Well-made and weatherproof with single-handed access. The 5150 Challenger locks securely. 

    Cons: No tool organization and comes with a Prop 65 Short Form Warning (WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm: )

    Bottom line: It’s a great toolbox if you can look past the Prop 65 warning, but why would you?

    Delta Full-Size Crossover 

    • Accessibility: Dual lids open from either side.
    • Durability : Reinforcing ribs add strength to the lid. It’s a nylon box so not as tough as metal, but still pretty good for the price.
    • Weatherproofness: Heavily reinforced lid overlaps the high-strength body for superior security and prevents moisture from entering.
    • Latches: High-strength nylon latches.
    • Locks: Automotive-style lock cylinder with a double-cut key.
    • Lid Support: Self-rising, gull-wing lids use a torsion bar for strength and support.
    • Organization Options: Interior-reinforcing ribs can hold dividers and small tool trays.
    • Dimensions: 70” L x 20.75” W x 15.13” H 
    • Price range: Beginning at $150

    Pros: It’s lightweight, easy to install, and has good organization. 

    Cons: Reviewers say the locking mechanism is temperamental. It’s made of reinforced nylon instead of metal. Some reviewers also complain of leaks, which then leads to rust.

    Bottom line: It’s a cheaper option which does a pretty good job and the organizational extras work well. It’s just not as secure or robust as metal versions.

      Husky 71.36 Full Size Crossbed

    Husky 71.36 Full Size Crossbed

    • Accessibility: Single lid–must climb into the truck bed to access tools.
    • Durability : Light-duty only, not a heavyweight box. 
    • Weatherproofness: Has weatherproof rubber seal. 
    • Latches: 2
    • Locks: Keyed entry.
    • Lid Support: Yes 
    • Dimensions: 71.3 in. x 20.5 in. x 17.6 in. 
    • Organization Options: Storage tray included.
    • Price Range: $300 - $350

    Pros: The box is lightweight and easy to install. 

    Cons: According to users, it can’t be mounted flush against the cab. It needs about a 2” gap for the lid to open properly.

    Bottom line: You get what you pay for. This toolbox will do for light-duty use but is made of thin aluminum and dents easily (many reviews showing it dents before it arrives).

    Other DECKED Drawer System Storage Options
    Not ready to make a decision and add to bag? No need to fear, DECKED still has your back. Maybe you want some other storage options before making the leap and investment. If that’s where you’re landing, check out some of these ideas below.

    D-Bag - Military-grade hybrid hard shell, soft-sided bag designed for DECKED drawers. Each D-Bag comes with a removable DECKED Tool Roll and DECKED Duffel Bag.

    D-Box  - Measuring 20.5" W x 17.5" L x 8" H, the D-Box is a robust toolbox with a 50 lb load capacity. Available in blue or desert tan, the D-Box fits perfectly into the drawer system and each has:

    • High impact resin and heavy-duty construction offer lasting durability
    • Integrated EPDM seal keeps moisture out
    • Recessed Locking Levers
    • EPDM Gasket
    • 2 Grip Points
    • Horizontal and Vertical Carry Side Handles
    • Ruler and Common Bolt/Bit Guide
    • 2 Dividers

    Drawerganizer™ - Made from High Impact Polypropylene with Prop 65 compliant material, the Drawerganizer ™ sits at the drawer front behind the locking mechanism. Measuring 17.625" W x 10.125" L x 8" H, it is easily accessible and ideal for storing your most-used tools. It’s easy to put in place and easy to remove. 

    Drawer Dividers - Made to fit all sizes of drawers, the dividers are robust enough to keep your tools and other items in their place. No more sliding around the truck bed. Everything stays exactly where you put it.

    So there you have it, folks. Some of the top truck toolboxes and storage options on the market. Remember, you’re not looking for yet another chest box that serves up nothing but a mess or can be broken into easily. Save those boxes for the hoarders and let DECKED get you on your way.

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