Tool Box for Truck: Finding One That’s As Tough As You Are

Tool Box For Truck: Finding One That’s As Tough As You Are

Finding the right tool box for your truck isn’t rocket science or curing cancer. But it is a lot harder than it should be.


Most of the tool boxes on the market brag about having all these flashy gizmos and gadgets that jack up the price. But when it comes down to getting shit done, those tool boxes tend to be pretty weak. Sissy, even.


And when you're rolling up your sleeves and knee-deep in a tough job, the last thing you want is your tool box getting in the way.


So, let's make picking the right one easy. Here is a no-BS guide for finding a truck tool box that works as hard as you do (and the one we recommend).

Who needs a truck tool box?

If you're looking to store tools safely in your truck bed and keep them organized, you need a truck tool box. It really is that simple.


DECKED Tool Box for truck makes everything you need easy-to-access


That’s because you didn’t buy your truck purely for the status that comes with it or because it looked good (although you probably enjoy both). No, sir. Your truck is how you earn your living, haul your family, and make the stories you’ll tell your grandkids one day happen.


To do all that, your truck needs to carry a lot of expensive tools and gear. And throwing things in your truck bed all but guarantees those investments get lost, broken, or stolen.


You don’t want to waste your money replacing things because they bounced out the back or because someone walking by reached in and grabbed them. Who would?


Not to mention that you don’t have time to stumble around looking for nuts and bolts when you’re on the clock.


A tool box for your truck bed ensures you don’t have to do any of those things. Instead, everything is protected and stays exactly where you left it last.


But not all tool boxes for trucks are created equal. And if you're like most of us, you need one that’s built as tough as you and works 10 times harder.

Picking the right pickup truck tool box matters

You can Google “truck tool box for sale,” and thousands of results come up. All of them claiming to be “the best tool box out there.” But, like I just said, not all truck tool boxes are created equal.


So, if you cheap out upfront ends up costing you big later when you’re replacing anything your tool box didn’t protect. And it happens one expensive Home Depot trip at a time, which adds up fast.

the DECKED D-Box houses and organizes everything you need


Take traditional truck tool boxes, for example. You know—the type your dad used when you helped him out as a kid.


Technically, they get the job done. You’re no longer throwing the little things you need in the back of your truck, where they might bounce out. And everything you pack makes it wherever it is you’re going.


But once there, you’re left standing in the sub-freezing winter or the sweltering summer heat, digging through the bottomless pit you call your truck tool box for a wrench or tackle.


And if it’s been a few months since you've needed whatever it is you’re looking for, you might be sorely disappointed when you finally find it.


That’s because most companies make their truck tool boxes out of hard plastics, which let in the elements. The rest make theirs out of welded metal which rusts over time. Either way, it means your stuff ends up weathered (literally).


DECKED Tool Box is a waterproof tool box for trucks


Not to mention that parking your truck in a lot becomes a bit of a gamble. That’s because most tool box locks aren’t built like Fort Knox. Anyone walking by can break in with a bit of force, taking your stuff with them. And they’re in and out long before you ever get back.


Depending on what you’re looking for, the traditional pickup truck tool box I just described could be just fine for you. But, to be frank, you deserve better than a tool box that is “just fine.” You deserve a 21st-century solution that was built with how you actually use your truck in mind.

Tool box for trucks must-have qualities

Here at DECKED, we spent the better part of the last decade comparing the top-selling truck tool boxes. And what we found is that the best sellers share five common sense, must-have qualities:


  1. Top-notch build quality–this should go without saying, but cheap plastic tool boxes (or cheap metal tool boxes, for that matter) are made, well, cheaply. And they need to be replaced every couple of years. So, why not do yourself a favor and avoid the headache all together with a built-to-last tool box?


  1. Easy to install–anchoring your truck tool box to your bed rails should be so easy that Grandma can do it. So, look at the installation instructions before you buy. If it doesn't fit on a single sheet of paper, it’s too complicated. Hard pass.


  1. Peace-of-mind security–when you grab a beer after a long day's work, you don’t want to think twice about leaving your tools in your truck. That means your tool box needs to be as impenetrable as Fort Knox, complete with a lock and latch system that keeps everyone but you out.


  1. Clever storage–you have a ton of tools. And until you’re at the job site, you can never be 100 percent sure which of them you’ll need. Luckily, your tool box shouldn’t make you choose. Instead, it should let you pack in as much stuff as possible and have clever compartments that keep things from getting lost in a seemingly bottomless pit.


  1. Ready for the real world–your truck toolbox isn’t going to sit in the garage gathering dust. It’s the one that goes everywhere you go. And it needs to be tough enough to handle anything life throws (rain, shine, rough roads, whatever).


When vetting tool boxes, consider these five qualities “your list of non-negotiables.” If you find something you like and it’s missing one, some friendly advice: keep looking. You can thank us later.

The Tool Box that has it all

Admittedly, we didn’t do all that research to be nice. We did it because tool boxes haven’t been updated in 50 years, and we needed a new way to store some of our most important investments.


So, we pinpointed what works (and, consequently, what didn’t) with old-school tool boxes for trucks. Then, we built what we believe is the best all-around tool box storage solution.


DECKED Tool Box for truck is the best all-around solution


Meet the tough-as-nails DECKED Tool Box. Proudly engineered and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. with the help of American suppliers.

Top-notch build quality

The DECKED Tool Box is built for life. This metal tool box for trucks is molded, never welded, from high-impact polymer resin (the same stuff the NFL makes football helmets from).


And it’s held together with anti-corrosion-treated steel hardware and torsion springs that make opening and closing the lid effortless. (Seriously–it’s near-impossible to slam your fingers in it.)


Plus, here at DECKED, we’re not all talk. We put our money where our mouth is with a straight-shooting limited lifetime warranty. One that takes less than five minutes to set up. And legal mumbo jumbo aside, it covers just about anything that’s normal wear and tear.

Easy to install

We designed the DECKED Tool Box to take 10 minutes max to install (we timed it).


To do this, we ship the DECKED Tool Box straight to your door, ready to fit any full-sized truck (2001-present) or older truck with bed rails between 61.375" and 70.5" in width. No assembly required.


You just have to attach the Tool Box to your bed rail and pack it full. The four-step installation instructions make this task a no-brainer.


All the mounting hardware you’ll need to attach the Tool Box to your bed rails comes in the box. And it only requires two everyday tools. A 3/8” socket and a ratchet, to be exact. When you’re done installing the DECKED Tool Box, feel free to toss those tools in the box first.

Peace-of-mind security

Leave the gambling for the casinos. With the DECKED Tool Box, you know when you park that the tools in your truck bed will still be there when you get back. No need to check before hopping in the cab.


DECKED Tool Box for truck keeps your stuff safe


This metal tool box for trucks has a robust latch and lock system that makes forced entry nearly impossible. And that’s reinforced with the tub lid, which leaves minimal theft pry bar points and each lock securing multiple latch points.


No one but God gets in without your permission. And because it’s anchored to your bed rails, no one walking by is walking off with it either.

Clever storage

Unlike some tool boxes, the DECKED Tool Box fits the full width of the bed to provide maximum cargo capacity. We’re talking up to 500 lbs of cargo capacity.


But to keep the tool box’s main cavern from becoming a bottomless pit, we’ve added in some clever tool box organizers for your truck that mirror how you work. This includes the D-Box and snack trays.


The portable D-Box takes ergonomics to the next level. This durable tool box adds extra drawers and compartments that fit like a glove inside the bigger system. Hangers hold the D-Box steady inside the DECKED Tool Box, so nothing slips and slides. And it easily unhooks, so you can take it on the go.

DECKED D-Box is a portable tool box for trucks organizer


Snack trays then house your smallest tools and fasteners. So, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your nuts again.

Ready for the real world

No one gives two flying flips how good your truck tool box looks if it's not functional. So, the DECKED Tool Box was built with industrial durability for anything life throws your way.


Anti-corrosion-treated steel and aluminum hardware mean this truck tool box is made for long-lasting durability. And it won't rust, ding, or dent, no matter the terrain.  


And because the DECKED Tool Box is molded, not welded, you get a seamless lid and tub that seals tight, keeping out the harshest elements. Or, in plain English, this waterproof tool box for trucks keeps anything you put inside bone dry.


No need to take our word for it. We asked MotorTrend's Sean Holman and Lightning to take our truck tool box through the ultimate “torture test.” And after getting beaten by baseball bats, skitching behind the back of a truck, and more, the DECKED Tool Box speaks for itself.


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The truck tool box bottom line

Investing up-front in a high-quality tool box for your truck saves you a tremendous amount of hard-earned cash later. That’s because you won’t be constantly replacing things that break or go missing. And you won’t waste valuable time stuttering to find what you need.

And as far as we’re concerned, the DECKED Tool Box is the best all-around solution for anyone looking to store and access tools from their truck. One that’s built tough-as-you and can survive just about