Which Tonneau Cover F150 Ford Owners Should Buy And Why?

Which Tonneau Cover F150 Ford Owners Should Buy And Why?

Which Tonneau Cover F150 Ford Owners Should Buy And Why?


  White truck with tonneau cover


So you want to know which tonneau cover F150 Ford owners like the most? Well, you’ve got a lot of options to narrow down.


You choose to drive an F150 Ford because of its durability, style, and power. The bed on a truck like that deserves a cover that can withstand the real world - and then some.


The gear you put on your Ford says a lot about you. Whether you’re looking for versatility, work-proof accessories, or plain ol’ good looks, a Ford F150 tonneau cover is a good place to start. You can get truck bed covers to suit any requirements, with everything from solid, hinged covers, all the way to retractable soft shell covers.


It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re faced with so many truck accessory options, we know. But there are seven main varieties of tonneau covers. Knowing this, you can figure out what exactly you need from your cover and which variety is made for you.


The list we’ve put together below will give you all the knowledge you need to choose the tonneau cover that’s right for your Ford F150.

Top 7 Most Durable Tonneau Cover F150 Ford Options

  Truck bed system


Let’s get serious for a sec. Whatever you’re keeping in your truck bed—tools, hiking equipment, the buck you just shot—it needs to stay dry, secure, and accessible. Sounds obvious, right? Actually, it can be pretty hard to get the right mix of those three things in a truck bed cover.


The real solution is to first decide what exactly you want to get from your tonneau cover. If flexibility and ease of use is your kind of thing, then a soft rolling cover might be for you. On the other hand, if you’re all about security and locking things tight, then a heavy-duty hard folding cover could be the perfect add-on to your Ford F150.


When it comes to the F150 in particular, be aware that size really does matter (sorry). The Ford F150 model usually comes in 5-foot-6-inch or 8-foot sizes, so be sure that the cover you pick is a good fit in all ways.


A blue truck with a trailer

Best Soft Rolling

This is the “ol’ reliable” of F150 tonneau covers. The soft rolling cover is one of the most commonly used accessories by truck owners in the US, just take a look around next time you’re stuck in traffic.


How does the soft rolling cover work? The soft roller is one of the easiest to install, with just a couple of rails to attach to your truck, which the cover connects to. It uses a hook-and-loop design to secure it to your truck when the cover is closed.


If you want a budget-friendly tonneau cover that’s easy to install too, choose the soft rolling cover option to keep your gear dry and out of sight.


The TruXedo TruXport  is a great example of a soft rolling cover that’s streamlined and complementary to the general sturdy look of the Ford F150.


Best Soft Folding

The soft folding cover is made for Ford F150 owners who want their truck bed to feel secure and stay totally dry.


Your first choice is deciding what type of fabric you want your cover to be made out of. The materials most often used are canvas or vinyl that is stretched over the strong, aluminum frame that forms the foldable shape of the cover.


The best thing about these? It’s the  super quick and easy installation for us. Just line up the cover by eye and clamp it down by hand - no tools required. Just how we like it. To open up one side of the cover, just undo the rear clamp and fold it back until you have access to your truck bed. Accessing the whole bed is easy too since you can effortlessly remove the entire cover.


If you’re looking for low-effort installation and basic protection from the elements, check out this Gator SFX Tri-Fold . We think it’s a great tri-fold tonneau cover F150 owners would love. Can you see it on your Ford?


  A person standing on the back of a pickup truck

Best Hard Folding

A hard folding tonneau cover is every trade worker’s best friend when it comes to keeping your expensive or previous kit and tools out of sight, out of the elements, and protected. There are two main sub-types  of hard folding covers.


The Advantage Hard Hat  is an example of a hard substrate being used beneath the top vinyl layer of the cover for additional protection. Otherwise, this style is similar to the soft folding covers, just with an extra layer of sturdiness.


The other style uses separate rails installed on your truck bed, with an aluminum frame cover that folds. The sleek profile and level of accessibility make this cover the ideal choice for Ford F150 owners who prioritize function and practicality.


  A blue truck with a black top

Best Hard Rolling

The hard rolling tonneau cover has burst onto the market recently, as Ford owners across the US want a cover that’s tough and flexible at the same time.


It helps that this type of cover looks pretty darn cool too. Constructed of interlocked aluminum slats, this smart construction makes the cover easy to roll back as far as little as you want. Roll it back just a little to reach in quick and keep your truck bed dry in the rain – or roll it all the way for full bed access. The best of both worlds all rolled into your truck bed!


With no hinges or clamps and strength to write home about, hard rolling covers like the BAK Revolver X4s  are quickly gaining popularity.


A red truck with tonneau cover

Best Retractable

The best retractable tonneau cover F150 Ford owners should consider has to be the GatorTrax Tonneau Covers.   Now, don’t confuse these with soft or hard rolling covers. These bad boys are built for convenience and ultra-ease of use.


This option involves a canister installed at the front of the truck bed near the cab where the cover can retract into. Basically, it’s all the benefits of a hard rolling cover with the added bonus of automatic retraction, usually at the push of a button.


If your truck is lifted, you might find it difficult to use manual rolling or folding covers, so a retractable tonneau cover will save your back and your time.


A red truck with a black top


Best Hinged

Hinged covers are the outliers since they don’t technically fit in with the rest of the options above. Hinged covers like the Patriot Eagle SE   are a solid, durable alternative to soft and hard rolling and folding tonneau covers.


These covers are notably built from composite or fiberglass to give you a solid cover that can protect your gear from heavy weather and prying eyes.


Usually, these covers are operated with scissor hinges or lift supports which you operate just like lifting the hood of your truck. While they’re simple and secure, they don’t offer the kind of accessibility and flexibility some of the other options do.



A white truck parked on the side of the road


Best Heavy Duty

Sure, a soft rolling cover works fine for a daily-drive truck. But if you’re looking for something a little tougher, a heavy-duty tonneau is the way to go. These covers have higher weight ratings, thicker cover material, and often include multiple opening options.


A heavy-duty truck bed cover is right for you if you work hard and play hard – and want your truck bed and everything in it to last through it all. Take a look at the DiamondBack SE  to see what a heavy-duty tonneau cover could do for your Ford F150.


A red truck with folding tonneau cover  


Truck Bed Storage Alternative

There’s something you should know about tonneau covers… sometimes they’re not your best option. If you want to:


  • Properly organize the gear in your truck bed
  • Keep everything in place and secure while driving
  • Be able to put loads on top of your tonneau
  • Access everything without bending, climbing, or crawling into our truck bed


Then a truck bed cover might not be the right accessory for your Ford F150.  That’s why we created DECKED . We saw (and experienced) where these covers fell short of the mark. Too many times we’ve opened up our roll cover to find everything chucked around the bed.


We’ve had to open up a hinged cover only to realize we’ve got to climb in if we want to reach that tool right at the back.


So, we figured out another option, and it's more versatile, more durable, and completely accessible. We think you’ll like it, with or without a tonneau cover.


DECKED Drawer System


A white truck with a flat bed


The   DECKED Drawer System  is like a tonneau cover on steroids. You got all the benefits of the cover – weatherproofing, security, style - but with customizable options, organization, and adaptability.


Your truck bed is about to get an upgrade. The DECKED Drawer System is simple really. Imagine if you could maximize every inch of space in your truck bed while keeping your kit safe and dry. That’s our Drawer System in a nutshell.


The weatherproof construction of the drawer and deck means your gear stays bone dry no matter the weather. Your valuable tools, rifles, or gear stay 100% out of the elements and protected from whatever mother nature has in store for you.


Easy install means no drilling into your prized Ford F150 body. And with free shipping to anywhere in the US, it’s easier than ever to start making the most of your truck bed.


But wait. What if you really like the idea of a tonneau cover? Can you still use the DECKED drawer system? Yes, tonneau covers and our DECKED drawer system go together like a wink and a smile.


If that wasn’t enough, we built in some extra benefits we thought you’d like:



  • Sealed bearing drawer wheels that roll like butter
  • A galvanized steel skeleton molded in HDPE that gives you a 10:1 strength to weight ratio
  • A high-density polyethylene construction means this drawer system is impervious to high temperatures and UV light. No shade? No problem
  • No space is lost as these drawer systems are custom built to fit every curve of your truck bed


Watch our DECKED 101  for a deep dive into all the details, and you’ll never be so happy to get DECKED.







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