Why Go for a Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover When You Can Get DECKED?

Why Go for a Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover When You Can Get DECKED?


Why Go for a Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover When You Can Get DECKED?

We Americans love our trucks. We bet you adore yours regardless of the logo on your front grille, whether Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota, or Nissan, name it. Statistics show that truck sales have outpaced car sales in the US. Perhaps you own a truck and are seriously considering a Gator EFX hard fold tonneau cover.

A Gator hard fold tonneau is a desirable option. It will secure your gear, keep your tools safe from the elements, and of course, it’s good-looking. Gator tonneaus also give better fuel economy. But have you seen what the DECKED Drawer System offers?

The DECKED Drawers will make you want to replace your Gator tonneau cover. It does more than a tonneau would.

You need something better than a tonneau cover. This is why   DECKED  brings you a state-of-the-art cargo management solution that looks like it came from this century. The DECKED Drawer System will make you kick out that tonneau cover that you hold so dear.

The DECKED Drawers will do what a tonneau would to a greater capacity. Let’s see how the Gator EFX hard fold tonneau cover stacks against the   DECKED Drawer System .

Reasons to Get DECKED Over the Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau Cover

Build Quality

Build quality is a factor of the utmost significance. You don’t want to invest in a truck bed storage solution that will bug you with repair and replacement costs every few years. The Gator hard fold tonneau is made using aircraft-grade aluminum folding panels. Arguably, this material is as strong as steel and will give you several years of service.

The DECKED Drawers are made using high-impact polymer resin. They are durable and will serve you for a lifetime.

DECKED takes the bar even higher. The DECKED Drawers are not made using the ordinary aluminum, steel, or wood seen in the conventional truck bed storage solutions.

The DECKED Drawers, made in Defiance, Ohio, defy the norm. The   Drawer System  is made using high-impact polymer resin with steel and aluminum reinforcements. It won’t ding, dent, or rust. You can throw stones at or jump on it, and it will only get dirty.

The DECKED Drawers are designed to take a beating out of everyday use and abuse. Also, the high-impact polymer resin protects the Drawer System from UV rays. You are sure that your Drawers will have the same sharp look after many years.

The Gator hard fold tonneau has a powder coat black finish that may withstand harsh UV rays. Still, it doesn’t match the toughness and durability of the DECKED Drawers. You can save yourself the stress of frequent replacement costs by simply getting   the DECKED Drawers .

Enjoy Full Truck Bed Use with a 2000 Payload Capacity

The Drawer System has a 2000 pound payload capacity. You can carry an ATV, motorbike, or anything else but it won't dent, ding, or bend.

Regardless of your trade, there comes a time you need full truck bed use. Perhaps you want to go hiking or bike-riding, and you need your motorcycle or bicycles at the back of your truck. Maybe you just need your ATV for your favorite offroad activity, or you want to carry some concrete blocks to a construction site.

The DECKED Drawers have a payload capacity of 2000 pounds. You don’t have to uninstall your Drawers to enjoy full truck bed use. The DECKED Drawers survive the  payload torture test . Be rest assured that DECKED is the toughest truck bed storage solution that you’ve been missing.

A Gator EFX tonneau can hold up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight. It falls short of DECKED Drawer System’s payload capacity. You will need to uninstall your tonneau if you want to use the full depth of your truck. Don’t go through such an irritating inconvenience.

You can mount accessories such as cargo glides and bike racks and carry the taller cargo conveniently on top of your   truck bed storage solution . Get DECKED and tackle any adventure that comes your way.

Protection from the Elements

DECKED Drawers are weatherproof. They protect your tools against moisture , dust, snow, and harsh UV rays.

Weatherproofing the DECKED Drawer System is among the most crucial areas that the DECKED engineers excel. You don’t want to find your tools soggy. Save yourself stress and time wasted wiping your tools and crying over wet gear.

The DECKED Drawers keep all your tools nice and dry. You can take it through a carwash with high-pressure jets, but all your gear remains dry. If you don’t believe it, then   watch this video . Regardless of where you live or where your next adventure takes you, get DECKED. It will withstand dust, snow, or rain.

The Gator EFX hard fold tonneau is pretty decent in this respect. It has ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber hinges and drain tubes that carry water from away from your truck bed to the ground. One major problem is that tools near your tailgate may end up wet in the long run. Water may go in through your tailgate unless you have proper tailgate seals.

The DECKED Drawers can withstand a high-pressure carwash.

The Gator tonneau may withstand the rain but will it survive a beating from heavy snow? You may even have to think twice about having it on during a carwash. Carwash brushes and high-pressure jets will slowly but surely damage the thread on the cover.   No more carwash worries with DECKED . Don’t postpone your work or adventure when the weather is terrible outside. Get DECKED.


Security is by far one of the major reasons you may opt to purchase a Gator EFX hard fold tonneau cover. Besides the heavy-duty aluminum used to construct the Gator tonneau, one can only access the tools in your truck bed if the tailgate is open. The pull cords are only accessible through an open tailgate.

  You can add an extra layer of security by purchasing the optional Drawer System Locks.

But wait, have you heard of Fort Knox? Sure, you have. There is simply no way you will get inside the Bullion Depository. The DECKED Drawer System is a mobile Fort Knox. Low-life thugs who desire your precious gear won’t even nurture the idea of stealing from your truck bed.

One can only access your Drawer System when your tailgate is open. And that’s on you. You may also consider purchasing the   optional Drawer System Locks  for an extra layer of security. You can even carry firearms in your Drawers without fear of breaking the law in some states.

The Drawer Locks are optional, but you can save yourself a serious brain cramp when you purchase them. No more worrying about your tools falling into the hands of an illegitimate owner.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

Don't predispose yourself to awkward positioning while retrieving items in your truck bed. Get DECKED.

Ergonomics is one of the critical areas that the DECKED Drawers beats a Gator Tonneau hands down. You don’t want to break your back through awkward positioning that may slowly but surely lead to some serious back injuries.

The Gator tonneau cover folds in two steps meaning that you can only access two-thirds of your truck bed. You will find it a significant inconvenience if you want to load items on the other end of your truck bed.

A tonneau will definitely predispose you to poor ergonomic conditions. These include crawling into your truck bed, twisting torso to reach items in the corners, bending/reaching too far, and stepping onto the tire or tiptoeing to reach your truck bed.

Other unergonomic stances are standing on your bed while stooping down to retrieve items and jumping down your truck after retrieving your items. These work habits harm your back, shoulders, waist, knees, and ankles.

The Drawer System pulls out at waist height, giving you access to all your gear. No more bending, tiptoeing, or twisting torsos.

The   DECKED Drawer System  supports optimum ergonomic behavior. You can easily access all your tools and gear by simply pulling out the drawers. The drawers slide out smoothly and at waist height. DECKED Drawers bring all your work to you with full bed length. Get DECKED and save yourself time crawling on and off your bed and injuries that reduce your work efficiency.

Organization and Modular Storage


  The DECKED Drawers have a D-Box,  CrossBox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers for better organization.

The downside of tonneau covers is that they don’t provide any organization. You will just have to throw your tools and gear in the bed of your truck. Even if you choose to tie them down, they’ll still slide around.

This is practically why we created the DECKED Drawer System. To save you the annoying noises of loose tools and gear on your truck bed that could damage your paint. Besides offering security, durability, and protection from the elements, DECKED Drawers also give modular storage.

Each Drawer System you purchase comes standard with a D-Box, Crossbox, Drawerganizer, and Drawer Dividers. Let’s delve a little deeper into these accessories.

D-Box – The   DECKED D-Box  nestles neatly inside your Drawer System. They are made using high-impact resin. The   D-Box  has an ergonomic handle, is lockable with a padlock, and has a unique EPDM gasket that protects your tools from the elements. You can use the D-Box to carry tools for work, fishing, and hunting, thanks to the grab-and-go handles.

Crossbox – The   Crossbox  is like the younger brother to the DECKED D-Box. It is made using the same material as the D-Box. This means that the Crossbox is ultra-durable, secure, and easy to carry around. It complements the functional organization of the Drawer System. It sits lengthwise in narrow mid-size drawers and crosswise in full-size drawers and mid-size wide drawers.

The Drawerganizer helps maximize storage efficiency in the space near your Drawer handles. It will help minimize clutter since it neatly carries all your small bits.

Drawerganizer – The   DECKED Drawerganizer  is another handy invention from DECKED. It helps maximize storage efficiency near the Drawer handles. The Drawerganizer lets you fight clutter and disorganization since it is ideal for carrying small bits that tend to wander off. You can purchase the optional   Double Drawerganizer  with handles. You can carry it around while also enjoying its large volume for carrying smaller tools and bits.

Divider shown with a D-Box, Crossbox, and Drawerganizer. These accessories help increase storage efficiency within the Drawer System.

Drawer Dividers – Truck bed organization is top-notch at DECKED. The   DECKED Drawer Dividers  fit into mounting positions within the Drawer System. They are light gray in color, making it easier to retrieve your items. You can also reposition or remove them entirely depending on your needs at any given time or in different work or recreational situations.

Optional Accessories

The D-Bag is durable, secure, and weatherproof. It is versatile and you can use it for work and recreation.

The D-Bag – The   D-Bag  is perhaps one of the most versatile tool bags you don’t want to miss. It is designed to work with the DECKED Drawers. It is made of military-grade hard- and soft-shell material.   It is durable and weatherproof . You can use it to carry your hiking, camping, fishing, or work gear. It also has a versatile strap system. You can carry the D-Bag as a backpack, briefcase, horizontally, or sling it over one shoulder.

The Piecekeepers are a safe and convenient way to carry your firearms in your truck bed storage solution.

Piecekeepers – The DECKED Piecekeepers are an essential accessory if you’re a firearms guy or girl. Whether you use your guns for hunting or other shooting range games, you should definitely buy the Piecekeepers to safely and conveniently transport your firearms. They work similarly to the Drawer Dividers. You can reposition to accommodate rifles and shotguns of different lengths.

The DECKED Tool Box is durable, secure, weatherproof, and allows for modular storage. You can combine it with the DECKED Drawers to enhance your storage organization.

The DECKED Tool Box – The   DECKED Tool Box  is not an accessory per se, but it is worth checking out. You should perhaps consider getting rid of that toolbox in your garage or at the back of your truck. The DECKED Tool Box isn’t your granddad’s toolbox. It is tough, weatherproof, and has an   optional integrated ladder  for easy access. It is also secure, and the injection modeling process used to manufacture it minimizes pry par entry points. It is also compatible with the D-Box, Crossbox, and D-Bag. Kick out that tonneau and replace it with the revamped Drawer System and DECKED Tool Box combined.

Can I use the Gator EFX Hard Fold Tonneau with the DECKED Drawer System?

The DECKED Drawer System is compatible with all tonneau covers.

We know that there are die-hard tonneau fans out there. We still got you covered. The DECKED Drawers and a tonneau cover go together like bread and butter. You can keep smaller items in the Drawers and the large items in the space between your tonneau and the Drawers.

Final Words

You shouldn’t think twice about getting the DECKED Drawer System. You cannot compare it with a tonneau simply because it’s not a tonneau. But it takes you to a world of many possibilities that even a tonneau couldn’t or wouldn’t.

The DECKED Drawers are slightly expensive. Currently, the Drawer System costs $1,449.99. It’s a lot but not entirely. A Gator hard fold tonneau costs $699.97. Not a big difference considering the numerous benefits you get with DECKED. You also get to enjoy:

  • A limited lifetime warranty with a professional support team
  • Free shipping anywhere in the continental US
  • 30-day return guarantee.

Our products are proudly engineered in the US. Visit our website and order the   DECKED Drawers  and many   other accessories  today.



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