What’s the Best Small Truck Tool Box for a Mid-Sized Pickup?

What’s the Best Small Truck Tool Box for a Mid-Sized Pickup? You’re About to Find Out

A white mid-size pickup with a Drawer System installed.



So you’ve got a small truck. Big deal, right? You’re actually one of the smart ones because, with a mid-size truck, you get the same form and function, but usually with less sticker shock and blows to your budget when it comes to fuel economy. And the versatility? It’s unparalleled. Especially when you’re trying to park in a configuration of that same name, or maneuver down a tight street like those trails that pass for roads in Philly, Baltimore, San Fransico, or Seattle. Small trucks, like the Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma, have amassed a cult-like following over the years, and for good reason: they are badass trucks! So, if you too are a card-carrying member of the Small Truck Club, then you’re gonna wanna listen up, because here at DECKED, we’ve got an innovative small truck tool box just for you.


There’s More to Life Than Horsepower


Do you ever feel like small trucks get a bad rap? We don’t see what the problem is though? Who really needs a herd of horses that large anyway? If just a few horses fit within your stable better, then buckle up cowboy, because we’re about to corral up a few options for a small truck bed tool box that will fit your rig like a glove. A fancy buckskin leather glove that is, because this ain’t our first rodeo, son.



A cowboy rides a light brown horse, bucking like mad, at a rodeo.

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash


Pickup Perks and Pitfalls


In our opinion, there are more perks than not in owning a pickup truck. There’s a reason why they are the number one best-selling vehicle type in America, year after year. Their cargo capabilities, towing capacity, horsepower, torque, payload capacity, and overall general ability to just make life a little easier are all the top reasons why Americans flock to them in droves.


Plus, they look really cool.


Do you know what is not cool, though? Pickup trucks are severely lacking in secure, waterproof, storage areas where gear can safely be stowed away.


The sedans all have their junk in the trunk, and the vans have options too. But the pickup truck? The pickup truck needs a little help in this regard. Fortunately, manufacturers have been offering up a solution to this universal problem for the past 100 years, but—buyer beware—because not every small tool box for pickup truck is created equally. And what’s worse, is that the toolbox design, in general, hasn’t been improved for more than the last 50 of them. Raise your hand if you think that’s sad. Wow. That’s a lot of you. We’re with you on that one.


One side of a garage is filled floor to ceiling with stuff.

This your garage? Time to get DECKED, partner.

Time to Saddle Up and Ride


We knew we were in good company when we identified here at DECKED, that we weren’t the only ones cobbling together homemade truck bed storage solutions made from half the lumber and hardware departments at Home Depot, and the other half from stuff we scored free on Offer Up.


There had to be a better way to store our gear and tools in the backs of our trucks, so we decided to do something about it and formed a company in the way that all great ideas come to fruition: by scribbling on a lunch counter napkin.


Once we had our basic plan to save the world of truck beds from the well-meaning owners who love them, the DECKED founders looked one another squarely in the eye, and with a little flick of their spurs said, “Fellas, we ride at dawn.”


That was in 2013, and those cowboys are still out there, wrangling up the best materials, suppliers, design concepts, and most importantly, the best damn customers ever—namely, you—that this exhibition of accessories has ever seen.



The DECKED Drawer System: Putting an End to the Junk Show


Hey, Partner. What if we told you that you didn’t have to earn a blue ribbon at the junk show? If you need a small toolbox for truck beds like the Tacoma, Ranger, Canyon, and more—but haven’t come across a toolbox worth its salt yet—well, let’s break a little bread together friend, and we’ll show you one that makes you want to part with your hard-earned dough. The DECKED Drawer System is a small pickup truck tool box that glides as smoothly as a pat of butter on your grandma’s biscuits.



DECKED Drawer System is installed in the back of a pick up and gear is spread out all around it illustrating it's capacity.


And to be clear, this ain’t your granddad’s toolbox. It’s one he wouldn’t even recognize because the DECKED Drawer System adds two rolling drawers to the length of your bed without compromising the payload.


How did we do it, you ask? It’s science. We believe in it.

Drawer System Function


So how exactly does the System work? With a mid-size truck, the Drawer System comes with a wide and a narrow drawer that sits in the bed of your pickup. Just give a tug to the generous aluminum handles—ones that even a bear could pull so lookout—and you’ve got organizational nirvana barreling toward you at waist height.


A funny picture of a bear and a man posing over a truck tailgate.


**Actual Photo** of a bear coming toward a DECKED Drawer System. We think. Otherwise, we don’t know what the hell is going on here…



The drawers are encapsulated by DECKED decking over the top, and since we’ve engineered this system durable enough to withstand the apocalypse, you can still load a ton on top. Like an actual one. For reference, about half a teenage elephant, or 2,000 pounds.


We don’t ever waste anything either, so out of fear that our Depression-Era grandmothers would come back to haunt us, we utilized the extra space near the wheel-wells as accessible ammo cans storage, or lantern holders, or a tiny icebox to hold your sixers and beef sticks. You pick. Just fill it up with somethin’.  



Heavy cargo atop a wooden pallet is loaded onto a DECKED Drawer System in the back of a truck.

Drawer System Materials


The DECKED Drawer System is built from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is in-molded to a galvanized, recycled American steel subframe. This provides an unmatched strength to weight ratio of 10:1.


If you’re not familiar with HDPE, you could view it as the cockroach of plastics. The stuff is nearly nuke-proof and is built for extreme temps, like a summer hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut, or a winter cooler than a polar bear’s toenail. No matter what part of the country you hang your hat in—HDPE is made to perform.


Just take a look at these specs:


  • Has no problem with solvents, lubricants, or other chemicals and nothing sticks to it.
  • Doesn’t rot, mold, delaminate, or absorb moisture
  • Provides incredible strength to weight ratio
  • Entirely unaffected by UV exposure


It is built for use, and even more abuse, and if it’s good enough for sewer, water, and gas pipes in addition to fuel tanks, irrigation control, and utility boxes— then it’s good enough for a tool box for small truck. And a large truck, and a van, and an entire fleet. You get the idea…


Drawer System Weatherproofing


We say that anything that falls from the sky can’t get into your drawers. They’re not Tupperware-tight, but they do a bang-up job protecting your tools and gear from bullshit. Since we’re “see it to believe it” people, and suspect you are too, we’re just gonna let this one-minute YouTube video do the talking. You’ve gotta see this guy. And he makes it to dinner with a clean white shirt. His wife is gonna be impressed.



a mid-size pickup full with a DECKED Drawer System and a bunch of rescue gear.

Drawer System Security


When you get a DECKED Drawer System, you’re essentially investing in a mobile safe. So even if your tailgate doesn’t lock, your drawers do, and consider anything in them to be in a rolling Fort Knox. Out of sight, out of mind holds true here, and when the tailgate is up, it’s hard to even tell what you’re working with in the bed.


The full bed length drawers provide segmented security, and with a whole slew of accessories available, you can organize and protect your most important valuables, and even store your firearms with our Piecekeepers. How’s that for toolbox security?

Drawer System Satisfaction


If you and your mid-size truck are tired of being left out and are done wondering why it’s so dang-blasted hard to find a small truck tool box for sale, then congratulations on navigating over here to DECKED. We know our greatest assets when we see them, and they are you—our customer— and we’re going to take care of you from here on out.


Just look at what Gerald C., a real-life customer, said about how we took care of him:



Weatherproof? Check. Sturdy and Strong? Check. Smooth, spacious, and convenient? Check. And, it was so easy to assemble I didn’t cuss once.


The DECKED Tool Box


Water cascades off of the top of a DECKED Tool Box



Since we’ve given so much airtime to inclusivity, we didn’t want to look like complete jerks and not mention what we can offer a full-size rig.


If you’re one of the folks Googling “How to make a small truck tool box fit a larger truck,” then you need to hold it right there. You’re never going to find a solution that fits your full-size pickup as well as the one we have for you.


Let us introduce you to the Drawer System’s scrappy, no-holds-barred and takes no prisoners younger sibling: the DECKED Tool Box. We reckon you’re gonna fall in love with it faster than a cowboy can rope a calf and tie off.


While our Drawer Systems can be ordered to fit a full-size pickup perfectly, the DECKED Tool Box is something to write home about too. While it may not be a tool box for a small pickup truck, it is a small, truck tool box. See what we did there? Commas matter. And words do too. That’s why we’re about to hit you with them about our toolbox— but not too hard. We know, it’s only our stuff that’s made out of HDPE and high-impact polymer resin. We wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt.


DECKED Tool Box Features:


MAKES AN IMPACT AND CAN TAKE ONE - Our toolboxes are injection-molded with materials from the future, so the toolbox won’t ever dent, ding, rot, or rust. Steel and aluminum reinforcements ensure that the unit is tough as nails, or at least as tough as your Aunt Bertha’s over-cooked hanger steak.



Bricks are shattered with a sledgehammer atop of an undamaged toolbox



100% WATERPROOF - Mother Nature can be a real mother. Unpredictable, sometimes fickle, and likely to whoop your ass if you piss her off. With a fully-waterproof toolbox, you’re ready for any hurricane, especially one named with an “M”.


Since our toolbox is engineered, our upstanding lip acts as a rain gutter, and an EPDM gasket seals everything up as tight as a zipped lip when you’re about to get yours from your mama. And since the toolbox is molded, and not welded, the lid and tub are each one piece, and there’s also a bulb seal and gasket that goes around the entire lid.


THEFT-PROOF - The DECKED Tool Box makes crowbars cry and pry bars weep, and is nearly impossible to break into. (It’s funny to watch ‘em try though.) The lids is also reinforced with extra steel for security and stability, and a robust steel armored locking mechanism, combined with a driver’s side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible.


EASY TO ORGANIZE - Like the Drawer Systems, there’s a whole entire herd of accessories that fit the Tool Box. But what’s unique about it is that the D-Box and Snack Tray come standard. We suppose you could use them to stow your sixers and meat sticks, but they are also great for nuts, bolts, fishing lures, or whatever the hell else you’re into.



Yeah, partner, we stashed a 6000-series aluminum ladder in there and you can direct your dm’s to us @deckedusa to hoot and holler about the National Treasures that we are.


The ladder extends all the way to the ground, even on those high horses—we mean trucks, and when you’re done with it, it telescopes neatly back into its place, out of the way, and inside the toolbox.


a young boy in the back of a pickup truck hands his dad a tool.



So, if you’re ready to lasso one of our epically rugged, bone dry specimens that make up the meat and potatoes of our full plate of truck bed accessories, you can rope the Tool Box here, and the Drawer System here. Just do us a favor though, and don’t start a stampede.