Kick Your Side Mount Tool Box To The Curb!

Kick Your Side Mount Tool Box Curbside for a Kickass DECKED Tool Box

Let’s face it, a side mount tool box is great if you only deal with small jobs. However, the downside of having a side mount truck tool box is if your business grows and you need more than one box to store all your equipment. Eventually, your truck starts to look like a toolbox delivery van.

It’s just aluminum wherever you look, and it’s a proverbial pain in the butt to retrieve all your stuff. Aluminum dents easily, and jumping onto the truck bed and off again like a jackrabbit is tough on your body and wastes time.

Even if you have a side mount tool box with drawers, you still have the problem of getting on and off your truck. All that time and effort means that you're losing productive time that you could spend getting the job done quicker.

There are better storage solutions available, so it’s time to kick your truck bed tool box side mount to the curb and invest in something that comes from the 21st century. If you want to get smart about it, it’s time to get a kickass tool box that looks as good as your truck.

The DECKED Tool Box with an open lid, Snack Tray full of equipment, D-Box, and the integrated ladder.

What Alternatives Do You Have?

It’s a no-brainer! You have two alternatives to any side mount tool box Harbor Freight or Craftsman side mount tool box.

These alternatives are:

  • The DECKED Tool Box (with optional integrated ladder)
  • The DECKED Drawer System

Combine these two options, and you'll have the ultimate storage solution that makes everything else pale in comparison. The chances are that once you ditch that low profile side mount tool box to the curb, your peers will go green with envy.

And if you think nothing can compare to your existing Lund side mount tool box or 36-inch side mount tool box, think again!

The DECKED Tool Box on its own is notable for many features. However, install a DECKED Drawer System in combination with this, and you not only leave grandpa's wooden toolbox in the 20th century but also leave any Weather Guard side mount tool box in the dust, in our not so humble opinion.

Of course, you have so many options to choose from on the market. But unless we don't make our toolboxes for your vehicle, you shouldn't be searching for anything like a 'side mount tool box for truck.'

Don’t believe us? Read further because we have the scientific facts to prove that our DECKED Tool Box is a major crowd-pleaser, with good reason.

The DECKED Drawer System, fully loaded with an ATV and open drawers.

Why is the DECKED Tool Box so Kickass?

DECKED uses science, engineering, and state-of-the-art design—all of which go into producing our kickass Tool Box and Drawer System. We'll stick to why our Tool Box outperforms others like a Husky side mount tool box or the better built side mount tool box, side mount tool box Lowe's.

1. Structure Materials

We make the structure of the DECKED Tool Box using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). That's no big deal in itself, but we use an industrial-grade HDPE and injection molding to create our storage solution.

And we don't stop at creating the shell with a polymer resin fortified with fiberglass exceptionally well.

You can bash this toolbox with baseball bats, hammers or try to kick it to the curb. Nothing registers. It really is unlike any black side mount tool box out there.

Due to the industrial-strength materials that we use, the strength and stability of the tub are high-end. It does not slump under the weight of its load—easily accommodating 200 pounds (max) of equipment. We tested the box at extreme heats of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 5—the tools inside remained unaffected.

It won’t sustain any damage because we designed our Tool Box like Fort Knox—nothing gets in or out unless you allow it. Any rough handling is like tickling a tiger with a feather—it feels nothing (please don’t try this at home).

The folk at DECKED testing the strength of the Tool Box with a baseball bat.

2. Weather and Waterproof

Because aluminum forms the basis of many truck side mount tool box options, these storage solutions tend to dent easily. When the box has dents, it weakens the overall structure. As a result, the form bends out of shape and creates the risk of water and weather damage to the tool box and your equipment.

You don’t get this problem with the DECKED Tool Box. Our tub is too tough to dent, ding, or incur any other damage, so you always travel with a box that is impossible to dent but easy to love.

Science and engineering form the sound basis of the DECKED Tool Box. Other than using hard-wearing HDPE and complementary materials to make it, the design was just as important.

Injection molding means we produce every tub in a seamless structure. Unlike a 36 inch side mount tool box, flush mount side tool box, and similar products that use a basic design that puts them and your tools at risk, ours doesn’t leak or rust.

And we didn’t forget about the interior of our tub. On the inside, we reinforce the lid with galvanized steel and aluminum. We add an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket to increase the tub’s water resistance, weather, and heat characteristics.

Soldiers using the DECKED Drawer System in the snow.

EPDM is also ideal for sealing because it resists compression well, which is necessary when the tub is closed. Because the EPDM gasket is compression resistant, this means it retains its integrity. A bub seal is one more element that keeps your equipment dry.

Rounding off our engineering and design benefits, the lid has a lip that fits over the box edge, forming one more barrier between the weather and your equipment.

As good as competitor products are, we don’t know of a side mount tool box Tractor Supply or Weather Guard tool box side mount that includes these benefits.

3. Security Like No Other

Security is particularly vital in protecting your equipment, so we paid special attention to these design features. Thieves can try to break into the DECKED Tool Box, but they will be successful.

The tub lid's overhang and reinforced steel and aluminum prevent break-ins. We know this because we have tried to get the tub open with a crowbar without success because the tub-lid interface prevents weak points. Together with the industrial-strength structure of the lid and tub, entry is near impossible.

A drill-free installation design on your truck bed is yet another obstacle in preventing the theft of this product. Once you install the tub, the only way that thieves can remove it is if the lid is left open.

Image of man trying to breach the tub-lid interface with a pry bar.

The locking system is also virtually impenetrable. Only a locksmith can gain entry without a key, and we specifically made the lock on the driver's side to make it simpler to remember to lock the box. Oh, and did we mention that we installed an armor locking system to add to the security of this product.

Factor in the reinforced steel lid, lid design, and armor locking system, and you have security like no other.

We don’t believe that any 60 inch side mount tool box, 72 inch side mount tool box, or other top side mount truck tool box can compare with these features.

4. Organization Envy

If you prefer the appeal of a low profile side mount truck tool box, that’s your choice.

Before you do that, explore many of the other benefits of the DECKED Tool Box because the storage potential will surely give your friends organization envy.

We realize that you can store your small aluminum or plastic tool box in your large aluminum or steel box. But what you won’t get is designer storage options in a Tradesman side mount tool box or Kobalt side mount tool box. So instead, you get a big empty box, and that's it, folks!

In contrast, we provide you with a D-Box (free) that fits into your DECKED Tool Box, hangs on design supports, and gives you extra storage space below. You also get the Snack Tray (free). This tray fits into the side of the large tub, providing you with quick access to the stuff you use regularly.

The D-Box is portable, has all the tremendous weatherproofing benefits of the large box with a gasket seal, and it has an easy grab handle. We have also kitted out our tub with tie-downs (also free with your DECKED Tool Box). These tie-downs are fixed to the tub’s base, which you can use to secure heavier or more awkward payloads on the truck bed.

The kit is full of emergency supplies, including the Seventy2 Pro survival kit and Zeus power station.

If you aren’t yet experiencing tool organization envy, you should see our other distinctive accessories, including:

  • The Decked X Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit (complete emergency kit with a Seventy2 Pro survival kit and Zeus power station.
  •  The Crossbox for further tool separation and organization.
  • D-Bag – with a hybrid hard shell and soft side tool bag. It also has removable backpack shoulder straps, duffle, and tool roll. Of course, it also fits into the DECKED Tool Bag.

Image of the back of the D-Bag with removable back pack straps.

One more benefit of the tub is its torsion spring-fitted lid. When you open the top, it stays open—so you won’t be dealing with heavy tool box lids slamming down on your fingers anymore.

5. Integrated Ladder for Ergonomic Tool Retrieval

No matter how good your existing or planned truck tool box side mount may be, it won't compare to the integrated ladder. If nothing else about this tub stands out for you—this should encourage you to step up your game.

The ladder is an optional feature but one that increases your ease and economy of movement. Once you install the no-drill tub on your pickup truck bed, you can telescope the ladder onto the ground after opening the lid.

The integrated ladder takes up no additional space, does not hinder tool storage or retrieval, and avoids the effort of climbing onto and off the truck bed. In other words, the ergonomic benefit of the ladder is the greater economy of movement. As a result, you save time, are more productive due to fewer movements, and avoid the pitfalls of injury with repeated movements on and off the truck.

Add these features and benefits, and you have the best side mount truck tool box ever.

Image of the ladder being unfolded from the DECKED Tool Box alongside the truck.

Go One Step Further

Even if you’re satisfied with your 36 side mount tool box or 60-inch side mount tool box, we know you can up your game.

When you get the DECKED Tool Box, we believe you’re getting a cut above the rest.

Take a peek at the DECKED Drawer System, explore its features, and then ponder on a few of its benefits:

  • The overall cost of ownership (TCO) decreases fuel expenditure and lengthens the replacement period and vehicle value.
  • Productivity increases by up to 99% from 28% due to the ease of tool retrieval from the sliding boxes on wheels.
  • Safe storage access of tools goes up by 44%.
  • The risk of falls goes down by 17% simply because you’re not climbing around like a monkey on steroids to get to your tools.
  • Increases reachable cargo from the ground level.
  • It fits above the wheel well, allowing space for the DECKED Tool Box and large bed cargo.
  • It is as sturdy, theft-proof, and versatile as the DECKED Tool Box because the same intelligent future materials and design have been invested in its creation.
  • You can install special Piecekeepers to store rifles and shotguns (with some exceptions due to height and length).
  • Both the DECKED Tool Box and Drawer System are versatile enough for use at work or outdoor pursuits.

One Drawback

When you’re ready to replace your existing side mount truck tool box, it might not fit your pickup truck.

Check here to see if we make a DECKED Tool Box for your vehicle.

If not—we strongly suggest you trade up on that tool because your tool box should look as sexy as your truck.

Image of the DECKED Drawer System and the DECKED Tool Box from the rear.

Invest in Your Kickass Storage System Today

With these features and benefits, it’s time to kick your side mount tool box to the curb and invest in yourself.

When you order the DECKED Tool Box, you invest in yourself—your health, productivity, and your future.

We'd say that it's worth it to get the kickass storage solution made for this century.