We probably don’t think enough about where our food comes from, but fortunately people like Dr. Tera Barnhardt live and breathe it every day.

Born and bred on a ranch in SW Kansas, Tera’s got a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from KSU that’s a culmination of growing up on a ranch combined with an endless love for animals and a burning curiosity that rousts her out of bed every morning to tend to America’s bovines. The only thing she loves more than her family and her job as a large animal vet are the Wildcats. Go Wildcats!

“I love animals and a huge part of my job is working with the people who care for animals and that’s the goodness I bring. People working in production agriculture are some of the most resilient, hard-working and skilled workers in America. It’s truly an honor to put my boots on every morning and know that I’m doing a job that helps feed America’s families. If you aren’t looking forward to Monday, you need a new career.”

Here’s to Tera and the folks like her who rise before the rest of us to make sure America gets three healthy, safe squares a day.

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