DECKED Real Customers: Alex Shaw

DECKED Real Customers: Alex Shaw


Being a part of the family business is about as American as it gets. Alex got his degree in Business Management from Florida Atlantic University, ground out a 2-year internship with a Big 4 accounting firm as a bean-counter-in-training and hated every minute. So, he returned to his roots where he works in the family’s Budget Blinds franchises installing window treatments in everything from $30k mobile homes to $30MM mansions.

Alex credits his Dad with teaching him how to work hard and enjoy it. To say Alex is a bit of an organizational freak and perfectionist might be an understatement. Which is probably what makes him a DECKED guy through and through.

“The best thing about what I do is getting to meet new people and put a smile on their faces as I dial in their house.”

If you check out his van, you can clearly see what dialed in looks like. He’s taken tool and hardware organization to the next level with his D-Boxes and Kaizen foam . Guys like Alex are the reason we founded DECKED.

Check out Alex here: @Alex_low_key

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Decked Van Open Decked Back of Van Decked Drawers from back of Van Decked Drawers open Right Decked Handles closeup Blinds Decked Loading up the Van Decked Van in Shop Decked Side Storrage Decked Drills Decked User

Organized Storage

A match made in storage heaven. 

Kaizen Foam Inserts   are a great way to further customize our drawers and/or our weatherproof D-Box or Crossbox toolboxes. H old hand tools, cordless  tool sets, fishing tackle, guns, ammo, emergency gear, your camping kitchen, bug-out kit or  whatever else you can imagine. Click here for DECKED + Kaizen foam 

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