DECKED Real Customers: Antonio Isaguirre

DECKED Real Customers: Antonio Isaguirre


Born and raised on the Front Range of Colorado, Antonio Isaguirre is a husband, father of three and the kind of guy who gets up early to make America run on time. A career heavy equipment welder/fabricator and passionate angler, his trusty Ford Super Duty "Jarvis" carries the tools and materials of his trade from job to job.

"The best part about DECKED is it TAKES A BEATING. I carry full loads of steel plates and other heavy parts and it never fails; all of my tools fit in the drawers perfectly. I wash my truck weekly and my stuff is never wet. I still drive Jarvis out for evening dinner and drinks and no one sees a ‘work truck’ with toolboxes.

Also an avid bass fisherman, Antonio was 2016 Rookie of the Year with his local club where he volunteers with C.A.S.T., a program that takes disabled kids fishing. When the weekend comes, he swaps out his welding tools with fishing tools, his DECKED system keeping all of his gear right at his fingertips.

Antonio would like to give a shout out to his wife for letting him spend his money on his DECKED system!

As an artist with paint and detail metal fab, he’s built some pretty slick motorcycles. 

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Above view of DECKED with tools Antonio Isaguirre with tools Rear view of DECKED Rear and above view of open DECKED drawer Side view of open DECKED drawer Rear and above view of DECKED yellow construction machine as well as open DECKED system

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