DECKED Real Customers: Max Gomez

DECKED Real Customers: Max Gomez


Born and raised in Florida, Max Gomez is the type of guy you might thank the next time you fly into space, and the pilot doesn't crash or the rocket doesn't explode.

As an engineer for a space contractor, Max thinks in parsecs during the week, but measures his weekends in miles offroad.

After relocating to Colorado, he traded his trusty 2WD Colorado in for a real truck, a brand new 4WD version of the same that he can't stop building out. As you might imagine, he's an organizational nut which makes him a 100% certifiable DECKEDhead.

With his trusty dog, Tina, Max is working on developing an automatic beer opener among other clever inventions which may grace one of our products someday. 

Check out Max on Instagram:  @maxwell.hau5.caffy

DECKED truck bed storage systems for overland/camping applications:

Max Gomez Decked Overhead Max Gomez On Ridge Max Gomez Opening Drawers Max Gomez Cooking Max Gomez Cooking with Decked Max Gomez Bacon Decked Max Gomez Tent Open Max Gomez Tent Open Drone Max Gomez Camping Setup Max Gomez Drawers Open Max Gomez Wide Shot


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