Everything Clicking Into Place: The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Simplifies Tool Storage

Everything Clicking Into Place: The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Simplifies Tool Storage


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Showing up to a job with milk crates full of chargers and cables, tool boxes with busted latches or hinges, and satchels with torn handles? You need a lot of different types of tools to get the job done and that variation requires all manner of tool storage. But where’s the order in all this chaos? You need something that can unify all these boxes, bags, trays, and rolls: the Milwaukee packout modular tool box system. The Milwaukee packout rolling tool box set is going to make one out of the many and bring some harmony to your workshop, garage and truck bed.


That’s because the Milwaukee rolling tool box comes in many shapes and sizes that can all be joined together to make one rolling unit. Each component of this modular storage system can connect with one another, making your unmanageable heap of boxes and bags into a singular stack of organization on wheels.


In this Milwaukee packout rolling tool box review we’ll look at how this storage system works, all the various components, and what are some good alternatives. So let’s get started and make some sense of this mess.


What is the Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Box System?


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You have probably owned dozens of toolboxes in your life and, while these trusty boxes may have gotten you by, they are missing one major piece of the puzzle – they aren’t modular. In plain terms, they don’t work together as a unit. Your drill bits in a compact case with a rubber band around it and your rolling tool box full of power tools can’t join together. You just lug them separately from your truck to the jobsite.


The Milwaukee packout tool box changes all of that. The system has a unique design that allows you to interlock each component using bottom cleats that click into the top slots on other boxes. All of the Milwaukee packout tool box accessories and components can interlock this way making tool storage a breeze – and there are tons of variations to choose from. The many different components Milwaukee offers will cover all your storage needs. Each person can pick and choose how to arrange their Milwaukee packout tool box stack so that it suits their specific needs. This isn’t like loading bins onto a dolly. Each component is designed for a unique function, from organizer trays to drawer tool boxes, even coolers and a radio. With all the options no two packout systems need be the same, but more on that modularity later.


Once you’ve customized your setup to make a mighty tower of clicked together tool storage, connect a Milwaukee rolling tool box at the bottom and your rig becomes mobile. WIth 9” all-terrain wheels, easily bring your packout setup up stairs or over gravel without struggle.  No more walks to and from the jobsite lugging tools. The Milwaukee rolling tool box set lets you make one trip without any headache.


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This fancy technology may have you questioning whether it belongs in the rugged places you’ll be taking it, but don’t stress about that. Every component, from the little Milwaukee packout compact tool box to the Milwaukee packout large tool box, comes built with impact resistant polymers. The metal reinforced corners and heavy duty latches mean big or small these cases can handle wherever you take them. The Milwaukee tool box packout system is resistant to dust and water too. Each features an IP65 rated weather seal to keep your tools nice and dry.


Pick your color. You can get your Milwaukee packout tool box black, or in the classic red, for a last touch of personalization. Without any mismatched boxes and bins you’ll be feeling like it's all coming together, and that’s because it is.


Parts Unknown: Discovering The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Components


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As we’ve seen, the real strength of the Milwaukee packout modular tool box system lies in its ability to form to your needs. If you’re rolling out to a major job in the morning or just tinkering with some DIY in the garage, the interlocking system lets you tear down a Milwaukee packout 3pc tool box kit into just the bare essentials in seconds. You don’t have to take it all with you, but with a few clicks your whole setup is back, ready to rip.


So, to get the most out of the system you’ll need a variety of components to swap in and out. Each person will need a setup that works best for them. There’s no real one size fits all arrangement when it comes to a packout Milwaukee tool box setup. Here are some of the components that can help get your gear in order:


  • Milwaukee Packout 3 Drawer Tool Box: This is a large drawer type storage unit. Made from tough impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners. The drawers have a 50lb capacity and run on metal ball bearing slides, so pack whatever you need without hesitation.  The drawers come with a locking security bar, so your tools can stay in place and out of the hands of thieves. Each drawer comes with adjustable removable dividers so you can organize them in any configuration that’s needed. There is also a smaller 2 drawer version available with slightly less storage space.


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  • Milwaukee Packout XL Tool box and Milwaukee Packout Small Tool Box: These are something you will probably have a few in any configuration. The XL can handle all the bulkier gear like grinders, cables, and drills that you won’t want in the smaller version, but the smaller version has its perks. The smaller is lighter weight and great for the small fixer-upper jobs when you don’t want to haul your whole toolbench. Each is as rugged as the rest of the Milwaukee packout modular tool box system, with impact resistant polymer bodies and an IP65 weather strip to keep dust and moisture away from your precious tools. There is also a, slightly smaller than the XL, Milwaukee packout large tool box and even a Milwaukee packout 10in compact organizer available, so no matter the size you’re looking for they have you covered.


  • Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box: This versatile box is the foundation of a lot of packout setups because it takes your tool stack mobile. All other components can interlock with the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Tool Box to click into place and be wheeled around with ease. The industrial-grade extension handle makes steering feel effortless and 9” inch heavy duty wheels can travel over rubble, gravel, even up stairs; wherever you go, your tools go. Of course, a foundation has to be strong, so this box features the same impact resistant polymer body and IP65 rated weather strip as its wheel-less counterparts. A removable Milwaukee packout tool box tray can be found inside to help with organization.


  • Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Tray Organizers: Staying organized is clutch for efficiency. The whole point of this system is to get your gear optimally organized and these organizers and accessories take it one step further. The organizers are as durable as the rest of the packout system and are also weatherproof, but they have an extra feature: no-travel bin seals. These ensure you can carry your nuts and bolts without having them spill out all over the site due to a faulty seal. Each organizer contains within it fully removable bins for easy handling on the job and more modularity. The organizers, like the tool boxes, come in a variety of sizes. The low-profile organizer is as tough, but slimmer than the rest. It’s a great spot for screws, drill bits, and the likes, without taking up unnecessary space in your packout stack.


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Alternative Thinking: The DECKED Drawer System


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The Milwaukee packout tool box system is impressive in the areas of durability, organization, and modularity; where is it lacking and what might be an alternative? The DECKED Drawer System is a modular tool storage system that fully integrates into the bed of your pickup truck or cargo van. It has heavy duty rolling drawers that pull out smoothly so you can access your tools easily and without breaking you back. Like the Milwaukee packout tool box, it comes with many versatile components for optimization, but there are some major differences.


The first, obvious difference, is that the DECKED Drawer System is fully integrated into your truck bed. It custom fits into most trucks and cargo vans with a payload of 2000lbs. This means that we’re not removing our tools to make room or lugging tools in and out of the garage because you have plenty of space right on top of them! This Drawer System will save your lower back so that your tool storage system can take the beating and not your body.


The DECKED Drawer System is made from High-Density Polyethylene and anti-corrosion treated steel. This thing can handle whatever job comes your way. The drawers are mounted on urethane sealed bearing wheels, not sliders, so there won’t be any bending or warping that haunt other drawer storage units. Each drawer has a 200lb capacity so you can pack all the needed gear without having to pick and choose. The system is also weatherproof so, rain, hail, sleet, snow, your tools arrive dry.


This is not just a drawer system though. The DECKED Drawer System has many components and accessories that make it a modular miracle. You can configure your own setup to best suit your needs and the components are easily added and removed in a second to make getting the optimal setup in your truck a cinch.


The various components include a DECKED D-Box and Crossbox – the big brother and little brother tool boxes of the DECKED system help you get organized and as tough as tool boxes come.


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The DECKED Drawerganizer sits at the top of the drawer and is the perfect spot for easy access, grab-and-go items like duct tape or power drills. The DECKED D-Bag takes versatility to another level allowing you to seamlessly transition from backpack to duffle to tool roll. It's great for workers on the move.

The Milwaukee packout tool box does have an area where it is very lacking: integration. The packout system has to be lugged in and out of a truck bed every morning and evening. This is definitely an area where DECKED has it beat. With the DECKED Drawer System fully integrated into the bed of your pickup truck there isn’t any need to load and unload incessantly. The system features drawer locks and the build is so tough, it’ll make a crowbar cry. Don’t worry about leaving your gear in the bed of your truck overnight because they are as safe in your driveway as they are in your garage. Definitely consider the Drawer System – it pays to think outside the box.


Get Modular: The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Makes Traditional Storage Systems Obsolete


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There’s no denying it. The Milwaukee packout modular tool box system will change the way you get jobs done for the better. The days of carrying as many individual bins and boxes you could manage to and from the truck are over. The packout system takes the myriad storage units in your workshop and makes them one; unity where you desperately needed it.


The time and energy saved having this level of modularity is staggering. Being able to customize your tool rig to the task at hand will save hours of organizing and reorganizing in the garage. After all, you want your tools working for you, not the other way around. Packout let's you spend more time focused on the job and less time with your head buried in an old toolbox.


It’s an out with the old, in with the new scenario, but remember packout isn’t the only new tool box on the block. The DECKED Drawer System offers new age modularity and protection for your tools, so maybe Milwaukee doesn’t answer all your needs. Customize your configuration to find the optimal set up for you. But please, at the very least, get rid of those milk crates.