Can The DECKED Drawer System Stop The DeWalt Rolling Tool Box In Its Tracks?

Can The DECKED Drawer System Stop The DeWalt Rolling Tool Box In Its Tracks?

Get A Roll On: Can The DECKED Drawer System Stop The DeWalt Rolling Tool Box In Its Tracks?


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In today’s world everything is mobile. That’s because we’re always on the move. On busy days we’re eating breakfast in the truck on the way to work. Gone are the archaic cords that once held down our phones, our laptops, and of course, our tools. Mobility is essential for efficient work and the more we’re moving the harder it gets for all that gear to keep up. The DeWalt rolling tool box aims to change that. The rolling tool box DeWalt offers is trying to ensure your durable, organized, tool storage system is zigging when you zag.


But there is more than one way to roll out. The DECKED Drawer System  is an innovative alternative to the DeWalt rolling tool box set. While the DeWalt Tough System rolling tool box likes to go off road, the DECKED Drawer System optimizes being on the road, right in the bed of your truck. Is the more standard DeWalt tool box the storage system that will take you to where you’re going? Or does the DECKED Drawer System leave it in its dust. Tool storage systems take your place at the line. Let’s get the DECKED Drawer System and the DeWalt tool box rolling.


The Rolling Tool Box That Could: The Dewalt Stackable Rolling Tool Box


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Keep up the hustle is the name of the game. The DeWalt rolling cordless tool box holds nothing back. It is a fully mobile, heavy duty tool storage system that gets your gear onto the site without you having to lug crates of tools – just roll. There are many variations of the rolling tool box offered by DeWalt. The DeWalt rolling cantilever tool box and the DeWalt rolling tool box cart system, to name just a couple, are tough tool boxes with clever design that you can take wherever they’re needed.


The DeWalt Tough System’s patented design allows for all the compatible parts to be interconnected. The system uses auto-connecting side latches to create stacks of boxes. The one touch technology means assembling and disassembling clusters of boxes is done in seconds and with ease. Your mobility can be bogged down by having too many crates, boxes, and bins to carry. With the DeWalt rolling plastic tool box stack all of your gear becomes one manageable tower.


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The Tough System also improves customization due its modular design features. Your mobility will be increased by your ability to selectively arrange your DeWalt portable rolling tool box in a specific configuration suited to your needs. When you can customize your setup to only contain the bare essentials you’ll be packing light and leaving what’s not needed back at the shop. A single touch of the side latch and the boxes disconnect making customizing a cinch.


The DeWalt rolling tool box doesn’t sacrifice durability for mobility, thankfully. The tool boxes have a 250lb load capacity so you can carry big bulky equipment like nothing. They are made from a range of high impact resistant materials. You can get yours in the heavy duty DeWalt rolling tool box plastic or you can even get a DeWalt metal rolling tool box. The boxes come with metal 2 piece front latches for maximum durability. The heavy duty 8” wheels can handle the most rugged terrain including mud, gravel, and yes, dreaded staircases, too. It has an IP65 rated seal to keep water and dust out and your tools safe inside.


Now that you can navigate your way around without instruction for the DeWalt rolling tool box, you can see why it’s a serious contender for toughest tool box on wheels . But don’t stop rolling just yet – there’s another tool storage system looking to be crowned king of the road.


Road Ready: The DECKED Drawer System


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If mobility is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. The Decked Drawer System was created with the road in mind; this mobile masterwork custom fits into the bed of your truck. The system fits most mid-size, full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans. It’s constructed out of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and anti-corrosion treated steel and has a 2000lb payload, so don’t worry that this system is going to take over your truck bed – it will only complement it. Anything you were hauling in the bed before the DECKED Drawer System you can haul on top of the DECKED Drawer System and you won’t have to go easy on it.


The system houses two retractable drawers that roll out on urethane sealed wheels (think skateboard). Why rolling and not sliders? Because rolling drawers won’t bend and snag like sliders will. Each drawer has a capacity of 200lbs and is constructed out of the same futuristic materials and the rest of the system. The drawers pull out towards the tailgate and have a detent so they won’t roll shut on an incline. From the tailgate you can easily reach inside and have all your gear at your fingertips. No need to climb inside the bed to get the tools at the back, the drawers bring the tools to you.

The HDPE plastic is extremely resistant to wear and tear even in the most brutal working conditions. It’s like the cockroach of plastic – you can’t kill it. It is also weatherproof so nature can batter it all she wants, your  tools will stay nice and dry, stowed away inside the drawers. If you head out into the gales of a blizzard your gear will be right there with you. Weather isn’t the only culprit after your valuable tools. There are unfortunately scoundrels out there with questionable morals. The DECKED Drawer System will send these would-be thieves home empty handed due to the easily equipped drawer locks and durable materials. The HDPE is so tough it’ll make a crowbar cry. DECKED lets you sleep tight after a long day knowing your tools are safe and secure.


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You really get moving once you dive into the DECKED Accessories. The many DECKED components allow for an amazing amount of customization and organization. With the fully integrated modular system nothing is out of place and nothing is not swappable in an instant. No two workmen are the same and no two truck beds should be the same. Optimize your tool storage by configuring the Drawer System to your tailored requirements and feel light as a feather on the job without the stress of finding missing gear.


The DECKED Accessories  each interplay and counterbalance to bring harmony to tool storage chaos. The trusty Crossbox  functions as your lightweight tool box, fitted with a removable tray insert for extra orderliness. The D-Box  is the larger model tool box that allows for you to store the heftier pieces of your arsenal or by adding dividers you can further customize to your liking. The Drawerganizer  sits at the head of the drawer, molded to wrap around the drawer handle and not waste an inch of space. It’s a great place for odds and ends that can be grabbed in a hurry. The D-Bag  is a wonder in its own right. Carried as a backpack or satchel or briefcase, the D-Bag  also breaks down to reveal a detachable tool roll and duffle inside. Talk about versatility, this thing is a shapeshifter.


All of this fits securely in the draws with no rattling around. Once you start personalizing your live-action tetris game in your truck bed the burden of organization will be lifted, leaving you feeling like you have wings.


Race To The Finish: DeWalt Rolling Tool Box Vs DECKED Drawer System


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Each system rolls in its own style, but which one will keep you light on your feet? The DeWalt tool box with wheels shows promise in the durability category outside of the truck, but when you put it back in the truck bed it seems redundant to have it clunking around and taking up space. The DECKED Drawer System’s 2000lb capacity is the only metric needed to see which storage system takes the prize when it comes to resilience. Whether you're hauling a crystal chandelier or an anvil, your tools are safe and your truck bed is free of clutter.


In the modularity and organization department DeWalt tool box on wheels does have some pluses. DeWalt offers a range of large units that can outsize much of the DECKED Drawer System’s Accessories. The DeWalt rolling tool box desk, the 48” DeWalt rolling tool box, and the 42” DeWalt rolling tool box all have loads of storage compared to a Crossbox or Drawerganizer  – but there’s a catch. None of these items have the interconnectivity to join the other DeWalt pieces; they aren’t modular. So, while yes they can store more, they will only weigh you down with their inability to adapt to your environment.


Organization can be aided by DeWalt small rolling tool box parts that allow you to further compartmentalize your storage tower. Removable small storage cups and slots for dividers help with organizing down to the littlest details. This, combined with the auto-connect side latch modular system keep your tools in their proper place.


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The DECKED Drawer System has a multitude of ways to personalize organization so once you’ve figured out how you like your setup arranged everything becomes second nature. The Drawer System is fully integrated into your truck and the DECKED Accessories interchange to your requirements in a flash. It practically organizes itself once you’ve got it dialed in.


The big factor that will be a weight dragging you down is the DeWalt rolling tool box system having no way to integrate with your truck. The pickup truck is an office, a home away from home, and a fishing trip vacation pad for the workman. If we’re living on the go in today’s era, then the pickup truck goes where we go. Having to lug boxes in and out of a truck bed every day and night is like shackles even for the swiftest of us. DeWalt has no real answer for this problem; even their truck tool box does not interconnect with their rolling tool box system. It does great once it’s on the ground rolling, but a lack of versatility slows the DeWalt rolling tool box down to a crawl.


The DECKED Drawer System is so dynamic that it fluidly keeps your hands free from what you don’t need in the  moment. From the shop to the road, the truck to the jobsite, DECKED seems to keep you agile by taking the load off your back and heaving it onto its own. Shed the shackles of tool management and let the DECKED Drawer System handle it.


Rolling Over The Finish Line: DECKED Provides Mobility For The Modern Workman


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Whether you’re old-fashioned or a futurist, there’s no denying that the world has sped up. More and more gets done while we’re on the run. That includes getting it done at the jobsite. It was a tight race between two tough competitors, but we can’t settle for a tie. The DeWalt can get you from the truck to your jobsite just fine, but in today’s world that just won’t cut it. It’s around the clock and the pace never let’s up. Let the DECKED Drawer System free up some of your valuable time. You deserve it.



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